Friday, August 13, 2004

Phone calls

I called most family and friends, some have called me also. I told everyone to not worry and that we will keep you all posted. Right now it's and eerie calm outside. I just got off the phone with the kennel, she said Duke would be just as safe home, so we will be leaving him here if we have to evacuate. I spoke with Carey about my concerns with the hurricane and she said, that when they had Floyd, they gave evacuation notices too late and she ended up staying in her home. We are not too far from our evacuation spot, but if it gets that bad, we will just stay home and be in the bathroom with Duke. We have fewer windows in there, so it will be the safest spot in the house. I have water, food, and candles, flashlights and by 6 I will fill all tubs and sinks with water. The tornadoes are another factor and that is just out of my control. We will be safe guys so no worries. I better get to work, I have 3 hours to get all situated

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