Monday, August 23, 2004

Miss my blogg

Hello guys, it's been like 3 days since I’ve last posted a blogg. I have been so busy, busy, and busy. Lets see where should I start. I finished my training at the job on Friday and I started working my regular schedule on Saturday. I will work 8 hours a day on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. So far I have been working 7 days straight and tonight will be day #8. I will have worked 9 straight days with no break and then finally I get Wednesday and Thursday off and then start my week again. They decided to trough me right into my workweek so that I still had all the training fresh in my head and I’m glad for that, since we do have so much info to get use to. So far I have book and canceled and rearranged reservation for most of our locations. Every call is different and that makes it not so monotonous. I like this job and the people I work with at night. I really love the fact that I can wear what ever I like, even flip flops if I want :o) ehehhehehe. The boss says he just wants us to be comfortable. I doubt that I’ll ever wear flip flops to work, since it's so dang cold in our building I love having my toes all warm in sneakers. I also carry a sweater to work everyday. Jonathan is always there for a few hours after I arrive and then I have Melinda who stays later than me and 2 other worker, which I still have yet to remember their names. Mianna and Rich missed me this weekend so bad, but they will have to get use to it. I should be off of weekends in a few months, so that will be nice.

I'm going to get dressed and run to the YMCA to take my first class of yoga. I'll let you all know how much fun it was. I'm so excited to check out our new Y, since it's 37000 s.f. CRAZY huge ha??????

I'm trying to balance work, house work, exercise, and just being MOM. O man O man O man. I've done this before and never had a problem, it just take that first month to get into set schedule and have the timing workout just right. Tonight Rich will pick Mianna up from Prymtime at school and he will have to do that 3 times a week.

Hayleigh is in North Carolina visiting with her family. She left on Saturday and went to Atlanta to meet up with her brother and then proceed with him and his kids to North Carolina. I hope she is having fun. I think she might return home today. She left her car here, so she is hitching a ride with her Aunt. I hope she took lots of Pictures and maybe I'll share some with you all.

O no!!!!!!!!!!!! was that me starting to sound all souther and country????? O goodness.

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