Thursday, December 29, 2005

On the move

Welcome to Oklahoma
I was just looking at old picture and thinking about how much time has gone by and how we have been moving around so much over the past 16 years. Will we ever settle down and plant our roots in just one place or will we continue to move. I love the feeling of being able to packup and get on to new adventures. I'm not sure if we will actually settle down here in Jacks, just because we bought a house doesn't mean we have to stay here. I would sale the house with quickness and move on to the new place with swithness. We have been house shopping as if we are ready to move I heard about the fires in Oklahoma City and its just ironic that I was uploading some of my Oklahoma pictures. We are almost in 2006 and it's so hard to believe it's already here.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Jacksonville Landing

Grandma and Me
Grandma and Rich
We took grandma to the Jacksonville Landing .

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas

Hope you all had a verry Merry Christmas

Friday, December 23, 2005

Duke is missing Mianna

Well Mianna made it into SD 45 minutes early and we were all surprised by the early arrival, since they were not expecting her to come in early and her ride was not yet at the airport. Mianna called me the minute she touched down and said the landing was really ruff and when she landed in TN she said it felt like the wheels were going to fall off. I'm just happy she made it safe and I feel like she is just so grownup now that she can travel over 2000 miles away from home ALONE. Duke is really missing her and he was looking out the front door all day, thinking she would come home from school any minute. He was sleeping out side her bedroom door all day. He knows that she is not here and we tried to explain to him that she would be gone for 2 weeks. She spoke to him on the phone and he just jumped up and down and then turned the corner to go towards her room to look for her. It's so funny how close they are and I'm scared for the day to come when he leaves us. Duke is so old and had so many grey hairs now. He is right here by my feet as I type this.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

relax and read

Okay now I'm trying to relax as I wait for her to call me. I'm trying not to pick up the phone and call, but I keep looking at it. It's nuts when you let your kid travel over 2080 miles without you.

Waiting for the phone call

I'll wait for her to call. She is probably getting nervouse now.

Flight landed

266mph 3700ft

269mph 4800ft

5800 feet

315mph 6200 feet

her plane is still in the air and will arrive 10 min. early

Goodbye Mianna

Mom and Mianna
Dad and Mianna
My baby girl is in the air now and should be laning in TN in a few minutes. I'm just sitting here waiting for the flight to land and for her to call me as soon as she gets off. She will be in TN for a few hours before her flight departs to CA. I'm using my widget flight tracker to keep up on her status. I miss her already.

Airline: Southwest Aircraft ID: SWA1687
Flight Number: 1687 Aircraft Type: Boeing Model 737-700
Status: In Flight Ground Speed: 465 mph
Time Remaining: 0h 5m (estimated) Altitude: 22,000 feet
Distance Remaining: 66 nautical miles Bearing: NW

She should be on land in 3 minutes. I'm not so nervous, but I know Mianna is nervous.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Grandma is here

We finally have our grandma here in FL. We took here shopping a little bit today and now we are sitting by the fire place just watching Lost on TV. I have to get some rest since we will be up at aroune 3am to take Mianna to the airport since she is heading to SD at 6:30 and we live one hour from the airport and have to get there early to check in and bagage check.
Grandma Allen
First Fire

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Sold Out

Wild Turkey
Wild Turkey
Phase 11 of our neighborhood has SOLD OUT! Wow it's hard to believe that it only took a year. I just looked down the street last week and the frame went up on one of the 9 homes down the street. I'll be sure and take a picture of it for you all to see. I did see a wild turkey today in our neighborhood. Mianna saw this guy last week and here he is again. I went out in the rain to take a picture of him and he ran from me with quickness. You can see how gloomy and wet it is today.

Toledo kids

Treahnna Lee Toledo
Avenn Toledo
I finally got pictures of Treahnna and Avenn Toledo.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Doctors Inlet

We went to look at more home this morning and we found the new site called Doctors Inlet Reserve and it's located right off the 220 and only about 9 miles from our house back towards Flemming Island. The neighborhood will be complet with 313 homes and has 2 building phases with homes in the mid 200's. They have 2 builders and one is my old time favorite builder (Ryland home) We went in 2 models. The first one was called Jennings and it was small but didn't feel small with tall ceilings and the set up was ok. The next model (Kernan)was bigger and a little nicer of a set up. I like Ryland because they work with your and you can change the floor plan and customize it as much as you want. They have lots of standards that are upgrades with other builders.The other builder in the neighborhood is Corner Stone and we went into two models there. First we walked through the Kingsley and I believe the other model was called the Seaside.Rich was not impressed with the homes all that much. Mianna stayed home while we were out shopping but I showed her my favorite model of all the Castille 1 with the option to make a second master suite on the second level and that would be for her. We would have a loft with a view to the lower level and that is the part I like with Rich liking the loft. All I really want is more room to add a in home gym and still have room for our guest. I'm not sure if they are building teh Castille in the phase 11 or 111, but we have time to sale and build the new home.

