Friday, December 28, 2007

Home alone

Yesterday was a bittersweet moment for me. I got up early and as Mianna was getting ready to go with her girlfriend to Valdosta, GA to have fun for 2 days at the Wild Adventures. She left around 12 noon and will not be home till about noon on Saturday. She had to say her goodbye to day since he was also leaving around 6pm. I spent the afternoon just lying in bed talking with him and wondering about all the things to come in the next few weeks. He was talking to my belly and telling baby boy he can't come early and he has to wait till the next time daddy is in town. We had fun figuring out what body part was sticking out my belly and thinking about how big his feel and legs might be. I started to get sad thinking about driving to the airport to drop him off. We went to the base around 3:30 and thought we would gas the car and take Rich to the barber for a haircut, but he changed his mind and we only gassed the car. We headed up to the airport and got there about 1 hour early. The lady at check-in was so nice and she asked me if I wanted to escort Rich to the gate. I said "Yes I would love to!" and she gave me a pass to take him all the way to the gate. The flight was delayed until after 7pm and so we had time to sit and just talk. After he left I headed to St. Johns Town Center to return a shirt that didn't fit Mianna and picked up a few more shirts that she would possibly like. I walked around a few stores and then went to Target. O yah before all that I ate dinner at 5 guys. mmmmm that was good. I finally got home around 10:40 and by this time Rich had already made it back to Norfolk and was eating dinner at Mickey D's. I had to take the trash out since Mianna was not home to do her regular chore. Now it's just the dog and me. I'm not even sure what to do with my self. It’s my day off, but I have been out of work the past 2 days, sick with a bad cold. Rich come home to Jax with a cold and on the day before Xmas he gave it to me. I was able to sleep with my mouth closed last night only because I kept spraying my nose with salt water spray from my Dr and I took some cough medicine that is okay for me to take and had Vicks on my chest and neck. I'm still sick, but feel much better than the past 2 days. I had a few cramps last night and thank god it went away. I'm so nervous that baby boy will come early and Rich will not be home. He pulls out for a short work up on the 14th and will not be back until the 27th. I want to buy him an airline ticket to come home on the 28th and hope that baby comes on the 29th or after. It's so hard to play this guessing game and I'm really starting to get nervous.

Monday, December 24, 2007

almost 35 weeks

I went with Rich to do a little last minute Xmas shopping and started to have labor pains. It's been almost 2 hours and they have started to get closer and closer together and stronger. Not sure if it's just false labor but now we are home and I'm trying to relax and see if it goes away. I can't have the baby today or tomorrow, it's just too soon and I do not want a christmas baby. I really don't want him to have to share his b-day with X-mas that would really suck. Let home the contractions stop and it's just false labor. My thigh muscles hurt, I'm walking a little hunch back with pain shooting in my va J J and all over. Feels like how it did when I was going into labor with Mianna. It looks as if we have a full moon too, so who know what could happen tonight.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Almost 34 weeks

In one day I'll be 34 weeks. Man time is flying. I'm feeling good so far and only have a little water retention in my feet and very little in my hands. I have to use the bathroom more than before, but baby boy is really low and on my bladder. I made my next OB appointment for Jan 7th and I will have an ultrasound to confirm that baby boy is in position and ready for delivery. I hope that they are able to tell how big he is and if I'm right on time with the due dates they have predicted for us. It seems like 6 weeks is not very long and going to fly by fast. I haven't started to fill out my maternity leave papers, but I will do that in Jan and have it all ready to go. I Hope to make it until I"m 38 weeks and then stop working to prepare for the baby. I have a few things I still need to get and the crib is one big thing we have yet to buy. Rich is home for 10 days and It's so nice to have him home, I wish he wouldn't leave. I really miss being a complete family. I'm starting to get nervous and have been waking up at such odd hours in the night and not really sleepy all that much. This morning I got up around 2:30. I usually seem to get up around 4am but this morning I got up real early. I might try to go to bed early, but usually it just makes me get up way too early. 4-5 hours is all I've really been getting and little 10-15 minute naps when I get home from work. I feel as though I have more energy than usual, so I guess it's a good thing. My in-laws will be here next month and my mom still hasn't told me when she is coming out. I have to pack my hospital bag in a few weeks and have it all ready, wow, this is almost too scary to seem real.

