Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Happy Birthday Ingrid

Thanks for always being a true friend and for being there for the birth of our baby girl almost 14 years ago. Even though we are so far apart, just remember that my thoughts and prayer are always with you and your family. I know you'll have a good day and I can see the SMILE you will be wearing all day long. LuV you like a sista.

Going to Disney World again

I'm so excited to leave Jaxs and go down to Orlando. We will have some fun at all the parks. I'm not sure if I'll ride many rides, but I will have fun. I haven't had any episodes of vertigo in almost 3 weeks and everyone has been so concerned with how I'm doing. I'm happy to report that I've been doing good for 3 weeks and next week I will go to the national hearing and balance institute downtown to have more test run and also I have all my MRI's and CT to take with me for them to read. I feel good and have been wearing all my new shoes that I couldn't wear when I was dizzy. ehehe. I had on my pink Charles David heels today and it's was so nice to have my feet free and I'm feeling the spring/summer time is going to be a fun filled time for us. Those of you who know me real well know that I'm a tuff cooking and I only make friends with real people and it's hard for me to get close to others. But I have been sad with no real friends to hang out with and have fun with. I'm so sick of people being fake and judjing me for what I look like on the outside. I just wish people would give me a chance and get to know me before they start to judge me. I always get the same shit when it comes to woman friends. It's suck to be a woman who is so insecure with her own inner being that she can't stand on her own thoughts and need other to validate her or a man to controle her. Sucks. I'm just so happy to be who I am and not a fake person. I some times think I have no friends because I am a bit hard core and I tell it like it is. Life is just to short to sweat the little things. I off to shop for a bathing suite online and maybe I'll find the one piece I seen in my in style magazine by Juicy Couture.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Stupid Girl

I have always loved Pinks music and this new song is too cool. I just pre ordered her CD, I'm such a big fan. I love it! This song Stupid Girls is so true. I never want to be a stupid girl!!!!!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Pampered Chef Party

I went to Jessica's pampered chef party last night and It was fun. I spent way too much, but you all know I love my papered cheft products. I got most of the new stuff and I have a party booked for May 19th, so let me know if you want to orders anything and I'll get the credit for my party. I'll accept orders now if you all would like to Order here Just include my name, I hope she has my name spelled right this time. May is support the American Cancer Society month and so they will have some product that are special purchase price and color. I will buy the pink bar board and knife for 8.50. I could list all the products I own and tell you that they are the best. I have my favorites and I use them everyday in the kitchen. I love the food chopper for one but now I have the Smooth-Edge Can Opener and that thing is awesome. If you don't cook very much then you probably would love to buy for the ones in your life that do cook. I also like the crinkle cutter. Must I go on and on. hehehehe. Just email if you want to place and order online or let me know if you have any questions.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Gucci glasses

I have a pair of glasses that I just bough at Target by Mossimo and they look exactly like the Gucci glasses I just found on Bluefly. I only payed 15 bucks where as the Gucci glasses are 168.00 wow. I always buy cheap glasses because I end up scratching them or dropping them and they get all messed up. I'll stick to Target glasses. I do have one pair of real Gucci glasses and I've had them for years, but they are a little messed up. Mianna is home, we are off to the stores.

Happy Happy Happy

Guess what guys? I found my makeup. YUP, I'm so silly, I must have came home from work so sleepy and I put it under my side of the sink and it was filled with a little bit of water. We might have a little leak from when Rich took the sink apart because I had dropped my pearl earring down the drain. Rich gave me the cutest dangle pearl earrings for valentines day and I just love them. I was rushing to work one morning and dropped one down the drain. Thank goodness he rescued the earring for me. So now I guess I have no reason to go shopping for makeup today. LOL I'll just do some regular shopping, that always makes me happy. Mianna will be home from school in a alittle bit and I'm sure she wants to go shopping. I need a haircut and we will try to go do that when she gets home.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Lost Makeup

