Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Finished Painting

Foyer fixture
dining room chandelier
dining room chandelier
Dukes yellow paw
Mianna's ceiling fan
Over this past weekend we finally finished up our painting of the formal rooms and installation of some more light fixtures in our foyer and dining room. Duke even tried to help us paint when he stepped in the yellow paint dish. I love the way the formal rooms look. Now we just have a few more touch ups to make and the area is complete. I also want to hang a few shelves on the walls in each room. Rich finished putting up the cabinet pulls and installed Mianna's ceiling fan. My favorite thing has to be the medallion we put up with the dining room chandelier and the cranberry wall.


Work has been pretty sad the past few days with all the people in the south needing help. I have listened to so many pleas and crying mothers and people just not able to contact there loved one in the New Orleans and Mississippi area. Some times there just wasn't much to say to people except we will pray for you and your family. This is really the Tsunami of the states, that is what it looks like from all the pictures I've seen online. Man. Before the hurricane hit we had to tell people to evacuate and call all kinds of customers to cancel reservations and make arrangement for folk in hotels out of the area. It was so crazy. Now it's not so bad but just people desperate to get in touch with anyone who knows anything about the area and how high the water is on our bases there in both states.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Kitchen nook chandelier

I wanted to surprise Rich and so I installed the kitchen nook chandelier all by my lonesome. I'm so proud of ME. LOL I think it looks great.
Nook chandelier

Hurricane Katrina

Rain Rain Rain. Last night on my way home I got soaked just walking to my car with and umbrella. I had on a light skirt and it was wet all the way through, I managed to keep my head and coach bag dry, but I got well every were else. Now it's raining HARD. I telling you, when it rains in FL it doesn't just rain, it RAINS HARD AND SIDEWAYS. LOL. I dropped Mianna off at school and now I'll just relax and clean house. I do need to go pick up some more paint to finish up our rooms. Katrina is small but she is moving slow as a turtle. I think there are 4 people reported dead down south.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

NO more 6 Feet Under.

I'm so sad that my show is off the air now. We watched the last episode of Six Feet Under on Sunday and I just finished watching it again, I'ts so sad, but I like the way they ended it.


When I had got home from work yesterday Rich told me he ran into Trentin on base. We havn't seen or heard from him in over 12 years. Trentin just moved here from Spain with his family. He is still married to the same lady and I'm not sure how many kids they have now. I can't wait to invited them over and have dinner or a BBQ. Ingrid, I'm sure you remember Trentin. I know I have some old pics some place in a box. Remember when we went to the haunted mansion and I was PG with Mianna? Man that was almost 13 years ago.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

More pictures of our painted formal rooms

dinning room
formal living room

Hardening Muscles

Okay so I finally got to see the physical therapy Dr today and he told me that the hardening of my buttock muscle is causing the sciatic nerve to get pinched in my hip area. Its all because I sit all day long at my job and so I learned some streaches to help it. He said it will eventually happen to the left side so I have to streach on both sides to make it all better. Anyways, I probably would have never started to have this problem if I had only kept up with going to Yoga and getting my twice a month messages. SO I'm going to start working days this Monday and Ill try to make some time for yoga and messages again. I need to get a regular message like I use to. It funny how the little things make suck a difference in your life, but going from being a regular work out person to just not working out at all, is BAD for me. ehehhe. I'm not sure if I'm going to like this new days schedule but I'm full time now and I will work from 10-6 everyday, but keep my same days off.

Monday, August 22, 2005


Mianna painting the cranberry wall
Painting the formal dinning room
Yesterday I got home from work to find Rich and Mianna had painted the long wall in our formal living room. Just the day before we had went to Lowes and picked out the colors for your formal rooms. They painted the wall with Eddie Bauer Signature paint in Cranberry. Mianna and I started to paint the dinning room in Sunseet beach by the seaside retreat collection and it's a really pretty yellow. the rooms are not done yet, but we will have it done soon. I'll post pictures as soon as it's finished. Rich also added the handles to our kitchen cabinets and it gives it a real nice look.