Friday, December 14, 2007


Thanks to my neighbor 2 houses down, she gave me an entire wardrobe for our baby boy. His dressor is so full and I still havn't unpacked one box and one tall trash bag full of clothes. He has everything you name it. I will only need diapers, bottles, and few other things for him. I even have a swing that a coworker gave me. I bought a second had stoller and my coworker is giving me an infant car seat that will fit in the stroller and just happen to match the stroller I got. I plan to decorate the room in a sea theme and so I'll paint bubbles and fish on the walls, and my boss gave me sea theme curtains to hang up on on the window that will be perfect to go with my theme. When dad comes home I plan on buying the crib and sheet set.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Mianna's real care baby

Mianna and her Real Care baby
Real Care baby
Real Care baby keys
Real Care baby
I came home from work to find Mianna on the couch and a baby sitting in a car seat on he floor next to her. Mianna is in Child Development at school and this is a project for her class. She had to keep the real care baby for today and will return it tomorrow. The baby is computerized and she has a code sheet and different things need to be done to take car of the baby. It will cry when it needs food, diaper or attention. she had a ring of keys she has to stick in it's back to record the progress when she does the proper steps to take care of the baby. Mianna had to Carry this car seat home on the bus and will carry it to school tomorrow and take it back to class first thing in the morning. The baby will keep her up tonight because it cries like every 2 hours or so. She will probably be a little fatigue tomorrow. The baby is only 5 pounds but feels heavy to me and in the car seat it's really heavy. This is so funny to see a mechanical baby in our house. To think in about 8 weeks we will have a real life baby in the house. I can tell Duke is acting a little upset about the baby and Mianna said he freaked out whe he heard her cry.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

cleaning house

formal living room
Mianna vacuumed the house and I used the carpet cleaner to clean the formal room and the hall. It looks so much better. It's really hard to keep white carpet clean.Our dog is the big mess maker. Now Mianna is cleaning out the closet in her old room so I can have it all ready for when the baby moves in the room and I will have space for his stuff. Next I need to get the things for xmas out the attic and wash my car. Then I need to winterize my grass and we will be all good. We might even have time to go the the store and pick up Dukes Meds at the pet hospital. I just love it when the house is clean even if I hate cleaning it. I was going to get a made to do basic stuff like floors and bathrooms, but Nan, I'm already spoiled with a yard worker. My yard looks good since they just cut it yesterday. A good thing about this time of year, it cost half of what it cost in the summer time. We have St. Augustine grass and it is really thick and hard to cut. It will take me at least an hour to winterize it with the speed feeder. Okay, I'm off to do more work. I'll take pictures to post later on.

homemade belgian waffles and pancakes

homemade belgian waffles and pancakes
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This is what we had for breakfast this morning. Well, late breakfast. I made Belgian waffles, pancakes and bacon. mmmmmmmmmmm

Chargers vs Jaguars

Chargers vs Jaguars
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About two weeks ago, The San Diego Charger came to Jacksonville to play the Jaguars and I went to the game at the last minute. I had to work on Sunday as usual, but was able to get permission from the boss to go to the game with my coworker. I had to get permission for the both of us, and it was a big favor to ask. My boss says we owe her big time for this. We got to the game and had no tickets, only tickets left at the box office were 95 bucks each. I only had 40 bucks on me and was only wanting to pay 40 for both tickets. Scalper tried to sale the tickets to us for 50 each, i said no, and then later on ran into the same guy and he handed the tickets to me, 40 for 2 tickets, Whoooo hoooo!!!!! We were in like flin. Jon and I had so much fun skipping work and sitting to watch our favorite teams. It was a perfect hot day and really sunny. This is one for the memory books. O the Jaguars won the game. Currently Jags are 2nd of there division and the Chargers are 1st. Tomorrow SD plays KC and Jags play the Colts. O man it's a big rivalry for each team. SD need to beat KC, since they messed them up back in Sep when SD lost the home game to KC. I hope they whipp some butt big time. As for Jags, I just want to see them win since the Colts are already 9-2 but first in America South putting the Jags right behind them. The game is ON. Both games start tomorrow at 1pm.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Finally out

Finally out
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Duke some how flopped out from under the bed, he never got to his feet, he just sort of wiggled out. It was a big wiggle.

Moved top mattress

Moved top mattress
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Duke is stuck
Here I am, home alone with the Dog stuck under the bed. I had push the mattress off of the box spring. then get on my knees and lifte the box spring and the frame. I then proceeded to hit the tog with the little red pillow, so he would get up and out . he didn't get up but some how he managed to jump outward away from under the fram. O lord help me was all I cold say. that frame and box spring is not too heavy, but heavy enough when your 31 weeks pregnant..

Duke under the bed

Duke under the bed
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When I woke up this morning I walked around the house to try and find Duke, I spotted him in Mianna's room with just his head under the bed, he loves to sleep with his head underneath things. About 30 Minutes later I went back in to find his almost completely under the bed. Not sure how he going to get out or if I'll have to drag him out. LOL

Thursday, November 29, 2007

31 weeks

Gosh it's so hard to believe time is flying by so fast and this I'm like 9 weeks closer to full term. I met a lady while putting gas in my car and she was like, how far along are you? She said she had her baby 1 month early. Scary thought, I'm not ready yet, will I ever be ready? I'm still in shock that this is so close to really happening and I'll have a little one in my arms. We have gave him the nick name Tigger because he bounces around in my belly so much. I have no new pics, but I'll try to take some tomorrow. I have only 1 from Thanksgiving day and I was 30 weeks.