I'm so sad today and have been all day. I lost my makeup bag with all my favorite makeup and even my new stuff that I just got last week. I know it's all replaceable, but it's just that it's expensive stuff and I had just got it and now I've lost it all. I had my new favorite mascara by Fresh. I had some pretty expensive brushes too and I think it all comes to a lost of about 300 bucks. I know, it's only makeup but I had My new blush by Bare Escentuals along with a new eye shadow called naked beach and the mineral Vail that stuff is awesome. I had my Estee Lauder polish in purple and a few lipstick by Lancome and Estee. I had some good Mac brushes that were about 30 buck a piece and a few cheap sponges and some lip liners. I'm mostly sad about the new stuff I had just spent 80 bucks on. The price we pay for beauty and it's not cheap. I will just try and have some fun shopping for my replacements and maybe even take my butt to Mac and get a fun make over and buy some new stuff. I remember the days when Rich use to take me to the department stores to get made up and buy makeup. The last time we did it was way back in Vegas and he fell in love with the look and got me started on wearing false eyelashes. I want to get a facial done tomorrow and maybe after that I'll go buy my makeup.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Rich and I will take Mianna to Savannah with us on our next trip up and we plan to do more sight seeing and take a few of the ghost tours. There are so many old building in Savannah and even a haunted cemetery and countless numbers of old buildings filled with so much old energy and history. I really fell in love with what little I was able to see on our quick trip to the city. Rich has also read this book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and the statue on the cover of the book is on display in a museum in Savannah because people were so attracted to it after the book that they started to chip away at her for a piece of a memento and they had to remove it to keep it preserved. We didn't get to visit the statue but we plan to on the next trip and I will strive to read the book before we return.

Popsicle sex

I got this in email. too funny

Popsicle sex

The only way to pull off a Sunday afternoon quickie with their 8 year old son in
the apartment was to send him out on the balcony with a Popsicle and tell him to
report on all the neighborhood activities.

He began his commentary as his parents put their plan into operation:

"There's a car being towed from the parking lot! ", he shouted.

A few moments passed .. "An ambulance just drove by"

A few moments later, "Looks like the Anderson's have company", he called out.

"Matt's riding a new bike....."

A few moments later, 'Looks like the Sanders are moving"

"Jason is on his skate board...."

A few more moments, "The Coopers are having sex!!"

Startled, Mother and Dad shot up in bed!!!

Dad cautiously asked, "How do you know they are having sex?"

"Jimmy Cooper is standing on his balcony with a Popsicle."

My new toy

I'm so excited like a little kid on Xmas day, ehhehe. I got a new phone today. I was so out of the loop with my old school cell phone that had no camera, no video, no TV , all that good stuff on the new phones now a days are so awesome. I love Samsung phones and so I got this one.. I sat in the car for all of 2 minutes to program my blue tooth and so I'm hands free baby. It's so coooooool. I'm love it. Now I'm going to add some music to my phone and I can jam out when ever I like. LOL. Check out my new phone on the link above

Monday, March 20, 2006

My surprise trip

Me sitting on the Heavenly Bed
Rich had been telling me all week that he had a surprise for me on Friday and to make no plans. I was like okay and really though nothing of it but then Friday came and he says, pack some outfits, we will be gone for one day and we are spending the night and not coming back until Sat. I was starting to get so excited and he helped me to pack a few cute things and some good walking shoes since he said we would do lots of walking. When we got in the car I had a feeling we were going to go north and I was right. As we left the FL border and headed into Georgia I stated to guess that maybe we were heading to Savannah. I was right. Rich surprised me and took me to Savannah Georgia to enjoy the festive celebration of St. Patricks day. It was a fun day with lots of walking along the River walk and we drank some beer and I also had the famous Wet Willie frozen drink. mmmm it was soooooo good. We stayed at the Westin Savannah Harbor Golf resort. And spa Our room was so BEAUTIFUL with all the luxury you would want in a hotel room. We had a double message shower head in our bathroom and feather down pillows and comforter on our queen size heavenly bed. We had 2 beds in the room with a little sitting area by the window with the view of the river. O , I was in heaven with the few and took a few shots. It was nice to watch the sunset from up in our bedroom window. We were on the 12th floor and so it was really nice being so high up. We took a ferry to the other side of the river where the celebration was going on with about 500,000 people walking up and down the river just having fun and drinking and laughing and eating.When we first arrived we watched some of the St. Patricks Day perade. We stood in line and got a giant turkey leg to eat for dinner and drank lots of beer. I wanted to go out clubbing but got so sleepy after about 5 beers and one Wet Willie. Rich was also sleepy and so we just called it a night and took the ferry back to our hotel room. I wanted to get a message in the hotel spa, but we didn't really plan on doing it and so we will have to do it next time. Rich just called me from work and said that he has booked out hotel stay for NEXT year already. ehhehe. He wants to go back to bad that he called to book the room. I will have to make sure I surprise him and book the most luxurious message for one entire day and surprise him. HEY don't read this blogg RICH, eheh, no he will probably read this, but for realz I'll book us a romantic message. I love my hubby, when he surprises me with such a fun trip. Thank Richie boy. I love YOU. You really feel right at home in a Westin Hotel.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Frog and Hamsters on the loose plus lost pearl

