Tuesday, June 28, 2005


BET Awards
Me, Mianna and Leen is leaning
I made it home in time to watch the BET awards. O man, Ciara is performing with Luda. HOT> I love the BET awards. I went one year and stood on the red carpet.

Skinny no more

Okay, so Im not my old self. I can only fit a few of the jeans on my closet. I use to be able to slip into a size 0 or 1 and now i'm moving up in size. I HATE 31 and I'm almost 32 now!!! NO. I need to get in shape. my ass is growing. I tipped the scale at the most I have ever weighed in my life and I'm scared. Rich says if I gain 5 more pounds I'll be good. NO WAY JOSE. I need to fit back into my old size. I'm hitting the gym.

Our Master Bath

painted bathroom
Master bath
Our master bath
We finished painting the master bathroom, but I'm still not done adding my final touches. I want to add shells to the fishnet and can't seem to find the ones I like. I do have a few that I picked on the beach with Mianna. The blue tape is down because I might paint that shelf, but not sure what color. I love the colors we chose. The counter top matches the paint, and we didn't even try to do that, the color in it stand out more now, and it's all the same colors. It's so much fun to be in the bathroom with the new paint. I just can't wait till the smell goes away. We only have one window that opens in our bathroom and it's not enough to vent the entire room.

Monday, June 27, 2005


YEAH!!!! Rich has passed his boating saftey course and handed me the certificate today. He asked when can he buy his boat?.. O loard... We do want a boat so bad, but we will have to save some major mula for a boat. LOL. I told him, we will stick to renting for now. I'm ready to hit the sea. :o)

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Slithering Snake

When Mianna was returning from her walk with Duke, she ran in the house screaming, SNAKE SNAKE SNAKE. We all ran outside to see the snake at our front door. I took a few picture of it before it slithered away. It's a harmless water snake.

Tropical ocean retreat

We finally finished the bathroom. Rich had decided he wanted to put another color in the bathroom, so at the last minute we ran to Home Depot and picked a color in less than 10 minutes. We went with a sand color. Our beach retreat is now complete with the cool jazz to represent the color of the ocean and the sandpoint to represented what else... Sand. And the back wall by the tub is a darker turquoise collar called sweet rhapsody. When we get it all cleaned up, I'll take some pictures to post

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Cool Jazz

after painting bathroom
I just started painting my bathroom with a color called cool Jazz. I wanted a color that reminds me of the water on Guam. I'm not done yet, but this is what it looks like so far. The lighting is really dark in the room,so the true color is hard to see. Check it out on BEHR. Painting is so hard, once it's all done.... Then starts the fun. Decorating and adding the touches. This is going to be my ocean retreat. I'll add fishnets and lots of sea shells. I'll have to hit up Michaels and some local fishing store for some authentic net. I want a real one. I'll make a little wall by the bath tub with shells all over and lots of color with my candles. I'm so excited to finally have my motivation to decorate.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Hurricane damage

2004 Hurricane Damage
Our neighbor gave us this picture of the damage our house sustained last year during the hurricanes. This happened before we purchased the house.

Lightning Kills Man


I need 5 friends to sign up and complete an order.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Jaxs Beach

Friday we spent the day at Jaxs beach with Merranda,Sadie,William and Jenny. The tide kept moving up on us and so we kept having to move our towels back and back. We even rescued a few towels and chairs that didn't belong to us. It was such a fun day and for dinner we ate at Al's Pizza. This outing might just become my regular. click the title to view the slide show

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Leen and Joe

I got new pictures in my email from Aunty Max. Leen and Joe are looking so big now. I sure miss you guys.