Friday, November 23, 2007

This is so messed up

My friends husband is on the USS Kitty Hawk and it was refused entry to Hong Kong. I wonder what will become of all of this. My friend was awaiting a phone call from her hubby and hundreds of other family members were awaiting the arrival in Hong Kong so that they could spend Thanksgiving with their sailors. Man this is just so messed up. Click the title above to read the entire article.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

30 week on Thanksgiving Day

I was up around 6am and that's late for me. I put the ham in the oven and I have another one on the stove top, making a traditional bake ham and my favorite kalua pork. I'll stat the macaroni and cheese when the hams are done. I also have to make my potato salad and that's it. I might cook a little rice, just to have on the side. We are heading over to a friends house and she is frying a turkey, making been casserole. I think mash potatoes and a few pies. I also made Robert Redford dessert last night and I almost forgot I need to make my stuffing. I might have to get dressed in a little bit and run to Walmart, I forgot to buy mushrooms. I might even make a cheese cake. It seems like we have more desserts than food, I love it. I was just thinking about how much I miss the family back home in SD and they are probably having lots of goodies to eat today. It's 57 degrees out, and gloomy. Yesterday was in the 80's and so sunny.

I'm still can't believe I'm 30 weeks today and only have about 10 more weeks to go full term. I can feel how much my baby boy has grown and I can tell he is very long. Mianna was 19 1/2 inches, he just might top her at 20. My belly is really big now, i'll have to take some new pictures today and post them tonight. Rich is boarding his plane now and will be stopping in Atlanta. He doesn't get her until around 2:30. We are so excited to see him, it's been one month since I last saw him. Well, I better get back to the kitchen, I want to get this all done by noon, so I'll have time to just relax a little until I got the the airport. Have A Happy Thanksgiving guys. LUV ya all.

Friday, November 16, 2007

15 years old

yesterday was my baby girls 15th birthday and im still in disbelief.soon we will practice for her drivers permit and she can drive with me in the car for 1 year before she can take the driving test. im so scared to do this but its time now. she might even drive me around when i go in labor and need to go to the hospital.
im off to go get my hair cut today, this blogg was created on my cell phone.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Wake up

Wake up
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O my goodness, this is so funny, Rich was waking us up on Christmas morning, 2004.

Miannas 11th bday

Miannas 11th bday
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We were eating dinner at Red Lobster for baby girls 11th Bday. She use to love that place. Now she likes Outback Crab Shack here in FL.

Mianna's 11th B-day

Us at Red Lobster
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My baby girl will be 15 in about six days, and I was just looking over some old pictures when I found this one we took back on her 11th B-day. She is so tall and mature now.

Rich in Hawaii

Rich in Hawaii
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I can't believe this was taken almost 6 years ago. I love remember the day like it was yesterday. I flew into Hawaii to see Rich as his ship pulled in from det. What a hot bod.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Jump rattle and roll

I'm telling you this baby boy is one active dude. I sware he gets up on his feet and runs around in my belly. I'm now 27 weeks and it's hard to believe I only have about 13 more weeks to go. I can feel baby boy move from under my boob to way low in my pelvis area. He makes me squirm because his movements are not gentle at all. It's as if he gets fussy and can't make up his mind on what side to lay on. he litteraly runs from one area to the next, so thats what it feels like. I almost wish I had a ultrasound machine at home so I could watch him wiggle and jiggle. He must wiggle, jiggle, shift, streach, punch and kick all at the same time. O lord, 13 more weeks of this. Maybe when he gets bigger he will have less room for all the movement but I bet I'm gonna be in pain from his hard punches and kicks. My baby girl never moved around like this in my belly. This is going to be one active and fussy little guy.

I want a Leopard

O man, I didn't want to watch the tour on Leopard, because I knew I watched it, I would want it. Okay, so now I know what to ask for for X-mas. Can I please have a Leopard for Christamas dad? LOL. I like the spaces feature. I alway have a million windows open, trying to do to many things at once, Pay bill, check email. blogg, shoots... you name it. Spaces looks like a good feature. I like the feature on my current OSX, but this new Leopard is just awsome. I use Ical like everyday and its how I stay organized. But the new features on Leopard are more advance. O man, data detector. I just let my .mac account run out but would definatly update with new leopard. hmmmm. too many idea in my head now. New Ichat freature too, hmmmm. wow. the nex had all the new mac stuff, just seen them in there on the 31st. I had to tell my self to walk away from the shelf. LOL

Thursday, October 25, 2007


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Today I was playing around with the camera and it's settings while Mianna was asleep in my bed. I took this peacfull picture of my baby girl while she lain there asleep.

