Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Making up for lost time

I can't keep up with my blogg, but It had been so long I couldn't remember my info to get on and blogg. I was so behind with time, that I just watched the last episode of the season for Lost today. Yeah I know it's been off for some time now, but I was the one with no time to watch it. As soon as the baby went to sleep I watched it and he woke up when I had about 30 minutes left and we watched it together. It was nice to fast forward the commercials. I was just Lost, as always and can't wait till next season. Talon has been very fussy today and it makes me think he might be teething.My excitement for dad to come home makes me just want time to fly by. I was planning on going to the west next week, but looks like money wise I need to save it all for when dad gets home and so we can have some fun when he gets home.I will need to take this boy to his crib and hope he sleeps as good as he has the past few nights.