Thursday, August 26, 2004

Redford has passed

I just got off the phone with my girlfriend Erin in LA and she had informed me that her dog Redford had passed. He had a cough and when she took him in to get it check out, they spotted a few spots on his lungs. He then started to have trouble breathing and they said it might have been from his previous owner who was a smoker and that might have caused the second hand smoke that gave him the lung problems. Or it could have been a tumor that was in his body that just developed over time and caused this lung disease. This is very sad news for us, since we really loved Redford too. The picture above was the last time we were in LA visiting with Erin and Redford. He sure will be missed.

Speaking about dogs, I took duke to the vet today and they say is he is healthier than a normal 12-year-old lab. He is very active and energetic, so maybe that means we will have him around a few more years. Duke got treated for fleas and tapeworms today. We also had to treat the house again, and the entire apartment yards have been treated as well, so I hope this puts a stop to the cycle. Ugh...

I was able to go to yoga class today, but I never made it out to my cardio step class. I will have to try and get a class tomorrow for sure. We just had so much to do today and then Rich met me down at the vet and wanted me to stay home with him and asked that I not go to the gym. I think he is having withdrawals of me being gone at work so much. ehehhehe.

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