Mianna's baby boy

Mianna's baby boy
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My daughter is in Child Development at school and she had to make this baby out of a 5 pound bag of flower. She has to cary it around at school for 2 days. Today was her first day with the baby and thought it was going to be embarrassing to cary him around all day, but instead she got so much positive attention. Babies always make people smile. Next she will have to bring home a mechanical baby that really cries every 2 hours.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Khaki Ball '07

Khaki Ball '07
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Here is the picture we had taken at the Khaki Ball. I wanted to do it as soon as we got there, so that the makeup and hair was still fresh. I really should have fixed my hair a little more. It was a rainy and gloomy day out. The humidity hit my hair the minute I walked outside. Rich looks so hot in his uniform. I had on a Nichole Miller gown. People though it was maternity but it was just a normal size 4. I think I'll still fit it after the baby. Nicole Miller has some really cute crinkle dresses that are so cute, but this was just simple and really elegant. I danced my booty off and Rich had me on the dance floor for every slow song. I love my Chief.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Khaki ball at 25 weeks

Khaki ball at 25 weeks
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Here is a picture Rich took of me at the Khaki ball. I'm 25 weeks. Thats 6 months one week. I was wearing a Nicole Miller dress. We had so much fun at the ball and I danced my booty off.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Cute pregnant

Today when I walked into work, my coworker, who is also PG, told me I look so cute today. It might be the maternity dress I'm wearing with a little sweater over top. I went to the NEX and got 3 more complements and this made me feel so good and smile so big. I was feeling really big today and not feeling so good, but the random stranger really made me feel so much better. I'm getting excited for my trip to Va on thursday. I have major nerves when I fly and normally I have a class of wine, but now I can't do that. I just hate to fly. I use to love it as a kid, but now as an adult I get anxiety every time. I'll be 25 weeks on Thursday, wow it's flying by. We bought baby boy some cute outfits yesterday. Mianna picked out all the outfits, and little mittens, hats and matching blanket. Mianna has a project at school for child development and she will make a baby out of a 5 pound bag of flower and dress it with Sylar outfit. She will also have a chance to bring home an electronic baby that cries and all that. I told her it would be good practice for when the baby comes next year.

Monday, October 15, 2007

found it

O my goodness, I was listening to that little voice in my head. I couldn't find my Dooney and Bourke bag and was going crazy, because I know I can't loose an entire bag. I have way too many bags in my closet, so I sat on the floor and took my bags off the shelf one by and ther it was. Guess what was in side my D&B? YUP you guessed it, the charger my digital camera battery. ehhehe. I'm all happy, ready for my trip to VA now.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Battery charger

I'm going nutts trying to find my battery charger for my digital camera. I know it has to be in this house some place. It just sucks when the house is so clean and you can't find what your looing for. I know it will show up and be in a place that is just looking right at me in the face. LOL. I leave on thursday night and need to find it before then . It will be our first Khaki ball and I want to take plenty pictures. For and update, I'm in a very good back to normal mood today and the Jaguars are kicking some booty! Whooo hooo.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

baby blues

I don't know whats up with my mind and body, but the entire time I have been feeling good and just yesterday I felt real down and out. Just got the case of the blues so bad I guess. I just felt so sad and gloomy. A cold front moved in a few days ago and I hate the cold, maybe its that. I don't know. I got to talking with my boss about what I'll do when it gets closer for me to stop working and will I take a leave of absence or will I just leave all together. I really will miss working. Even on my days off I still think about work, funny. I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I feel like I might go crazy being with the baby all day long, day in day out, but I guess I'll just have to wait and see. I hate to not help bring in any money and it will be really tight for us without my income. Boy you think I would have a better plan, but none of this was planned. I really didn't think I would have another baby after 15 years. My girl is so big and independent and now in high school. I just can't believe I'll be doing this all over again and maybe thats whats getting me down. Most of you that know me, i'm not a kid person and very selfish as it is. I will have a hard time adjusting to giving up all my time to the young one. I had a hard time with my daughter, but thank god I had family and friends to help me out. Now I have no one. I have Mianna but I don't know that she is all that happy to have a new baby in the house. I need a pick me up. I havn't left my house is over 3 weeks and this weekend I'll be going to VA to see Rich, maybe that will make me feel better.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Possible baby name

While Rich was home this weekend it rained and rained and rained. Today we take him to the airport and already getting sad. We did come up with a possible baby name..... Sylar for his first name. We need a good middle name or maybe none at all. In 10 days I'll be flying up to VA to be with Richie for the weekend and go to the Chiefs Ball. I think I might wear the same dress that I wore last year for the X-mas party. Okay, I'm off now, on my way to the airport.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Home for the weekend

I'm just too excited for Friday to come, Richie Rich will be flying home to spend the holiday weekend with us. I put my car in the shop yesterday and now I'm drivng a Pontiac GT rental. The GT is so little but really fast. I have to hurry up and decide if I want to keep the TL or get a Minivan, I know it sounds crazy, me in a minivan, maybe I'll get the FJ cruiser. I want more space and I'm sick of top grade gas prices. I need to look into a hybrid.

This is so carzy, but I'm so happy, I got the TL back today. I know I got it back today on Thursday. It's like brand new in less than 48 hours.