Free IPods

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Mother May Have Harmed Another Child


I got up super late this morning at 9:30 and realized I'm the only one home with Duke and need to take him out since he didn't get to go this morning when Rich woke me up 1/2 sleep to say he was running late and that I needed to get up and walk Duke. 4 hours later I finally got up. While I was out walking duke in my all black attire (dump thing to do in FL at this time of day) I was startled by a helicopter flying directly above me. I figured they were going to be arrest me for wearing all black while walking the dog in 90-degree heat and humidity. LOL. Anyways, the dang helicopter kept doing circles around our neighborhood and I just kept having visions of some masked thief running in my neighborhood that would probably scar the crap out of me. Or was the helicopter mistaken and thought I was the crook. It was too dang hot and early to having loud ass helicopter flying over my head while I'm trying to make Duke go poop. Finally he went and as we walked back to the house all of my neighbor on my street were outside looking up into the air. I have no idea what was going on, but this goes to show how rare it is to have a helicopter flying above your neighborhood. I guess I wasn't the only one alarmed and what ever it was I hope they found it. SCARY.

Monday, June 13, 2005


Kilwins 04
St. Augustine Beach 2004
Yesterday we finally went to the beach. As soon as I got off work, I drove home begged Mianna and Rich to go with me but Rich didn't want to go. Mianna and I got in the old car and drove out to St. Augustine Beach. We had so much fun walking on the beach and just playing in the sand. We picked up some pretty shells and then headed into town. We ate at Kilwins Ice ceam and candy shop and mmmmmmmm it was so awesome. I didn't bring the camera and so I have no pictures to share. I was sad not having the camera and kept wishing I even had a camera phone.ehehheh. It was nice and warm, but not hot and mugy. I kept my mind clear and just relaxed while thinking about nothing but havig fun with daughter. I do have an old picture of us from last year in St. Augustine. I'll just post that one for fun. The funny thing is I have a picture of us outside of kilwin's last year and didn't even know I had a picture of this. ehehhe. I can't believe we have been here 1 year already. On our way to the beach we drove over the draw bridge and had to stop because it was lifting to let boats pass by, We also noticed the gay pride flags flying high on the bridge. I did a blog about that a few days ago.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

My neighbors dog is loose

neighbors dog
I called the owners to tell them their dog is loose again. They have 2 dogs, one is named Duke as well and this one is the girl, I'm not sure what her name is. She has been wondering around the street, just locked out of her home I guess. The owners don't know she is loose and I hope they get her soon, before she decided to go out on the HWY again. We gave her some water and might see if they don't get her today, if she needs food. Mianna is out there with her now, she likes to bark, we will give her food. Duke is so gelouse, and wants to get at her, because it's a girl dog. ehehhe. We don't have a fence, so we can't keep her, and I will not let her in my house, she sticks and I'm not sure what Duke will do to her, It's too hot for the garage, and so she is better just free in the front yard. Mianna has been so caring of her. Mianna even sat outside and played with her.


While at the mall yesterday this lady came running up to Mianna and me. She literally was running and we were just walking through the mall. I hate it when people come up to us like that, but She just wanted to pay a compliment to Mianna and say that she is beautiful. Mianna gets that all the time and I'm not just being conceded. I might not see what these people see, yes I know my girl is beautiful, but all moms know there girls are beautiful. Anyways, I think we are a little numb to it, because it's an every day occurrence and just not a big deal anymore. We said thanks and started to walk away, but then she got in front of us and was like, have you ever though about modeling or action? Mianna was like, modeling sounds fun. So she took down Mianna's info and said she would call us. They want Mianna to come in for an audition. This is John Robert Powers. My cousin and aunty Max did it when they were on Guam. Maybe it will be some thing fun for Mianna to do this summer if she likes it. I'm always a little skeptical about these model things, I hear they take your money and leave you with glossy pics and all kinds of crap. I have no idea, but I'll keep you all posted on this.

Chef Ricardo

I have to tell you all, I married the worlds best cook. LOL. I got home from work on Thursday and could smell the food from the garage. Rich, Mianna and Duke were all outside with the garage open and just ready for me to drive in, park and get in the house. Its always so nice when they meet me outside like that. Rich has attempted to make our favorite lettuce wraps and OMG, this thing tasted better than PF Changs. All we needed was the white noodles, but Rich couldn't find them in the store. But the recipe was his own recipe that he just winged and OMG it was just so awesome. He has to teach me how to make that one. Friday I cooked steak and this morning, OMG I woke up to find blueberry pancake and regular pancake with fresh blueberries and strawberries awaiting me. MY man is so awesome and such a good cook. I ate so good this morning and my belly is in heaven. mmmm

Shark Boy

Yesterday I took Mianna window shopping and then to the movies to watch Shark Boy. Mianna only wanted to see it because of the 3D feature. The move SUKED sooooooooooo baaaaaaaaad. Don't waste your money on it.