Friday, August 19, 2005

4 years

It's hard to believe that it has almost been 4 years since Aaliyah passed. The anniversary of her death will be on August 25th. I'm still sad about it after 4 years and it feels as if it were just yesterday. Time is really stuck in fast forward.

Late dinner

Late last night Rich was out with the people from his TDY class and they had dinner at Carrabba's. I had to work, but since I got off at 9 he decided to Waite around for me and I actually got to meet the entire crew. We decided to go over to Johnny Carinos so that I could eat dinner there, since I wanted my Jalapeno trout. mmmmmm. Now I'm going to eat the leftovers for lunch.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


I'm sad. I was going to buy my Pottery Barn stuff tonight, and it's gone. all gone. I'm so sad. I wanted them shelves so bad and the chairs are also gone. man!!! it as up there for month and went down in price and the one day I finally decided to go and buy it, it's gone. I SUCK

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


My Tags on Flikr are so cool. I didn't add tags when I first started and now it's fun to add tags to all my pictures.

Monday, August 15, 2005

More on my everyday encounters with the wildlife in FL

Today I got up early and decided to take Duke on his daily walk. I have been going down the new road for a few days now and today I crossed the street to my neighbors yard and was startled when Duke walked up on the grass by the sidewalk and some thing huge jumped. O my god. I couldn't believe my eyes and Had to run home with Duke to get the camera. It was like something out of a movie, I have never encounter such a thing. It was a HUGE grasshopper, I have not done a google on it yet, but I took the pictures to work and my boss called it a Georgia grasshopper. O my goodness this thing is HUGE, I'm talking as large as an adult hand and so pretty with red wings and a yellow and black butt. I was scared of it so I stayed far away, but I was only scared of it taking a giant leap, and with the size of it's legs I wouldn't be surprised if it could jump twice my height. Anyways, let me just show you the pictures of this Southeastern Lubber Grasshoper
Southeastern Lubber Grasshoper
When I got home from work, Mianna told me that dad had killed a cotton mouth snake today. It was only a baby and I took pictures of the head and tail, but the thing is , Rich said it was very aggressive and the fact that it's a baby, scares the hell out of me, because that means the momma is some place close by.
snake head

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Sun bathing with FL wildlife

Butterfly on Rich
Rich lain out in the backyard and it was so funny when Mianna yelled a butterfly is on dad's butt. We all ran over to watch and literally this butterfly was there for like 10 minutes. While I was taking pictures of the butterfly and busting up I seen a snake. O MY GOD a snake, Mianna was just about to run out and warn him before he got bit, when her new fried Elise said " no it's not a snake it's a skink. A what? I finally seen the rest of it and was relieved that it was only lizard. Elise said she just watched a thing on Animal planet about it and said it's called a skink. I looked it up and to be more specific it's a Juvenile skinks and it's native to FL. The most common one of the 3 is the Southeastern Five-lined Skink but the Broad-headed Skink is also another type and it really hard to distinguish between the 2 or 3. After it left the bug it was eating under Richie's chair it ran towards the tree and I read that the Broad-headed Skink like to climb high up into trees so HMMMM. After I folded up the chair I found a grasshopper and an albino looking frog. Just a little too much wildlife for me. LOL

Friday, August 12, 2005

Solitude with Sade

I'm just loving being alone, cleaning house and listening to Lovers Rock by Sade. LOL

Mighty Mouse

I have got to get this mouse. LOL


I miss shopping at Mervyn's and I would have to drive to Louisiana to go shopping. LOL, It's only a 13 hour or so drive.


I should get one for Duke.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Pain go away.