Friday, September 28, 2007


the rules in VA beach

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These signs were up on the street poles all around Virginia Beach. When I first saw it , I remembered a story a friend once told me about how you can get a ticket for cussing at the beach. Later on we walked around the corner and came across another sign and actually explained all the rules. Only in an commonwelth

Back from VA

the cake
The trip to Norfolk, VA was a successful journey. We rented a minivan and drove up on Thursday evening. It was a 9 and 1/2 hour drive. We only stopped for gas one time. The minivan has such good gas mileage with a 4 cylinder engine. I forgot what it was like to drive a car with such little power, but good gas mileage. We fit in the van comfortably with JR drving me in a passanger seat. Mom and dad in middle in pilot seats and then Mianna was in the back laying out sleep for most of the drive. I thought I would never say this but I really want a minivan now. LOL. Friday at 11am was when the pinning ceremony started. It was only a couple hours long and we were able to take lots of pictures. Rich had all of us go up to pin him.
On Saturday Rich took us to Virginia beach were we visited the Virginia Aquarium and watched deep sea 3D on IMAX.
shark Mianna
After the aquarium he took us to the beach and we got in the sand and got our feet wet in the atlantic ocean.
the gang
Mianna, Daddy and Me
We ate lunch at Giovanni's Pizza.
Mianna and her pizza
On Sunday we got up early adn had breakfast in Norfolk beach at this small mom and pop place. We had to drop JR off at the airport since he was flying back to jaxs.Rich took me to the ER to have a pain checked out. I was having pains in my lover right hand side, mostly to the back and also into the buttock area. Dr said it was a strained muscle beacause of the new weight and everything checked out okay with my test, so I'm all good. After all that we went to a friends house out in Suffolk, Va to have dinner BBQ with them. They live in a nice neighborhood call Indian River Plantation and Missy Elliott gave her mom her house in the same neighborhood. The house was featured on MTV cribs. Our friends house was so beutiful with a pool in the backyard and over 3000 sq feet. all brick outside with my dream 1/2 circle driveway.I didn't get to take any pics of the house, I just forgot to.
Monday we decided to extend our stay one more day, we spent most of the day running around to get our new ID cards. Tuesday came way too quick and we left Norfolk at 5am and got to FL at 4pm.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

3D and 4D ultrasound

I got my postcard in the mail today to recieve 10% off on any package for 3D/4D ultrasound. I want to have it done when I'm 26 weeks or more. I really want Rich to be here for it so I'm trying to coordinate some dates with him and the place to make and appointmen so that he can be down for the ultrasound. End of October would be a perfect time, since Its Richies B-day and I would love to have him home that weekend and then Halloween celebration. I will email him with the dates to see if he can do it. We also found out that the Chiefs Ball is Oct 19th so I'll be going up to VA again for the ball. I started looking at dresses yesterday and I have a few in my closet that I need to try on to see if I can fit into them. I'm not sure how big I'll be in one more month, but if I gain 1 pound a week like I'm suppose to. I'l be 5 pound heavier. I have gained 10 pound so far.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Migraine day 2

Last night I started get a migraine and it's just hurts so bad, I decided to see if I would fall asleep and wake up better in the morning, but here I am, up early and it just started to kick back in. This sucks because I can't take anything, except tylenol and that does not help at all. I'm off of eat some food, take a tylenol and just lay on the couch and veg.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Thumb Sucking

thumb sucking
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Here is a picture of our baby boy sucking his thumb. I was shocked to find out it was a boy, but a split second latter I was happy because I knew that is was going to make my Richie the happies daddy ever. He wanted Our daughter to be a boy, but here we are 15 years later and he is getting his baby boy. During th ultrasound we were able to have a clear shot of his testicles, but the tech did not take a picuture of it. We witnessed the baby put his hand to his mouth and suck on his thumb. O, wow, I'm still in shock, it's going to be a BOY!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

My turn for anticipation

Yesterday was a good day, since we found out Ingrid is having a girl. Today I find myself dying with anticipation. With my first born we waited the entire 40 weeks and found out it was a girl right at birth. We just had no desire to find out and wanted to be surprised. I had no problem waiting back then and never one second guessed our decision. My hubby really wants to know this time and so I'm going along with him on wanting to find out. I do want to get the room all decorated and pretty or handsome for our new baby boy or girl. I want anther girl, but a boy will make my hubby happier than happy. He is thinking boy thoughs so hard. Just as long as it's a healthy strong baby, it really doesn't mater to me all that much. I finished painting the spare room. It's fun now beacaue we call it the spare room, but soon it will be occupied by the new family member. My daughter has a an all blue room and the spare room is a dark and light purple color. If we find out it's a boy, she says she will move into the purple room and give up her blue room for the baby. She really wants a pink room, but I just don't know about painting a room pink. The purple room is so relaxing and cool. I'm going to decorate it now and it will be a little on the girlly side. ehehe. Mianna will probably take over anyways and then I might just keep her room blue or paint over parts of it with green or yellow. I'm off to the paint store today, just in the mood to paint, paint paint. So Tuesday is the big day for us and it just can't come any sooner. Thank goodness my apt. is at 8am, so it will be early that morning. I go to work tomorrow and Monday and then on Tuesday I go in for about 30 minutes, to drink my water and do a little work and then I'm off the hospital. I have to check in 15 minutes early so I'll be there at 7:45 and Lord I hope I can hold down that 32oz of water I have to drink prior to my arrival. The sad part is I will be all alone, no hubby, no friend. I don't know, I might as a friend, but she might be able to go with me.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Ingrid is having a Girl!

