Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I'm home from work and off from the second job. I work for the the federal gov. At my first job and today was such and eye opening funny day. SOME one at work was dump I mean dumb enough to view porn on a government computer and it put some spyware on our system and messed up the system pretty bad and actually put and icon on one of our PC. hehhe. I thought the entire thing was stupid with a capital S! You all know I'm a perv, but never would watch porn on a gove PC or any PC at that. ehhehe. Love it........ It's the drama of the day. I'm at home now relaxing with my baby girl and watching my sweet 16 on MTV. Lord, I'll have to have a huge party for her 16th Bday.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Old and New

Erin in her room
Erins Moves
Aug. 2003


Sorry, I have been working like a mad woman ever since I got back from LA and today is such a rare moment for me, I only had to work at my regular job and so I'm home uploading my pictures from LA. I didn't take very many, but I'll post a few on flickr. So after we left the airport and headed back to Erins house to pick up her boyfriend Westin and then we went to eat at this cute Mexican returned. We had plans for the evening and headed back to the house to get ready for our night out. I wasn't sure where we were heading but after we got downtown Hollywood I recongnised the club was one that I had been too many years ago with Myke and Mary and now it was a not a rave but just a regular club. As we walked across the street to the club, we were crossing the street with Lloyd from Entourage. If you have no idea that is, it's one of my favorite shoes on HBO and Lloyd plays the secretary to Arie. Erin had recongnised him and asked if we could take a picture and so we stopped at that corner of the street while Westin took a picture of us. Lloyd was heading to the same club. We had so much fun , we watched DJ AM, that's the guy that use to date Nicole Richie off and on and he performed while the Parker dude, with all the tattoos played the drums and Too short rapped. It was such an awesome perforce and we stayed to watch the entire thing. After that we left to another club down the street and danced to 80 and 90's music, also some 60 and 70's. I was surprise I had so much energy since it was late, but really late for me since I was on east coast time and just couldn't believe how long my day was feeling. By the time we got home it was close to 3am and felt more like 6am for me and so I really didn't get to sleep at all. I was so jet lag, that I just lain in bed and stayed awake. The next day we had lots of running around to do and get things ready for the party the next day. We ate at this really good Cuban place and that was my first time to have Cuban sandwich and I really liked it. Later that day we just cleaned up at Erins parents house and got stuff ready or the party. I can't remember what else we did, but I think we ate out at another restaurant for dinner and it this was like an Irish place. After all that we just went home to rest up for the big day. We got up early Sat. Morning and we shopping at this ware house down town LA not far from China town and it was all vintage dresses. While we were shopping Erin pointed out to me that Michelle Williams from Brokeback Mountain was also in there shopping among us. She looks really tiny in person and her face is flawless. I can't believe she had a baby. I was really excited shopping in this huge warehouse with a famous star and everyone was getting undress right in front of one another since they had no dressing rooms. We had blast and Erin found a vintage 50's style bathing suit to wear for her pool party. I found a few dresses that were really brightly colored and cute. After all that the party was a success and I think everyone had a fun time. The taco guy she hired to cater was a THE BEST tacos and almost as good as my tacos ehehhe. I didn't want to get up the next mornig but I did and caught my flight to Arizona and had a 2 hours delay and was able to see Ron and Davina. I was so happy to see then since we haven't see one another in over 2 years. This was a rush story of what I did in LA, but I did mention all the fun parts.
seeing Lloyd while in LAMe , Ron and Bean

Monday, August 07, 2006

Seeing Stars

I'm back from my short trip to Hollywood, but I've done and seen more than could possibly imagine in such a short time. My birthday was on Wednesday and Rich and Mianna got me new coach bag, that I just love. I know I'm such a coach bag lady. We celebrated my birthday by shopping by day with Mianna at the outlet malls and then we all ate dinner at my favorite stop, Outback Crab Shack. When we had got home from dinner, Erin called to tell me she was going to get my butt butt on plane pronto and fly me out to LA., So she had a private Jet by the name of Southwest. ehhehe. I love you Erin. She is the bessssteesss buddy ever. I flew to LA in a mater of 12 hours of talking to her and was on my way to LAX. From the time I stepped off the plane, I was trying to keep my eyes peeled for stars, but then as I sat on a bench to wait for Erin, guess who walked in front of me and stood for a second. That dark curly haired, dark skinned guy from Lost. It gets Better and I have more stories, but I'm too sleepy to type it all so this will be continued ..................

Thursday, August 03, 2006

LA bound

Thanks to my buddy in LA, I'm now at the airport in Nashville and on my way to LA for the weekend. I took 5 days off from work to just relax and have fun. I didn't plan this trip to LA till the very last minute and Erin was a big help in getting me the flight to LA with her flight points she has earned from being a frequent flyer. Thank you Erin! and I love you. I'm in TN for about 50 more minutes and got an itch to get on the net and blogg a little bit. I can now picture all the things that Mianna went through just a few weeks ago, when she was in this same airport. I see a your traveler just like her and she is sitting on the floor by the boarding letter so that she gets a good seat and that is exactly what Mianna told me she did. I'm not sure what Miss Erin had in store for us this weekend,but I do know it will include lot of FUN!!!! I always mange to have too much fun with her and I plan to take plenty of picture to post of Flikr. Well fellow blogger, I'm off to surf the web and get settled in before we boart the flight. Peace! Ill update you all on my Bday in the next blogg. I did have a good day!