Monday, October 31, 2005

Duke the Dracula dog

Dracula Duke
Duke was the only one who dressed up for Halloween and he looked so cute.

Disney World

We are back from Orlando and had a great time there. We started our vacation on Thursday and just got home yesterday at 9pm. The first night we drove down 142 miles, took us exactly 2 hours and found our hotel. We stayed at a really cheap hotel called Howard Johnson and the hotel was nothing fancy, but it did have a HUGE jacuzzi and a heated pool.We sat in the jacuzzi to soak our soar feet on the first day and also swam in the pool. We spent the first day at Disney's Animal Kingdom.We went on Kilimanjaro Safaris, Dinosaur,Primeval Whirl and watched it's Tough to be a Bug in 3D. We let Mianna choose the parks for each day and on the second day we visited MGM and Epcot. on the last day we did a little bit more at Epcot and road the Monerail to The Magic Kingdom and then back to Epcot to get on few more rides and eat dinner and then we headed home around 7 and was home in time to watch Desperate housewives even though it was a rerun :o( My favorite rides were Soarin over California and Test Track at Epcot. Misson Space was also fun but it made me and Mianna a little queasy. The entire stay was so much fun but by the second day my feet were killing me and Mianna was the only one ready to go home by the 3rd day, she just wanted to leave. We will go back next month for her B-day most likely. We spent Richies special day at Epcot and the Magic Kingdom, he had a good Birthday. Our vaction is still on, but no more Key West since the storm changed our plans.

Monday, October 24, 2005

lot of money , little dress

Pink dress

I have a dress similar to this in black

looking for a dress

I like this dress
and all the dresses below it on the right hand side. I'm on a hunt for my x-mas party dress.

Sunday, October 23, 2005


We are a day behind or a 1/2 day, so I just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday Aoife. We miss you.Have a good day and send us some picture.

Weekend with Maddison

We had little Maddison all weekend. She loves the carmer and so I took a few pictures of her as she walked towards me. She is so much fun to have. She gives us the little fix we need, when we have a want for a baby. I love little Maddison. I had her sleep with me on my chest the first night and Mianna had her the next night.

Garage Opener

We finally got our garage opener installed yesterday. Rich and his friend Craig put the garage door opener up and I'm so happy. Now I just have to program the TL to open the garage door from the buttons that I have on the inside of my car. The opener came with 2 buttons for the car, and they are in a neat wood grain, that actually match the interior of the TL. Now Rich has to figure out how to install the keyless entry.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Hanging Ledges

cranberry wall with ledges
I finally put up the modern black ledges on the cranberry wall. I also hung the iron hook by the fron entry for hats and jackets. My friend Sheila helped me hang the green shelves in our formal dining room. I not done yet but I took a break from all that hanging. I still have 8 more shelves and ledges to go.


I picked of some display ledges at our new Kohls store here in Flemming Island and I'm tyring to put them up now. Take a look at what the ledges look like. I'll post some real pics when I'm done.I'm decorating the cranberry wall with black metropolitan ledges but I have no pictures frames yet.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Hurricane Wilma

I was just watching the weather and Hurricane Wilma is the stronges ever recorded hurricane on the coast and it has slowed down only 1mph below the level that would make it a level 5. I'm just sad that it's going to hit they keys and souther FL, since we are suppose to be going there next week for the big Fantasy Fest. Rich says it not going to stop people from having a party, so i suppose we will still go. I'll keep you all posted on our conditions and weather. Right now it's beautiful and had been cooling down for the past week. I actually had on a turtleneck sweater yesterday.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


We are all in love with this song at the moment. Mianna has the CD and well I'm trying to upload some song to Richies mini so he can go jogging. Right now I filling it with Bob Marley songs and he asked me to take of the Ashlee Simpson I put on when the mini was connected to the computer. ehhehehe. It's too funny. The mini can hold 1000 songs, not bad, but we have more than 1000 songs on our computer. I'll need the regular IPod for me. ehehhe. one day. O the song is on the Gwen Stefani CD and the title is Luxurious. Biggie Small aka Big papa did the same beat back in the day and the original beats come from a super old song. What I'm into is TI. you don't know TI, owell then, you'll just don't know then. TI.... I love his voice. Ummm. U don't know me. The south is rubbing off on me and I do miss the WEST. Okay I better go to bed now, I'm sleepy and this ipod is taking for ever to download 500 songs.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

iTunes TV

Last Sunday we missed Desperate Housewives because we were at the Jaguar game, but thanks to iTunes, I downloaded the episode we missed for 1.99 and just finished watching it. I just love iTunes. Now I really need to get the new iPod.