Ingrid just sent me a text message at 2:16pm east coast time. She is having a girl. O my god I'm so excited.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Car crashed into again!

I swear the TL is a magnet for getting crashed into. I was the first car in line, with 3 other cars involved. YUP, yet again, it's been 2 years and 6 months and this will be my second bumper. I was stopped and just ready to take my foot off the break, i did notice hte guy behind me was stopped as well and then bump! I was like, what, how did he hit me, he was stopped. but the guy behind him was also stopped, and the dodge ram that was pulling a trailer couldnt' stop in time and hit the Acura Integra, that inturn hit the masda behind me and then he hit me. 4 car collison on the HWY 17, the same highway I was traveling on when we had the first accident. Anyways, no one was hurt and the cops showed up fast. We all moved out of the street and into the parking lot of the hotel across the street. It took the cop about an hour to take down all the into and give us our print out. the Acura integra had the most damage to the bumper of his car and you could even see the emblem of the ram imprinted in this trunk. The front end was pretty messed up too. the Masda behind me had like not even a scratch on his bumper, but his front end was pretty bent at the license plate and the damage to my TL is only on the right hand side of the bumper. I was so shook up, and shacking, but not hurt. It was just a shock and took me by surprise. O man, my poor car. But all the guys were so nice and we just talked about all kinds of stuff while we waited for the cop to put the info into his computer. You sure can learn alot about a few people in an hour. We went from complete strangers to knowing just a little bit about each others hobbies and jobs and family in that short time. The good thing is that we were all okay and we all have insurance. The guy driving the dodge was sited for following too closely and given a ticket. I'll contact my insurance tomorrow to report it and see what all we have to do. I know for fact it will cost around 700 for a new bumper, since thats what is cost last time. The guy in the dodge ram was just so happy that we were all taking it easy on him and he felt so bad. His truck had quite a bit damage to the front. Rich just happen to call when right after it happen, so the first thing I said, was I'm okay, we are all okay, but ...... I was in an accident and the car is hurt again. He took it okay and said he would call me back in a few hours.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Okay so Aug was not the month for us to find out the sex of the baby. We have an appointment for 9/11 to have an ultrasound and hope to find out the sex of the baby if all goes well. I'm so darn excited.
I had a fun Labor Day weekend get away. My daughter and I along with my friend flew to Washington State. We had so much fun visiting the Island we use to live on about 7 years ago. Whidbey Island has changed just a little but still as beautiful and cold as ever. We got lucky the entire time we were there it was sunny and in the 70's and did not rain at all. We also went to Bellevue Square where we did a little shopping and Seattle was the last stop where we stayed in the Whotel. We flew out the next day and had a few hours lay over in Phoenix and then a short stop in Indianapolis and then into Jaxs. It does fell good to be home. I woke up the morning we left with a cold and now I'm full blown sick. I didn't go to work today and doubt I go tomorrow. I'm not sure what is up with my emotions today, but I'm just a little under the weather and sad. Must be this cold and the hormones.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Mommies girl

4 months PG

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Look at my belly, I'm starting to show now. This is me at 17 weeks. We should find out the sex of the baby on the 28th of Aug.


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My baby girl is really growing up. She just started the 9th grade this year and I'm all freaked out.

Mom at Kennedy Space Center

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She was not hurt, just wanted a chair to push most of the way and to sit when she got tired. My mom is getting old and she has bad knees. I picked on her most of the time, because she never really used it as a real chair. There was no way I was pushing her. Rich was ina chair in the bahamas and it was hard pushing him. But being PG, I was not going to stress my self out.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Chief Santos

O my god, from all the way some place in the middle of the atlatic ocean, MY hubby just emailed me that good new. HE just made Chief!!!!!! He said he has the biggest smile in the universe on his face right now. I think my cheeks hurt from grinning so much.