Well guys, I was thinking I was feeling all better when all my pain, just started back up yesterday. I miss my physical therapy appointment on Monday and now I wish I never did. I have to wait 2 weeks for the next appointment and in the mean time I'm just taking my naproxen and felling like a pill junkie. I hate this. I can't really sit for long periods of time because it really starts to hurt and then my thigh and foot go numb and the back of my thigh just hurts. This dang nerve damage is not going to go away. My entire right side of my body, from head to toe, is in pain. Suck sucks sucks. What really sucks, is that I have to go to work and sit for a constant 8 hours. Last night I was in pain and so I had to stand up and do my job. My sciatic nerve is what is being triggered, so they say by the muscles in my buttock that are strained, or what ever. I have no clue really what the DR told me since he talked so dang fast, but I got that much out of his explanation for my problem. He had asked me repeatedly if I have ever had an injury or if I was lifting heavy thing. NO , NO and NO. But then being female and that fact that I had a child might have a little bit of some thing to do with the problem. I also read a little bit about it on the net and it could be a number of things and if this pain doesn't go away they will probe me. O GOD NO. The Dr says that it goes away 90% of the time with meds and therapy and that was comforting to hear. I'm just hoping I'm in that 90 percentile

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Spotting a fraud

oooo I'm so sick of these stupid *#@%$ from the UK that make these realistic email from Amazon and say that my account has been activated and it could be fraud.*%#@ OFF> I know it was a fake, for one the IP address was all wack and Amazon wouldn't send email like that also, it was not secure. Make sure your account is always a secure link, I learn that is class a few years ago. If it comes from your bank or Amazon or anything like that it will be an https:// with no S it's not secure. Guys be very careful with your emails. NFCU had some fraud emails going around too.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Petter Jennings

Wow, I'm just now finding out that Petter Jennings has died. Sad, I loved watching him on the new and was sad when he stepped down and now he is gone. Also found out that Supermans wife has lung cancer and she never smoked a day in her life. wow. scary

Seeing double

Okay so a few months ago Rich started getting his haircut at this salon in Orange Park. Every time he would get his haircut and use our debit/visa card, it would get charged twice. The haircut cost 11 bucks, and so when I would look over the bank statement I would see 2 charges back to back for 11 bucks. This has happen so many times that after like the 4th time I told him not to use the card there any more and to just pay cash. Mianna just recently got her haircut at Avenues Mall this pass weekend and today I was going over my bank statement and what do you know, they charged us twice for the cut. I had to call the lady and the manager just credit my account for the charge. I will never use my card at that salon again. eheheh. What is up with FL and the double charge at the salons. I know the lodge has the same problem when guest use there debit/credit card, and so just be careful to always go over your statements and don't second guess them charges you know you didn't make. I have to get my hair cut next, but I will go to The Studio. I love that place to death. Okay have a good bloggin day, I'm off to get ready for work now.

Monday, August 08, 2005

New street

new street
I just took Duke on a walk and decided to head east on my street and it's actually a street now. They have completed it and it looks so good, now they have room to build all 9 homes that will go on our street. I was finally able to see the Builders daughters house in the corner on our street and she has a 3 car garage and I'm sure it's a 4 or 5 bedroom. It looks really cute from the outside and the windows are nothing like the windows on the homes in the neighbor hood, so it stands out in a good way. I just can't wait to build our next home.

Sunday, August 07, 2005


Tomorrow space shuttle Discovery will return to Earth. Lets all hope it has a safe return and landing. I was reading an email from my friend Hayleigh that Mars will be the closest ever to earth on August 27th and it will apear like the size of the moon to the naked eye. BUT.... it's a HOAX Mark your calendars for August 12th when Mars joins the Perseid meteor shower for a beautiful display on August 12.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

new haircut

Mianna is all ready for the first day of school. We went to her school on Friday and got her scedual and met with all her teachers. Today she got a hair cut and it's simple but cute.

Our clean garage

We finally finished cleaning out our garage today and it's so beautiful. Now all we have to do is get rid of the red car and we can park the truck in the garage. We will put in a garage door opener and then paint the garage floor.