Tropical Storm Arlene

Well guys, the first storm of the season and thank god it's not a hurricane. Arlene is in the Gulf less over 300 miles away from Jacksonville. The outer bands stretch out far enough away from the center that they are covering much of Florida. Some of these bands may be able to produce tornadoes at anytime today.

It's only drizzling outside but it's very calm and no winds at all. We will keep you posted if we happen to have any adverse weather or tornado warnings

2005 Hurricane Names

Arlene Tropical Storm 6/11

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Trugreen Chem Lawn

Since we moved into our new home we have been getting the yard treated with Trugreen. I like the way it looks and it really does stay green. I just wonder if it's worth the cost. We pay 46 bucks a month and thats not too much but it seems like I should be able to do it alone. I bet if I went out to buy the supplies I would probably come out with the same cost or more. And then I would have to do all the work. NOT, just have them spray the yard once a month and keep it at that. Anyways, I'm not sure why I'm writing this, I was out paying bills and when I got home I seen the Trugreen truck parked in front of my house. My neighbor on the end, is pregnant with twin boy and girl, she gets her yard sprayed too. I forget her name, but I'm sure Rich remembers. The house I wanted to buy on the end is having a pool put in. I wish we could have one put in as well. I know it would cost as much as the TL. Why doesn't money just grown on trees. ehehhe. I have to get up and take my butt butt to work now, I need MONEY. lots and lots of Money. remember that song???? I'm out, have good bloggin day to all.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Walking accoss the bordor with a chain saw in hand and knuckle rings

Crazy chain saw man
Okay, since I couldn't get to sleep and was up early this morning, I sat up in bed and read the paper. I came across this article and was so taken back by it I had to read it twice. The paper was just filled will so much importance I had to read every article. LMAO. I also liked the one where Duval County has FINALLY banned corporal punishment in that school district. HELLO, I didn't even know they were using this paddling for decades, here in FL. CRAZY and only in the south. This place is twisted majorly twisted. O. And on another good topic, the courts ruled an okay for the Gays to put up their gay pride flag on display during gay pride week. HELLO!!!! I'm sorry, but I'm very opened minded to lots of ideas and the pursuit to happiness and the rights of woman and children and HUMANS. I'm from GUAM, but I've lived in CA most of my life and so I'm very cultural and very open to Gays and you know what I'm getting at, I just found it so nuts that this back ass South is just now catching up to the times of today. HELLO!!!!!
Back to the subject of my title, they let this guy cross in to America from Canada on the eastern side here and he was holding a chainsaw with what looked like dried blood? Or rust? And he also had on brass knuckles. Would you have let this guy across the border? THEY did, and he killed some old couple in NY.Another crazy... HELLO!!!!!! I have to find the picture of dude and pot it, because he looks absolutely CRAZY

Home sick

Okay I did it, I called out sick. I feel better now, but not 100% and no nausea since 8am so that's a good thing. I hate to take the day off since I need the money, but I think I have enough sick leave to make up for today. I ate some chicken teriyaki that Rich made last night and my stomach is making weird noises, but thats about it. A day off for being sick and I just don't know what to do. Let me relax and watch Sling Blade. Did I tell you all about watching Dawn of Dead the other day???? Oya I did, stupid movie, but the suspence had me hooked. LOL my compter was just tripping, man I some times come across some crazy mishaps on this Mac. I want to go to the new library and get some books. LIKE I read, LOL.. speaking of reading, I have to get up early tomorrow and take Mianna down to her middle school for a reading test. She had been placed in intensive reading and they will test her to see what level to put her in. My girl can read, she just clams up when it comes to test and so the FCAT score was not good enough. She is all worried about it, I told her its no big deal and that the test to me is DUMB, but she will do fine. I must be delirious, I'm not making any sence now. let me get off this adictive piece of machinery

Max and Kim

Max and Kim
Kim and Aunty Max have been friends since I was a kid. I can't remeber when I last saw Kim, she live up in the SF area.

