Friday, September 23, 2005

Sephora shopping

I had fun today. First I headed to my Dr's appointment and I believe my siatica is all under control now. The Dr did a little bit of cracking and pulling for the past two weeks and now I seem to be all better. After that I went to my favorite place to shop and decided to spend the day looking around after I returned a few pieces I got from BeBe in exchanged for another shrug. hehehe. I got this one. Then I killed about an hour in Sephora and got all kinds of stuff. I'm real excited to try GoSmile. I wanted to buy the entire set but it was so expensive, so I'll just wait till payday and get it. But I did buy the tooth paste and I also got some new lip balm. Some Stila and also some Paul & Joe, I just go nuts in that store and can be there for hours playing with the makeup. Now I'm off to bed to go lay with my hubby, he misses me.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Hurricane Rita

This Hurricane is HUGE and the bands are causing some rain for us. I think this is like over 300 some miles wide and the outer bands caused a lot of rain yesterday and even a plane crash right on base. We heard a loud bang around noon and I just thought it was Thunder, but then Jess walks in and says a plane just crashed real close to base. There were 3 guys on board and they all died. The plane was struck by lightning and that is what made it crash. All day today we have been watching hurricane Rita and just wondering what it's going to do. Looks like it took more of a turn and New Orleans will be hit again. I have a few coworkers who have family in Corpus and Houston and so we are praying for them all. Jess actually has her parents in Corpus and they decided to stay and not evacuate.

Saturday, September 17, 2005


Me and Erin
IForgot I had a blogg LOL. I got back from my Tampa trip late or should I say early morning on Wednesday. I was in Tampa for Sunday and Monday and then left at 10:45pm. I had so much fun with Erin. We didn't do too much but what little we did was relaxing, romantic and just fun. Okay so you want to hear about the romantic stuff first? Okay, well I picked her up at the airport after a couple try to get the blue side of the airport and not the red side. Why are airports always so confusing? Anyways, we went to find her hotel and she was staying at a pretty cute place that reminds me of the Navy Lodge with the little kitchenette and it also had a bar to eat at and a couch with a coffee table and sink outside of the bathroom. We had decided on outfits to wear to dinner and laid them out on the bed and then I took of picture of it. ehhehe.
Anyways the romance comes into play when we head to the Rusty Pelican for dinner. Not the chain that we use to know of in CA, but an actual restaurant in Tampa called the Rusty Pelican. We had the entire restaurant to our selves and so that made it all romantic and the setting was very fancy as we sat right by the window and were looking at the ocean. I had stuffed salmon and it was wrapped in a pastry purse and Erin had seafood fettuccine.
Me and my  salmon purse dinner
Erin had seafood fettuccine
After dinner we just headed back to the room and looked at some pictures online and then went to bed. The next morning I got up early and dropped Erin off at her class that was only 7 minutes away from the hotel and then headed back to the hotel to just chill out and watch old movie with Robin Williams and then met Erin for Lunch. We ate at a small dinner and then I dropped her back to school. I went shopping at TJ Maxx for about 3 hours and then picked her up to head to the mall for more shopping. We walked through and looked at the shoes in Neiman Marcus where I took this picture of Erin on the other side of the butterflies.

Erin in the Butterflies
I feel in love with a pair of shoes in there and seen some nock offs at BeBe that almost look like the ones in Nemin Marcus. I shopped at BeBe the day before wile I was waiting for Erins plane to come in and got some really cute pieces for fall. I shopped untill I almost dropped .lol. I love to shop. okay so I'm off , I'm off to go shop again. I have a b-day gift to get and mail out for Alisha and also need to return a shit I got at BeBe.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Saturday, September 10, 2005


ribs plate
Guam Ribs

Today we are having a gathering at our house and just a few folks over. We are not having anything as big as last time, but this time we are having Chamorrow ribs and Chicken Kelaquin. The only thing we are missing is red rice. :o( I just got back from picking up Jenny and she will spend the night. Tomorrow my girl friend Erin is coming in from LA, but she flies into Tampa and will be there for a class that is one week long. I will drive down to Tampa about 5 hours to meet her at the airport and I bought her some pretty flowers. I took 2 days off so I can spend a good day with her in Tampa and have some R&R. This is probably the first time I have taken a Sunday and Monday off in over a years time. I was off yesterday and today, so this is SOOOOO much fun for me to be off and relax. I love it! I want to go shopping so bad, but I'll wait till I get to Tampa and go to the HUGE ass mall they have there. I'm excited to go to Tampa in my fast ass Acura, NO I'll be doing the speed limit and driving like a grandma. No money for a ticket and no money to waist on gas. I probably wouldn't get a ticket anyways, since I'm known for getting away with my smile and girlie eyes. Fun being a girl some when it comes to that type of stuff. I'll try to take some pictures of the food to make you all malagu.heheheh.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Fan and light

new fan in the family room
both lights on
upper light only
Island light fixture
Rich surprised me and installed the old ceiling fan that we use to have in our family room in our bedroom. He installed our new ceiling fan in the family room last weekend and it looks so good. We have a remote control for it and it's awesome. I installed a light fixture above our Island in the kitchen. I love how it give me so much more light to work in the kitchen.

Effects of Katrina

I work with an active duty corpsman and he told me that on Saturday they flew in 15 dead bodies from LA and have them in the Jaxs hospital. He is part of the crew that will to the forensics to identify the bodies. I found out today that Ron's grandfather and uncles lost 2 homes and they had made it out to families in Atlanta Ga, but only paked 4 days of clothes and have lost eveything. Rich works with a guy who's family all made it out safe but lost there homes as well. I think they say 10,000 or more might be dead. I know the number will be high but I wasn't thinking it would be that high.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

House Party

Yesterday we had our first house party. It was so much fun having all our friends over to BBQ and eat good food. I had made potato salad and Rich BBQ chicken and some guest brought hotdogs, hamburgers and home made purtorican dishes. We had about 11 adults and 7 kids. Mianna had Jenny over and had fun entertaining the kids. We were proud to show off our newly painted wall and all the light fixtures and fans we had installed. Everyone liked the house and had a fun time. After the party we all headed over to the bowling alley on base for some cosmic bowling. I'm so horrible at bowling but a few times I picked up my spare and I might have got 1 strike. I think, I'm so sleepy right now at work typing this. We got home after midnight and so I didn't get enough sleep. I could just pass out right now on my keyboard. I have a choice to be off tomorrow and still get paid for it, but I'll work to make the extra holiday pay.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Live Blog from LA

check out this live blog from New Orleans.

Digital Isla

Just an update, I got rid of my Digital Isla domain. Just decided to stop it.

New Orleans

New Orleans
New Orleans
I just keep thinking about how horrible it is there in the city of New Orleans and I'm sad for the people. I just heard on the news that a fire broke out real close to the W Hotel. That is where we stayed last year when we visited New Orleans. I pray for them to recover and heal.