King Kong

My review on the movie, LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT. Lots of action with some comedy at the most unexpected parts in the movie. Overall it puts Jurassic Park to shame and was awesome. It was weird to see Jack Black play a serious but deranged part. It was a nice change from his comedy and he actually gave me no laughs during the movie. It's definitely a must see but I still favor Narnia for the best movie of 2005. I didn't cry but my heart was in pain at the end.

Friday, December 16, 2005


I can't believe I forgot to blogg about this MOVIE. o my goodness it is Sooooooo Gooood I totally want to read the book now. I loved every minute of this movie and left the theater so happy and just like WOW. We are on our way to see King Kong and I'll try to blogg about that when we get back.

Mura Bella

I took the girls out to St. Augustine Outlets to go shopping and then we decided to visit a new neighborhood down the street called Mura Bella. It's so Italiana. You have to say it with the accent. Anyways, they say it takes 9months to a year to build and the homes look pretty nice and the neighborhood is HUGE. take a look at the different builders in the area. I like
North Florida Builder
THE TUSCANY is nice model and also the THE COMPANIA If we had the money, this would be a dream home THE GRESSA
The Palama would be perfect for us to have an indoor gym. THE PALMA is cheaper in Newport Harbor The Palama This blogg will come in handy while house shopping. I feel like I'm in a dream since I did this last year. There is a new neighborhood down the street from us on the 220 and I'll have to see if they have a website yet. The Gressa is nice also but cheaper in North Florida. I like the south better in St. Augustine and World Golf Village.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

up late

Couture Hair Styling
Once again I not able to sleep and so I'm sitting her uploading my pictures and wearing my new funny hair style. NOT really my hair style, I'm just trying to get some curls for the morning time, since I lost both my curling irons at the Hyatt the night of the Party. I think lots of people are uploading on Flckr, because it's so slow. Okay, I"m off to the bed to try and sleep. nothing much to blog about.......O wait, I forgot to mention that Rich made the best taco dinner tonight and he made it all from scratch even the salsa. I had like 4 tacos and Mianna did the same. Big hugs and kisses for being such and awesome cook and an all around awesome hubby. I lust over this man when he cooks so good. I say Lust because the passion is so great for his cooking it's much stronger than just the love. I have new way of greeting him in the kitchen when I get home, but my butt butt is not able to jump up and give him leg hugs very well. I love you Richie boy. Muah!

Saturday, December 10, 2005

9 homes

Well this is such exciting news for me to tell. All 9 homes on our street are in place with 3 already having the foundation in and only 6 more that are ready to be poured any day now. I just can't believe how fast this neighborhood has grown in a years time. We closed on our house last year on Dec 20th and our anniversary is just around the corner. I'm excited to see the homes go up and see how much they will sell them for. We are still debating on Selling this house, but I really think we should keep it if anything and just rent it out. We really only have a year left and we are out of here, unless we extend for 1 1/2 years and stay. You never know what we might have to do. I would love for Rich to stay in a little longer, just enough to get Mianna out of College, but he is so ready to get out NOW. He will not stay in past 20. I'm pushing him for 23. Let me get off this thing and go clean house.

Sizzle Novelties

Last night I went to my friends house for the lingerie party. I ended up buying a few lotions and creams. We had so much fun just playing with all the toys and busting up when the vibrator fell on to the floor because I didn't turn it off all the way. LOL. No I didn't buy one but I did buy a bullet. I thought it would be fun to use in many different ways. Okay enougth sex talk. I have a real party to go to tonight. If you want you can check out Old girls website, I think it needs some major HELP.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Fun night