Friday, August 03, 2007

My trip to the Big Apple

Time Square

I flew out to NY last Friday to see my baby boy. It was such a wonderful weekend. Well the first day I had a little trouble with my cell phone and so the only communication was with a pay phone and text messaging was the only thing working on my phone. I made it to Staten Island safely and it was fun riding on the Staten Island Ferry. On Saturday Morning I got up around 3am and was just so excited for Rich to get to the lodge. He finally got there after noon. I was so good to see him, since we hadn't seen each other since July3rd. We decided to head into Manhattan and go to ground zero and eat some pizza. O my god the pizza in NY is to die for. The best kind from the little side shops not the fancy restaurant or pizza hut types. We were in what they call Tribeca. It’s the lower half portion of Manhattan that is shaped like an upside down triangle. After ground zero we walled to Wall Street and then from there we headed north on Broadway and headed to Soho for some shopping. Yeah everyone knows Soho is the shopping Mecca of the Manhattan, ehehhe. It was so much fun. We then crossed over to China Town and then to Little Italy to eat dinner. We ate seafood pasta and tilapia. mmmmm. For dessert we ate tiramisu and had coffee, I had decaf. After Little Italy we jumped on the subway and headed a little northwest to Time Square were we found the W or favorite Hotel? Rich was sad that I didn't get a room there, but the room coast just as much as my plane ticket for one night stay. I was trying to be thrifty and not spend a lot of money. ehhee. I promised him that we would stay there the next trip to NY. The W bathroom was a good stop for me and it was so nice and clean. We walked around Time Square until we got tired and then headed down to the train station to catch the 1 to go south to the Staten Island Ferry. The ferry is a free ride to Staten Island and the got a cab to the lodge. The Navy Lodge is nice and all but the beds Suck ass, they are so hard; I was in pain both nights. The next morning it was time to check out and head to Manhattan for lunch. We decided to go to Rockefeller Center and we found Taki Sushi not to far from there and ate some sushi for lunch. After lunch we had dessert in the Rockefeller Center and then jumped on the subway to head over to Brooklyn so I could catch my bus to LaGuardia. I really like the subway system it reminded me of the subways in Japan. It was raining all day and Rich said it was because NY knew I was leaving him. hehehehe. The rain sure helped to cover up my tears I was really crying on the inside because I didn't want to leave him. He said it felt weird because it's usually him that leaves but this time I was leaving. I love that man, I tell you he makes life so worth living and I just wouldn't know what I would be doing without him. I was really missing my baby girl at home, she stayed with the neighbors while I was in NY, and they are so awesome. Her friend’s mom is like a second mom to her and the girls are really close. I flew from LGA to Charlotte NC in this small ass plane that had 2 seats on one side of the plane and then one seat on the opposite side. I was so scared but believe it or not it was the smoothes ride I have ever took in a plane. We were about 3 hours late leaving because of the rain and most of that time we were in the plane sitting on the runway just watching over 50 or so planes take off. We finally got to NC and then the connecting flight was also delayed 2 1/2 hours and so I was just so pissed by this time and so sick of airport chairs. I watched an employee at the airport get arrested for taking money from the register. How stupid, he did it with an eye in sky watching him right next to his station. Dumb butt. How embarrassing is it to get arrested at work. We left NC around midnight and flew into Jacks after 1am. I finally got home at 2am and into bed by 2:30. I was not getting up for work in 3 hours, so I had to go in late at 9am instead of 7am. I told my boss what had happen, they love me much, and so I should be okay. I love NY and could so see us living there. We will only be a 6-hour drive away from Norfolk so we plan to visit often.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Car problems

Fake wood
I wanted to blogg about this the other day but since I'm like never home, I just have to do it all in one day. On Monday after my Dr. appointment, Mianna and I decided to go to the commissary to get food. We got about 175 bucks of food, got it all loaded in the car and then went to start the car and it wouldn't start. I had to call for roadside assistance and it took 45 min. In the meantime we had to take all the cold stuff like ice cream, milk and meat, back into the store for them to hold it for us. Pop a Lock finally came and jump-started my car. We drove home just fine. I got up the next morning on Tuesday and went to work. I left work around noon since I had a dentist apt for Mianna and I had to go gas the car first. After I got gas in it didn't want to start, but then I tried again and I got it started. I went home to pick up Mianna and lets just say I had to leave my car on at the dentist office. While they gave Mianna her cleaning I ran around the corner to a car shop and had the battery tested, sure enough it was really low. They didn't have my size battery but I was able to find it at Wal-Mart. I had to leave Mianna in the running car, so that no one would steal it while I ran in to buy a battery. We made it home safe, let the car cool down and then Mianna helped me and we changed the battery out. After all of that I had to get dressed and ready for my second job and made it up there on time. I had no radio the entire drive and the next few days, till I figured out how to input the code for my anti thief radio. Now I have make sure my emissions sets it self back to normal after a few days of driving. It's crazy how car are so computerized now. I was happy that I didn't have to reset the hands fee system for my cell phone. I did have to reset the clock and that was all. The car is driving like a champ now and it's hard to believe I have so many miles on it and it's only 2 years old. I have to keep an eye on my alternator I’m sure it will go next. I do love my car, but not sure if it will be enough room with a teenager, and a baby car seat in the back. I might trade it in for a bigger vehicle.