Mom and Daughter

Davina and Aunty Max
Davina was in SD last weekend and my aunty Max sent this picture via email. I'm all happy to see Bean in the pictures, because the last time I saw her was 7 months ago.

My Mom and baby Hasani

My mom and Baby Hasani
Baby Hasani is so cute! Look at my mom in her PJ's. ehhehehe

3 hours of sleep

HELP....... Man guys, I have no clue what is wrong with me. I started feeling sick at work, around 4pm and last night it wouldn't go away. I was up all night tilll 8am this morning and I think I only got 3 hours of sleep and not all together. It's 10:30 now and normally I would get ready for work in an hour. I'm trying to see if the nausea is gone by just being up to decide if i'm going to go to work today or not. I was up all night listening to Richard snore as I rolled back and fort on my side, afraid to lay on my back because I was foaming at the mouth so much I thought I might fall asleep and choke on my vomit. I never did hurl, but the nausea was so bad I kept a plastic bag by me on the side of the bed. No poops or nothings, so is it a weird bug I have or a touch of food poisoning? Okay so far I'm feeling Okay. When Rich got up at 5 to get ready for work, I told him I had been up all this time and he felt sorry for me, and had asked me why I didn't wake him up. He was snoring so loud I didn't want to disturb him. LOL, I did mess with him a bit and I watched him sleep with such content that I was happy he was asleep. He joked with me that I have twins in my belly and that was why I'm sick. Lord if I'm PG, Im not saying that I am, but that is a possobility, I just think it's not the reason for this sickness. Okay, I don't know, I'm not a doctor, and maybe if it doesn't go away or if I get it again today, I might just go to the DR. I'm not one to run to the hospital, I will only go if I'm on my death bed. Okay, so now to decide on what to do. I should jump in the shower and see how it makes me feel. I'm not dehydrated, I have been drinking water all day long yesterday, but that could be a small possibility, I guess. You know how some times you go a few days and don't realize your not drinking enough water. I normally drink several of the tiny cups of water at work, because my throat gets so dry while I"m in the process of answering my 150 calls for the day. LOL. Okay I'm up to get water now. I just love how I reason with my insanity on this blogg. LMAO

Update on my job

Okay so I'm still there and it has been 3 days now. Today I got to spend a good 20 minutes 1 on 1 in a room with my boss as I took a survey thing. They do this every year to make things better at work. It was full of all sorts of question, one in particular that asked. " Have you ever been irritated with a customer and showed rudeness back to them?" Well the question went some thing like that. I had to mark I felt sternly about that one. ehhehehe. My boss gave me the disgusted mad look today, the, I'm intimidated by you just a little bit not going to confront you look. LOL. I'm sure she is over it now, and if she had to speak to my customer I'm sure she handled it well. She never said a thing to me and so LIFE moves on as a reservation agent. I have a string of few Bitches today on the phone and I must say I handled my self well. I think Black woman come across the most as having a moody or bitch voice on the phone. I have to stop and think for a moment, but I'm that way myself, not on the phone, but in person and I don't mean to come off as a bitch, but I'm real strong and expressive with my speaks. I'm up late, but I'm feeling better. I was sick all day at work with a headache and nausea. I"m not sure what has gotten into me. They were teasing me that I'm pregnant and even Rich said, "it's my surprise to you" ... NOT. I don't know, I was just sick all day. I just drank some warm milk and I feel better now. I though I might have gotten a touch of food poisoning from Mickey D's. I need to get off this and write my cousin in jail. He was a little down and feeling blue. I just couldn't imagine being locked away in a cell. I feel for him and I try to write just to keep him lifted.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Six Feet Under 32: MAKING LOVE WORK

O man, I got to catch the last 1/2 hour of my show and then stayed up to watch the beginning on HBO West. I was very impressed with the start for this new and final season. There was so much emotion in this beginning and secret will definitely be revealed. Brend and Nate got married and while Brenda was watching the tape of Nate's marriage to his first wife, they showed her talking to guy who I think might have had some thing to do with her killing.... O the suspense and the drama. I was only speculation on that idea in my own right and I'm not sure that Brenda or Nate were looking at it in that light. Anyways. Brenda miscarries her and Nate's baby the night before the wedding and that was sad.