We had so much fun last night. Let me start from the beginning. It was a really cold, gloomy and rainy day. I got out the house around 12noon and headed to the beauty college to get my nails done and eyebrows waxed. Rich called from the house and said he was ready to go. I headed home and we loaded up the TL and were on our way. We went to the hotel first to check in and get our room keys. After that we went across the way to eat dinner at Ruth's Chris steak house. The restaurant was inside the Hilton hotel and the food was pretty good. They serve your steaks on a plate that is about 1800 degrees and so with every bite that you take your steak is at peak eating temperature. Of course this is really expensive place if you never heard of it before, but most of you have, the entrees start in the 20's and the appetizer start at 10 bucks. The side dishes are 5 bucks. Rich had a glass of Silverado merlot 12 Bucks, with his favorite rib eye steak and a BP with the works. I had Petite Filet with broccoli and a glass of Peter Lehmann syrah. O I forgot we had seared ahi tuna for an appetizer. I would probably like to return one special day for the ahi and sit by the window overlooking the St. Johns River. From Ruth's we cold see our Hotel right across the river. I'll work on uploading the pictures when I get home. Right now I'm actually sitting in Ritchie’s office typing on his computer, he had to come in for duty today. He just walked in and gave me kisses and said we would be here for about an hour. Okay so after dinner we went back to the Hyatt and up to the 4th floor to our room. This room was dirt-cheap for us at 74 bucks and the real rate is 1000, a night. Crazy ha. Anyways it was a nice room even though it was a handicap room. I liked it because we had a huge bathroom, nothing fancy like I thought it would be, but still a nice room. We got dressed and I ended up leaving my hair down and just curled it the same way I did last year. My dress was on and we headed out, all of a sudden I hear a loud rip. O my goodness. I had just stepped on my dress and ripped it in two places. I was sad at this point but then I just had to hold my dress as I walked. I ended up ripping it in four different places before the night was over and then off with the dress and into my jeans so we could head to the Martini bar down at the landing just a short walk from our hotel, but it was raining so the valet guy gave us a free ride in the car he was trying to valet, eheheh. After the bar we just walked back to the hotel since the rain had finally stopped. I never got any sleep, since we were drinking monster and amp with vodka and that kept me up with the caffeine that's in them darn energy drinks. Rich slept like a baby and I was only getting to sleep at 8am when it was time to get up and pack. We left early so we could get breakfast at cracker Barrel and now here we are. Rich is calling me to come out to the PC, (are in this building) but I'm content just sitting here listening to XM radio online and typing this blogg. I better go check on my man and see if he needs me. O, I have some good news Rich has a new JOB and is now on his way to adding this to his eval so he will be in the line up for a promotion to Chief. I can't wait for the day. I think I'll just get a kick out of seeing him in the uniform. I always tell him, it's just that man in uniform sexiness that I love. LOL. Overall we had a fun night and I'm still wearing my princess necklace. LOL I'm thinking about returning it to the store, it turned around too much and curled up on my neck, but I got lots of complements on it. Everyone was dressed up NICE and fancy.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Hyatt Regency

Tomorrow is our Xmas party and we also have a hotel room for the night. Check out the website, we have a heated rooftop pool. I'll be wearing my BCBG Maxazria gown and the necklace Rich got me for and early Xmas gift. I have to go to bed so I look rested. I need to get up early and get a manicure, pedicute, my hair did and makeup. Wish I had a pesonal stylist to come to the house and do all this in my home, but instead I have to run from place to place and then We will get dressed at the hotel and go eat dinner then back to the hotel for the party. I'm so excited. You want to see my necklace. I look like and feel like such a princess in this thing. Can you say SPOILED. ehhehe I don't care what people think, I will try to wear this like everday. LOL.
My XMAS gift from Rich

Monday, December 05, 2005

Hanging on for dear life

Giant Leopard Moth

As I was driving home from work yesterday I notice this weird looking branch hanging on my passenger side mirror and was like Hmmm. I picked up some speed and figured it would fall off in a little bit, but then I swear I saw a mouth of some sort come out of the leaf, "What in the world is on my mirror". As I drove along I began to wish it wouldn't fall off so I could get home and take pictures of it and figure out what in the world it was. I got home ran in the house took the digital and shouted for Rich to meet me outside. I was sure this thing was not from this planet and THEN, Rich said it was a caterpillar. I grabbed a branch off the ground and started to take push at it to try and pry it off of the mirror, I was not about to touch this thing. I finally got it off of my mirror and decided I would give it a home in my tree. I dropped the darn thing on the ground and that was the end of it, but I did notice 2 black firry looking catapillars in the tree and so I proceed to take picture of that. As I was heading back into the house some thing bright green and HUGE caught my eye and GUESS WHAT another freaking caterpillar. O MY GOD I'm living in this caterpillar freaking world today. I was like such a little kid, I ran in the house to tell Rich all about my caterpillars and showed him the picture on the camera. I'm silly ha? Okay with a little research I found out that the the little guy that was on my car is called a Scalloped Sack-Bearer and it's a structure building caterpillar that is found in the East from New England to Florida, west to Iowa and Texas. Cool ha? The little black harry caterpillars are called Giant Leopard Moth.

Saturday, December 03, 2005


I just love this picture of Mianna. We were at Disney Magic Kingdom


My baby girl Saddy is growing up so fast and looks so nice and tan. Check out the beach in Hawaii.

Our neighbor pitbull Buddy, was loose today. He is a really nice pit, but still scares me when I walk by him. Here he is in our messy lanai

Friday, December 02, 2005

Sea World

I'm home alone just playing on the web and then it hits me. I want to go to Sea World Orlando. From the looks of it on the website it looks like fun. It's so cold here, but maybe its warmer in Orlando. I would love to go today, but really don't have the money, so maybe next payday. Rich is on his way home and Mianna should be home in an hour. Bush Gardens is another park that looks like fun. Maybe we will go there too.