Rich on his first trip

On Wed. Richie's ship pulled out to sea, it's just a short det for them to go load equipment in New Jersey and then they take a few days to go to Main, for the Lobster festival and then I guess back to VA. I'm waiting for his call since he said they should pull in some time this afternoon. Mianna is asleep on the couch; you would think she is the PG, with all the sleeping she does. I swear, when Rich was home for a few days, he was just the same way. Everyone around me gets sleepy and all the symptoms, Not me, I'm just find. I fell pretty well. I do have cramps from time to time and last night was pretty bad. I get it low in my pelvic area and it hurts enough to bring my eyes to water. No morning sickness, only slight nausea in the evening, but it goes away as soon as I eat some thing. I have had a slight problem brushing my teeth in the morning but I think it's more mental and I just have to focus when I brush my teeth. Ehhehe. I don't know, what ever. I need to call the hospital to make my next apt. And that will be about 3-5 weeks from now. I'm supposed to make a dentist apt too. Anyways, all is well here and we are just chilling at home. I gave my two weeks notice at my second job and so that will all be over by the end of the month. Next month is my B-day and I look forward to my Mom and cousin coming out to visit from Cali.

Monday, July 16, 2007

baby11wks 4day

baby11wks 4day
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Today I had my first visit with my Dr, and got to see the baby. It was such an awsome feeling to see the little guy bouncing around and kincking and stretching and we even got to see the heart beating really fast. We didn't get to hear the heart beating like we wanted to, but it's okay. We did see toes, fingers, legs, tummy area and a Big Big head, oya a little nose. so cute.

New front yard

On Saturday Richard and I decided to hit he fron yard hard and clean it up. We worked for 6 long hours and pulled over 300 lb of weeds. I got happy with my new electric trimmer and was playing Edward scissor hands with the shrubs and trimmed the hell out of the bushed and also a tree in the front yard. After clearing out all the junk we got new mulch and filled in a few spots with some sod. Rich also power wahed the sidewalk and the sides of the house.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Happy Surprise

I woke up around 2am when I heard my bedroom door open, I could only see a tall figure walking in, I was like half asleep and I thought to my self, Mianna sure looks tall. It was Richard, He surprised us and drove down from Norfolk yesterday. We just finished having breakfast about an hour ago. It so nice to have him home even if its only for a day or 2. The house feels so complete now that he is here. I really missed my baby. I'll have to break out the camer and take some pictures.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

4th of July

This year we didn't drive out to down town to watch the fireworks, but instead we went to the pier in Green Cove and got to see over 20 different fireworks shows from a distance. There were a few that were close to us and also some houses in the area were letting off some big fireworks. We stocked up on fireworks the day before and also had some from last year, so we lit a bunch in the driveway and had so much fun. There was this one call M88 salute and when we lit it, there was a small sparkle and it seemed to do nothing, but as we turned our backs to walk back in the house it let off the loudest pop noise, that sounded like a gun shot, we screamed so loud and ran toward the house. We were busting up so hard and just could stop. We had about 5 of the m88's but didn't want to light anymore. We had a purple rain fountain and lots of alien looking firework, jitterbug or jumping bugs and all sorts of fireworks. It's pretty cool out here, because it's not against the law like in some parts of the world, so we had so much fun playing with fireworks.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Little Marcus

My sister-in-law gave birth to lil Marcus Jr. on fathers day. I love his light colored eyes and chubby cheeks.

Friday, June 22, 2007


My last morning in Pensacola was very nice and relaxing. I wanted to get up early to watch the sunrise and so we did just that. We took long walks on the beach and found some nice seashells and even saw stingrays in the water.

What I'm feeling right now

Pregnancy week nine. What's going on with your body? Those hormones are in full force, not to mention some dull cramping. Read on for more information about your ninth week of pregnancy.

Your Body

Pregnancy does odd things to your skin. It's all those hormones! Some women break out as though each little pore were Mount Vesuvius. "Kablooey! Thar she blows!" For other, more fortunate women, bumpy complexions smooth to the softness of a rose. (Don't gloat... pregnancy has its share of inconveniences for everyone.) As your pregnancy progresses, your complexion may even out, though some women need to wait until after the baby is born before having nice skin again.

Later in pregnancy, some women develop a "mask" of dark pigment around their eyes, on their noses, and cheeks. This is called the chloasma and will slowly fade once you are a mom. If you develop this "mask of pregnancy":

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Mcguires Irish Pub

Mcguires Irish Pub
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Monday, June 11, 2007

Good News

My PG test result
Okay, not everyone knows yet, but for the most part my important peeps know, but I do still have few more calls to make. I'm so overwhelm with all the emotion of O MY GOD we are having a BABY< YUP i'm P.G. folks. AWWWW! wow. So if you reading your screan now and your my good friends all over the world. Washington, Japan, Hell, I have friends all over and you know who you are. I'm off to work now. YEs people I'm having a baby.