Duke eating peanut butter
I'm glad to report that the family is doing much better now. I'm on my way to getting better everyday and have the week off from physical therapy and still have my test coming up in a few days. My mom is home from the hospital and on her way to recovery. I haven't spoke to her yet, but she is a little out of it and just stays in her room at the house. My grandma and aunt are taking good care of her and so she will be just fine. Richie's dad had a little bit of a scare and had to go to the ER and spend one night in the hospital. They told him he needs to relax and have less stress. He was worrying about me and probably some other things and that was causing stress on him. I told him not to worry about me and that I'm getting much better. I had a fun weekend with Richie and Mianna. We hung out the mall and the St. Johns town center and I took Mianna shopping at her favorite store Limited Too. I also got a new shirt at BEBE, it's just to die for. I have it in white, but they only show it in two colors online. Rich was saying that I should work at the store so I could get the awesome employee discount and they were actually taking application and so he got me one.... hehehehe. I have so much to do around the house and have been feeling a little stress myself. I came home today, to find a frog in my bathroom. I was going into the toilet area of our bathroom and its an inclosed room with a door and all of a sudden I seen a frog jump from behind the door. I wanted to take a picture of it but Mianna caugh it for me in the empty trash pail and put him back outside, before I could take a pictures. Too funny. I love it when the frogs come out in FL. So besides loose frogs we have Loose hamsters too. YUP our bear hamsters have escaped from there cage and are some place lost in the house. We have no idea where to look for them. I will put some peanut butter out on a couple of spoons and maybe that will bring them out. I'm too sleepy to try and look for the hamsters now, and Mianna is off to bed, so maybe Rich can find them when he gets home. Oya, I forgot I dropped my Valentines gift (pearl earing) down the drain this morning and Rich had to rescue it for me. ehhee Thing need rescuing in this house. Mianna just found one hamster in her bathroom, phew! One down and one to go. I'm about to go now.ehhehe. I will have to take a picture of my new pearl earing to show them off, Rich had such good taste when it comes to pearls or just to jewelry in general, and he picked such an awsome pair of earing for me.

O no, Duke is eating the peanut butter and he looks so funny!!! I need to geet this on video

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Therapy today

I went to physical therapy today and learned some new things to help get me back to normal. I'm so fustrated lately and my job seems to not be as understanding as I thought.
Anyways, I might have to look for a new job. I just can't deal with the fustration of my call center, but I think it's because I'm so worked up with the vertigo, that my patient with ANYONE at all is very little on non existent. I doubt people I work with truly understand what I'm going through. I just wish I could go back to normal. I had an episode today that was stonger than the normal, but still not as bad as the first few weeks I started to have my vertigo. I can walk now and do all normal things, but it just takes me more time to do some things. I'm driving on my own and that makes me happy. I hate feeling this way and I'm just getting so fed up. UGH. Yeah, this is a blogg to vent. It doesn't help that I'm having PMS too, but I just need a bath and some chocolate. Calgone take me away!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

LA Rok

LA Rok
I love this top.
YA YA is making a fan out of me
This one too.
My pants but I have it in green

$18.99 a lb

Mianna spotted some crab claws and wanted it for dinner. I got her 1/2 lb for a little appetizer and she is in heaven. This girl loves almost all seafood know to man. She also loves raw oysters and just informed me that she need to practice shucking oysters for the shucking contest in her science class. We just ate oysters over the weekend and Rich is getting good at shucking. I have my favorite pinwheel salmon in the oven now with this stuffed talapia that I'm trying for the first time. Rich is at work now, but I will save him some for a late night snack. I love eating seafood since it's so light and almost no fat at all. I can see why Japanese people stay so healthy and skinny.

Dana Reeve, widow of Christopher Reeve, dies

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Our old man


My teenager


2nd day at work

I made it through the day with my vertigo kicking in at the 3rd hour. It was not too bad and so I was able to stick around for the last hour. I'm not sure if I'll be going in tomorrow since I might have my septoplasty done tomorrow morning. I also have physical therapy after my ENT appointment, but that might fall through if I do have the septoplasty and depending on how bad I might feel or if I can operate with all this gauze and junk on my nose, but I might have some anesthesia and I'm not sure what type. They say the surgery only last 20 minutes, so maybe it's not so bad. Hell I have no idea. I just hate the idea of the DR ticking tools up my nose. My nose is a sacred body part, LOL. O man, I'll be sure and update you all on the process. Right now I'm having some seriouse pain in my right cheek and right eye, I know it's due to sinus pressure and causing my sinus headache. HELP, I'm getting old and falling abart.LOL