Friday, December 28, 2007

Home alone

Yesterday was a bittersweet moment for me. I got up early and as Mianna was getting ready to go with her girlfriend to Valdosta, GA to have fun for 2 days at the Wild Adventures. She left around 12 noon and will not be home till about noon on Saturday. She had to say her goodbye to day since he was also leaving around 6pm. I spent the afternoon just lying in bed talking with him and wondering about all the things to come in the next few weeks. He was talking to my belly and telling baby boy he can't come early and he has to wait till the next time daddy is in town. We had fun figuring out what body part was sticking out my belly and thinking about how big his feel and legs might be. I started to get sad thinking about driving to the airport to drop him off. We went to the base around 3:30 and thought we would gas the car and take Rich to the barber for a haircut, but he changed his mind and we only gassed the car. We headed up to the airport and got there about 1 hour early. The lady at check-in was so nice and she asked me if I wanted to escort Rich to the gate. I said "Yes I would love to!" and she gave me a pass to take him all the way to the gate. The flight was delayed until after 7pm and so we had time to sit and just talk. After he left I headed to St. Johns Town Center to return a shirt that didn't fit Mianna and picked up a few more shirts that she would possibly like. I walked around a few stores and then went to Target. O yah before all that I ate dinner at 5 guys. mmmmm that was good. I finally got home around 10:40 and by this time Rich had already made it back to Norfolk and was eating dinner at Mickey D's. I had to take the trash out since Mianna was not home to do her regular chore. Now it's just the dog and me. I'm not even sure what to do with my self. It’s my day off, but I have been out of work the past 2 days, sick with a bad cold. Rich come home to Jax with a cold and on the day before Xmas he gave it to me. I was able to sleep with my mouth closed last night only because I kept spraying my nose with salt water spray from my Dr and I took some cough medicine that is okay for me to take and had Vicks on my chest and neck. I'm still sick, but feel much better than the past 2 days. I had a few cramps last night and thank god it went away. I'm so nervous that baby boy will come early and Rich will not be home. He pulls out for a short work up on the 14th and will not be back until the 27th. I want to buy him an airline ticket to come home on the 28th and hope that baby comes on the 29th or after. It's so hard to play this guessing game and I'm really starting to get nervous.

Monday, December 24, 2007

almost 35 weeks

I went with Rich to do a little last minute Xmas shopping and started to have labor pains. It's been almost 2 hours and they have started to get closer and closer together and stronger. Not sure if it's just false labor but now we are home and I'm trying to relax and see if it goes away. I can't have the baby today or tomorrow, it's just too soon and I do not want a christmas baby. I really don't want him to have to share his b-day with X-mas that would really suck. Let home the contractions stop and it's just false labor. My thigh muscles hurt, I'm walking a little hunch back with pain shooting in my va J J and all over. Feels like how it did when I was going into labor with Mianna. It looks as if we have a full moon too, so who know what could happen tonight.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Almost 34 weeks

In one day I'll be 34 weeks. Man time is flying. I'm feeling good so far and only have a little water retention in my feet and very little in my hands. I have to use the bathroom more than before, but baby boy is really low and on my bladder. I made my next OB appointment for Jan 7th and I will have an ultrasound to confirm that baby boy is in position and ready for delivery. I hope that they are able to tell how big he is and if I'm right on time with the due dates they have predicted for us. It seems like 6 weeks is not very long and going to fly by fast. I haven't started to fill out my maternity leave papers, but I will do that in Jan and have it all ready to go. I Hope to make it until I"m 38 weeks and then stop working to prepare for the baby. I have a few things I still need to get and the crib is one big thing we have yet to buy. Rich is home for 10 days and It's so nice to have him home, I wish he wouldn't leave. I really miss being a complete family. I'm starting to get nervous and have been waking up at such odd hours in the night and not really sleepy all that much. This morning I got up around 2:30. I usually seem to get up around 4am but this morning I got up real early. I might try to go to bed early, but usually it just makes me get up way too early. 4-5 hours is all I've really been getting and little 10-15 minute naps when I get home from work. I feel as though I have more energy than usual, so I guess it's a good thing. My in-laws will be here next month and my mom still hasn't told me when she is coming out. I have to pack my hospital bag in a few weeks and have it all ready, wow, this is almost too scary to seem real.