Friday, October 14, 2005

OOps. I've had a long day

O my goodness. I just wrote a long blogg and it got erased. Couldn’t use the back button to save it, I'm sad and not going to write it all over again, but I'll just say I had a long day and now I'm home alone for the first time ever in the evening and I love how I have control of the TV and the computer and the same time. Rich is having poker night with the boys and Mianna is at a sleep over. Today we went to a retirement ceremony that Rich was apart of and he told me he will have one when he retires in 4 years. I'm excited for the day to come, but scared at the same time. Chang can be good. Leaving the military life after 20 years is hard and will be a big adjustment. Rich is on his way to achieve all his goals he has planned and I'm trying to be his #1 support. He wants to have school done in 4 years and the work for homeland security or some thing along those lines. He will major in Aviation and pick a minor is some thing else. ?? Not sure what yet. I need to catch up and get my butt butt back in school I do have lots of credits and I'm sure I can have AA soon, but right now I have no desire to go back to school. I have to get back in the swing of things. The retirement party today just made me think about how fast the next 4 years will go by and what in the world will I want to do with my self. O life. LOL I can only think about our vacation we will take in 3 weeks. Key West here we come. South beach, Miami, O man I'm so excited. We might even still go on a cruise trip. Okay, I need to get off this thing and finish watching the first season of DHW.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Family room
Monday was Columbus day and Rich had it off and surprised me by painting part of our family room with the peanut butter color we picked. The room looks a lot smaller and warmer. The color mimics a lot of the woodgrain in the floor. I love the overall look and soon will be adding more touches to bring the space to life. Decorating is so expensive, I have to take my time. Our couches are hidden in the space now, but it's got that overall monochromatic feel. I will be adding lots of white to the space and maybe some couch covers since we can't buy new couches yet. I had my wicker chairs in there, since we have been entertaining a lot lately and we needed extra seating.

We won

Jaguar game 10/05
 Rich at the Jaguar game
Me with my football cup
The Jaguar game was so much fun!!!!! It was even more fun because we won. I'm sure we will doing it again someday. We had the hook up with Richies friend at one the booths and I dark a budwisesr in a little football cup. The stadium is so nice and the Bud Zone is a really cool spot to hang out. I only took a few pictures and I'll post the best ones flickr. The half time show was real simple with some nice fireworks.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Jaguars host the Bengals

There were only 6 tickets left when we bought ours. the guy in fron of Rich bough 3 and we got 2. We are going to our first Jaguars game tonight and I'm excited. I'm sitting in the bath room as I type this just thiking about what I'm going to wear and if I have anything with Jaguar colors. I'll try to take lots of pictures and post them tomorrow. The game starts at 8:30 and will probaby not be home until 2am. Rich is lucky he is off tomorrow, but I work at 10. Wish us luck! It would be nice to see the Jaguars win a home game that is SOLD OUT.

Saturday, October 08, 2005


I saved 135 bucks at BEBE today. They had things on 65% off the already marked down prices. SWeeT!!!! Mianna has a growing tast for the clothes in the sport section of the store and fell in love with this sweater. I got this and this and this. We aslo ate at P.F. Changs and for dessert we had this awsome cheese cake called KAHLUA COCOA COFFEE CHEESECAKE.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Amish Cinnamon Bread

Mianna with the bread
For the past month we have been making this Amish Cinnamon Bread and it's just awsome. When you make it you have to divi or divvy out the batter into 4 ziplock bags and you pass that on to other people and that is when the 10 day process starts. Yup it takes 10 days to make this bread but it is soooooo goood. We just made some yesterday and then made more again today. It all started with my coworker who brought the bread and batter into work. MMMMM good.


Mianna did this freehand
My baby girl drew this freehand. I think she gets her skills from her daddy. I love you Mianna

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Poker night

poker night 05
Last weekend the boys played poker. This weekend we will have a new crew for poker night. I'll be sure and take some pics. This pictures was not taken by me.

Much needed update

Our painted kitchen
Sorry for taking forever and a million to update my bogg. LOL. I wanted to post the new picture of the kitchen and the orange frottage treatment we did to the walls. Our kitchen is really small but it took us 9 hours to paint it. We still have some touchup to make and then we will start painting the family room and nook area. We picked a color by Behr called peanut butter and a dark brown color for the fireplace wall. We plan on buying new couches one day and I have my eye on a white sofa. The family room will be a little modern with simple decorations and abstract area rug.

Not much to talk about except I have been working like crazy but in about 21 days we will be taking a vacation and not sure if we will go on a cruise or just go down to Key West and have some fun during Fantasy Fest. I'm so ready for this vacation. I will be off for about 11 days. I think I'll check out some last minute cruises to book for our vacation. We will be celebration Ritchie’s B-day and our special day that we consider and anniversary of sorts, and it has been 14 long ass years now. Dam... Rich is at night school getting his edumacation and I'm in charge of dinner tonight and so far we are having smoothies LOL. I need to get up off of my but but and go to the store for some food to cook for dinner. I might just chicken out and buy some fast food LOL. I'm so lazy right now, but I did sweep the entire floor when I got home and I’m still in my work clothes. I also cleaned up the kitchen some and maybe I'll take some more picture and close-ups of the wall in the kitchen.