Interior on BLING

I just finished treating the leather interior of my TL and IT"S ON BLING!!!! I love the way it looks when it's all shiny and clean. I juust love my ride. ehehhehe. Okay, so now that it's all on Bling I've gots to take it out for a spin. DAM, my ride is HOT. let go take some pics

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Young pictures of me

I can't get over how much the second picture looks so much like Mianna

Jitter and Sugar have been found


When I arrived at work yesterday the first thing I noticed was some flowers on my desk, I said to myself, wow someone got flowers. I decided to be nosy and look at the card, when I seen my name on it. LOL. O man, what a big surprise. Rich had got me some flowers for my birthday. I sat at my desk all day just smelling them and smiling. I had a wonderful day. After work I headed home to find the truck was missing. I called Rich, "where are you? I'll be home in 2 minutes. RICH (" when are you") I'm home silly. NO your not, yes I am and that is how I know your truck is not in the driveway. ehehhe. When he got home he had some fresh sushi from KoKo's and that was what I had for my B-day dinner. He is so thoughtful and always does things so nice. Oya I can't forget he moved my car for me and when I got in the car to head home I found a note on the dash by the instruments. I took pics for you all to see.

Sugar & Jitter are lost

Mianna didn't put the hamster cage back together the right way and woke up this morning to find both hamsters missing. Just great, now we have them loose in our house and there is no tell where they could be. This place is over 2000 sq feet and I just can't believe they have gone missing.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Physical Therapy

Okay so I just got back from the Dr office and let me tell it was a too funny. As soon as I got there I checked in and then this lady come up to me and introduced her self, she talked so dang fast I could hardly keep up with her, so I forget her title, but she is some type of observer. Anyhow, she asked me if I would like to participate in a the program of being video taped for training. What they were going to do was tape me and the doctor while I was in for my visit. I said yes and singed a few papers and then got my vitals. They took me in to a room real quick and man that was nice, if you have ever been to a military hospital it's nothing like on the outside. Today must have been my lucky day, I was going to have my 15min. of fame and they put me in the room right away. Next thing I know the Dr comes knocking on the door and introduces himself to me and explains that my original DR had to go home with strep and so he was going to see me today. After he left that lady walks in and says, since DR Miller is out today we will not be taping. The nurse jokes that I won't be famous today. ehhehehe. Anyways, I finally got to see the Dr and he seems to think that the muscles in my buttock are having a spasm and causing the nerve in between them to send the pain and numbness down my legs. He gave me some neproxin and is putting me in physical therapy. He says if all of this doesn't work then we will do more test and take more extreme measures. He said that 90% of the time this should treat the problem. I don't remember what the medical name for the problem, but O well. I went to the Dr and I feel better knowing that it's not going to be such a big deal. O hey, it's my B-day.. I woke up this morning to find this huge note right outside my door, and it was from Mianna. Thanks baby girl, I love you.
Margaret called yesterday and wished me a Happy B-day early,she got mixed up and couldn't remember what day. ehhehe. Okay guys, wish I didn't have to work today, but I'm off to work.

Monday, August 01, 2005


Okay so Armco is the builder and I just think they really stink. Yeah, more problems with the house. Mianna has has a broken sink for over a few months now, but only because I never took the time to call the builder and let them know about it. Anyways, we are also waiting on our dishwasher to come in and that has been over 6 months now.I was talking to my neighbor and she is having problems with a leaky toilet. Lord help us, our warranty is only for one year and I better get my but on the phone and add a few more years to it if I can. You know you can buy more warranty and that's always cheaper then having to replace or fix things in the long run, anyways I'm off to work, and by the way I have a DR app. Tomorrow to see about my hurt leg ;o( I'm hungry. Talk to you all later.

Happy Birthday

Just wanted to post a big Happy Birthday to Glory and Erin. Love you girls