Friday, December 14, 2007


Thanks to my neighbor 2 houses down, she gave me an entire wardrobe for our baby boy. His dressor is so full and I still havn't unpacked one box and one tall trash bag full of clothes. He has everything you name it. I will only need diapers, bottles, and few other things for him. I even have a swing that a coworker gave me. I bought a second had stoller and my coworker is giving me an infant car seat that will fit in the stroller and just happen to match the stroller I got. I plan to decorate the room in a sea theme and so I'll paint bubbles and fish on the walls, and my boss gave me sea theme curtains to hang up on on the window that will be perfect to go with my theme. When dad comes home I plan on buying the crib and sheet set.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Mianna's real care baby

Mianna and her Real Care baby
Real Care baby
Real Care baby keys
Real Care baby
I came home from work to find Mianna on the couch and a baby sitting in a car seat on he floor next to her. Mianna is in Child Development at school and this is a project for her class. She had to keep the real care baby for today and will return it tomorrow. The baby is computerized and she has a code sheet and different things need to be done to take car of the baby. It will cry when it needs food, diaper or attention. she had a ring of keys she has to stick in it's back to record the progress when she does the proper steps to take care of the baby. Mianna had to Carry this car seat home on the bus and will carry it to school tomorrow and take it back to class first thing in the morning. The baby will keep her up tonight because it cries like every 2 hours or so. She will probably be a little fatigue tomorrow. The baby is only 5 pounds but feels heavy to me and in the car seat it's really heavy. This is so funny to see a mechanical baby in our house. To think in about 8 weeks we will have a real life baby in the house. I can tell Duke is acting a little upset about the baby and Mianna said he freaked out whe he heard her cry.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

cleaning house

formal living room
Mianna vacuumed the house and I used the carpet cleaner to clean the formal room and the hall. It looks so much better. It's really hard to keep white carpet clean.Our dog is the big mess maker. Now Mianna is cleaning out the closet in her old room so I can have it all ready for when the baby moves in the room and I will have space for his stuff. Next I need to get the things for xmas out the attic and wash my car. Then I need to winterize my grass and we will be all good. We might even have time to go the the store and pick up Dukes Meds at the pet hospital. I just love it when the house is clean even if I hate cleaning it. I was going to get a made to do basic stuff like floors and bathrooms, but Nan, I'm already spoiled with a yard worker. My yard looks good since they just cut it yesterday. A good thing about this time of year, it cost half of what it cost in the summer time. We have St. Augustine grass and it is really thick and hard to cut. It will take me at least an hour to winterize it with the speed feeder. Okay, I'm off to do more work. I'll take pictures to post later on.

homemade belgian waffles and pancakes

homemade belgian waffles and pancakes
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This is what we had for breakfast this morning. Well, late breakfast. I made Belgian waffles, pancakes and bacon. mmmmmmmmmmm

Chargers vs Jaguars

Chargers vs Jaguars
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About two weeks ago, The San Diego Charger came to Jacksonville to play the Jaguars and I went to the game at the last minute. I had to work on Sunday as usual, but was able to get permission from the boss to go to the game with my coworker. I had to get permission for the both of us, and it was a big favor to ask. My boss says we owe her big time for this. We got to the game and had no tickets, only tickets left at the box office were 95 bucks each. I only had 40 bucks on me and was only wanting to pay 40 for both tickets. Scalper tried to sale the tickets to us for 50 each, i said no, and then later on ran into the same guy and he handed the tickets to me, 40 for 2 tickets, Whoooo hoooo!!!!! We were in like flin. Jon and I had so much fun skipping work and sitting to watch our favorite teams. It was a perfect hot day and really sunny. This is one for the memory books. O the Jaguars won the game. Currently Jags are 2nd of there division and the Chargers are 1st. Tomorrow SD plays KC and Jags play the Colts. O man it's a big rivalry for each team. SD need to beat KC, since they messed them up back in Sep when SD lost the home game to KC. I hope they whipp some butt big time. As for Jags, I just want to see them win since the Colts are already 9-2 but first in America South putting the Jags right behind them. The game is ON. Both games start tomorrow at 1pm.