Okay so you know I'm hooked for the next 12 Mondays. I wish I could have some Six Feet Under parties. ehehhehe. I'll have to try and enjoy every moment of this awesome show. Uuuuh. I just can't get enough.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Could I be out of a job tomorrow

Anyways, I though I was going to have a good morning at work today, but it was just the opposite. I had this one caller who just took me to the edge and so I hung up on here so that I wouldn't say anything stupid. She called back and I was about to transfer her, when I hung up on her again. I'm sure she took my name down, when she asked for it and I said.. "Virginia like the state, write it down. Click. LOL. I told Rich I will be fired tomorrow for sure and all he could says was "good you need another job". Mianna even agreed with him. Anyways I know I'm in for a ear full when my boss gets the call from this lady that made me all irate. It doesn't take much for me to get that way, but anyways, I'm not sure if I'm stressed over the call or just the entire job at this point. I think for the most part I wish I could have a little more patience, but it's just not in my nature. I love to fly off at the mouth and like I've never been shy about it.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Kit Kat

Mianna is over at Kit kat's house spending the night for her B-day sleep over. 7th graders that have yet to grow out of the sleep overs. Personally I never ever had one when I was little. Rich wants to take me out on a date. I'm not sure what we are going to do. I'm just so hunry all I can do is think about food. Last night I made Kalua Pork and had the left overs for lunch today. I have to sleep early and take my butt butt to work at 7am. Sunday is usually and easy day back at work for me. Monday is the hell hole and then the rest of the week is pretty much the same. People travel so much during the summer and eveyone wants to go to San Diego. I book for over 40 Navy Lodges and we just added about 150 civilian hotels worldwide as well. I can even book for Hotel Del. A few of my coworkers have booked some of the 300 a night rooms. I have only booked the 116 buck rooms at the Annapolis Inn. I'm surprised buy the price since our most expensive Navy Lodge is 100 bucks a night at the MiraMar Inn. Hawaii had pretty good prices at 99 bucks a night for the suite. I wouldn't mind paying that. I have payed upwards of 200 for the W in SD and LA. Too bad we don't book for the Standard in Los Angelos, I like that place. The W is still my favorite and now they take pets too.

+ and - Phooie

I want to back up my Picture on the mac and what do you, I have the wrong DVD+R disks. My computer only supports -R =( Sad faces for me and the DVD+R were so dang expensive and super old. O well. I guess i'm still learning about this dan DVD stuff. I have yet to make one.

What did the sock say to the foot?

you're putting me on

Storm Sends Tree Tumbling on the Northside

This is what I'm afraid of .... scary

Friday, June 03, 2005

Froggy on my window

This little dude was just hanging out on our window in the family room. On the outside of the window and I took a picture of him from the inside.

Awesome DHTML

O man, I was just messing aroung on the web, you know how deep that goes, not even sure how I came accross this site, but this guys has some pretty neet source. I would love to tinker with his codes and make some of my own 3D cosmo. anyways, I had to blog this so I could remember the spot. I miss programming.


As if I need anymore spots on the web to keep track of my thoughs and confusions.So I got a backback LOL. I use a Mac and so backpack is really user friendly for me. I have a love of using this forum but anyways, about the backpack, it's fun and easy to use, you might not be able to use if your on Internet Explor 5 but here is the link It's free. I've just linked my iCal with backpack, YES. ehhehe.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Ladder shelf

Maybe this is what I need to buy. I have been so afraid to affix anything to the walls in my house. Plus I'm still not done with painting, but things just feel like it would be to concrete for me to nail it to the walls. I should probably buy a few of these ladder shelves. It must be having a new home that scares me away from wanting to decorate it. LOL. I have had zero modivation what since we moved in.

Lindsay's Shutterbug Smashup

Laguna Landslide