Friday, August 13, 2004

2 hours to go

Well guys, it looks like we have about 2 more hours till we start to feel the effects of Charley, but it will really start to pick up around 11 and get more intense as the hours move on. Right now it's calm outside our apartment and hardly sprinkling. I took a few pictures to show you the sky. We have made plans to get into the walk-in closet in my bedroom. We have our radio, flashlights and ate already. We do have enough water for a week. That eerie feeling is still lingering in the air and it reminds me of when I was little on Guam and we were having typhoons. I have been through this type of weather too many times to mention. This will be the first for Rich and Mianna. I'm surprise the satellite TV is still working and the power hasn't flickered one bit. I doubt I'll have TV or internet in 2 hours =( We are watching the start of the Olympics on TV.

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