Sunday, April 22, 2007

Leaving Chicago

I'm at the airport now,working on uploading my pictures on flickr. I had such a fun trip. the first day I was able to pick up my rental and make it to the hotel safe and without getting lost. This is a pretty big city and the traffic was as I suspected it to be. I rented a full size Dodge Charger and it was a little bit challenging for me to drive such a big car, but I managed to turn it in without a scratch. The graduation went well and it was real emotional feeling, but I actually heald strong and didn't cry one bit. It's so hard to believe that my cousin is now a sailor. She will be leaving to Iraq this year and will be there for 1 1/2 years.
I have to board my plane in about 22 minutes, so not much more time is left to blogg. I will finish my stories tonight. I have to finish uploading my pictues to flickr.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

On my way to Chicago

I'm at the airport in jacks and still here after 4 hours because I was a goof and missed my flight this morning. The flight I was suppose to be on left at 7:05 and I got to the airport and checked my baggs in at 6:40, because I looked at the wrong time and thought my flight was leaving at 8:40. I'm such a goof. Rich to me to Denny's to kill about an hour, but then he had to get back to base, so I had to sit here and let time pass by reading a book and not i'm online with the fee wireless internet sevice here at the airport. I will probably arrive into O'Hare about 1:40 or so. I suspect that they called my name over the louse speaker when I was late for my flight, just like they are annoucing the guest that are missing there flight for ft. lauderdale. ehehhe. I'm usually always on time for flight and this was just plane funny. I'm on my my to Great Lakes, IL to see my cousin graduate from bootcamp. I know its going to be a emotional time for me, I havn't seen Bean in over 8 months and our last meeting was a short time at the airport in Phonix when I was on my way back to Jacks from a short trip to LA to celebrate a Bday with my buddy in Hollywood. I think the timing will work out find ,since I can't check into my hotel till after 3 and I will have time to get my rental and maybe just tour some of chicago for bit before I head north to Great Lakes. Security here at jacks is pretty tight like I'm sure it is all over the country. I had to get my makup out and remove all the liquids to a plastic bag for reasy display for the security and I had to give over one item that was too big, more that 4fl oz and it was my hair shine I was not too attached to it, but now I have no hair products at all. I'll have to get to the NEX and buy some thing to keep my curls under some type of controle. I'm not real good at plane rides, since it makes me a little nervouse and I might just have a glass of wine to chill me out. I wish we could blogg on the plane or surf the web, but that will not be possible. :0( I get seriouse withdrawals. O no, my flight is boarding now. have to go. O my god the lady is screaming on the intercome, ouch that hurt my ears.