Monday, February 28, 2005

Nook table

I found a table for my nook. If it wasn't raining this past weekend we would have got it, but I hope to get it this week. It's the Hatton Antique Black
Extension Table. I'll probably get the same chairs to match the table. I have picked a very cute Waverley Curtain to go in the nook windows

Wedding /Bull ride

This past weekend was so much fun. It all started on Friday with my day off. Rich was asked to be the best man in Graig wedding and so he had to get a suit. I must say he found a really good looking suite. Friday night was the rehearsal and dinner. We had this private room at the steak restaurant but I forget the name of it. The food was soooooooooooooooo good and the garlic cheese bread was the BEST! The wedding was Saturday and on Friday Rich took me to the store to find a shall to go with my old Bebe dress. I found a really cute Kenneth Cole shawl, I didn't even know he made shawls. I have to down load the pictures later and put them up for you all to see. The funny thing that happened after the wedding was a cat ran in the church and was trying to run up the back wall in the church, he was about 3 feet in the air and just scared as heck. Some how they finally got him out, it was a good thing it happened after the ceremony and not during it. The reception was right on base at the O club and it was so nice. The colors were red white and blue. The girls and guys had on navy blue suits and dresses and they all looked so good. After the party we went home to take and nap so we would have some energy to take Graig brothers and relatives out that night and show them a good time in Jaxs. We ended up going to a sports bar to chit chat and have few appetizer. We then split the party up and 4 of us went over to Mardi Gras night club. Mardi Gras consist of about 4 different clubs on the inside and we headed straight to the country club in the back to ride the bull. YUP you heard me right, they have an electronic bull in the back of the room and we all got on it one by one. I was so scared, but they told the bull conductor to take it easy on me and not have me fall too hard. I had fun. When we first got there 2 girls were on the bull together facing one another and lets just say they had on tube top and halter top and I seen some sue sue when the girls top came off. ehehhehe. That was pretty funny. Rich didn't catch that one...Lets just say, I should have a picture that reads Richard heaves instead of Keanu Heaves. LOL> Rich had a bit too much fun. LOL. I don't drink anymore. I just can't take it AT All so I have given it up all together. I will have a glass of wine but only one or 2 and Im done. I would rather be the designated driver. It's too funny to think that I'm actually the driver when we go out,because I use to be such the drinker. I'm just getting too old for that stuff. The people we took out were from Michigan so it was a nice change of pace and weather for them. The weather was overcast and rainy here, but it sure was warm and in the 60's compared to the weather they came from in Michigan.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Keanu Heaves

Names have been changed

I just read a friends blog and If I were brave enough to do the same thing I would. LOL. I'm mad about few things and I would rather not mention any names to keep from pissing off a few people, but it's hard when you have no other outlet, but to hold it all in and stay upset. Today is my day off and I really don't want to do much. I feel like shopping and not cleaning. When I'm depressed, I don't eat...........I shop. I'm off to the shower and the stores open at 10. Hold me back, I'm bound to be out of control with my depressed shopping spree. If only the TL was out of the shop. :o( I miss our car.

Thursday, February 24, 2005


I swear... I hate moving and unpacking the most. My garage is so crowded with boxes and I need to start cleaning it out. Rich asked me yesterday if we could have it done by Friday or Sat. when the car gets back from the shop. I just feel like I do too much around this house and get no dam help. Just bull kaka. I don't want to do a thing. Anyways... let me take my grumpy butt to the garage and start on it. UGH>>>> hate it. I still have to put of curtains on the remaining 8 windows. ehehhe. I swear.... I need a maid.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Pampered Chef

I'm having a Pampered Chef party next month on the 18th and I'm looking forward to it, since it's my first party in my new home. I just wanted to post the link incase any of my family and friends would like to order online since they can't attend the party =O(. Just Click the title above. I'll send out some evites as well. Hey guys. my first name was miss spelled. so if you can't get on. try Virgina Santos....instead of Virginia Santos. Ill email Wendy to try and have it changed. Sorry about that.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Our New Acura TL

Anthracite Metallic for the exterior color
Camel leather for the interior

Boy do I have a story to tell. You wouldn’t believe it unless you were there, but it's a true story. It all started yesterday after Rich got off of work. We have been car shopping for months now and have test drove and seen so many different types of cars and SUV's. We decided to go to Atlantic Blvd yesterday and check out the Infinity FX35 I think it's called, but quickly changed our mind when we seen the Acura dealer not far down the street. Last week Rich took me to the Acura dealer here in Orange Park and I just fell in love with the TL. We were able to get a really good deal and Rich found the color he wanted on both the outside and inside. Yes we did it, we bough our new car. The TL is just so awesome, it has too many features to mention but if you go to the Acura website and click on the TL you will be able to watch a video on all the cool features it has. So last night on the way home Rich drove until we got to Mc Donald’s in Orange Park and I took over. We were heading to Wal-Mart when I was stopped at the red light behind Rich in the TL and this dang Taxi Cab ran in to the back of me. YUP .. I just couldn't believe how fast it had happen and that this guy had just hit our new car and we had only been driving it for less than an hour. The damage was not too bad and we should have it all squared away this week. We took the car back to the dealers today and they detailed it and cleaned it and also showed me how to work all the cool features.... as if I could remember..... NOT, but I have the quick guidebook to reference until I'm an expert at it. ehheheheh. Anyways the accident was not my fault and the taxi cabs insurance will pay for it all. The cops were called out and took the report and sighted the driver for following too closely. Anyways we are so happy we got our first dream car. Check out this site. Click on the interactive showroom I'll post more pics later on.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Formal Living

I did it! I put up the curtain rod and the curtains in the formal living room and it looks great. I had a little help with my new toy from Black and Decker. This thing has a layzer light and stud finder and it came in handy for making things straight. I used 4 tap top panels by Waverly and also the rod is by Waverly as well. I'm not sure if don't plan on keeping the stools there, I just wanted them in the pictures.


Okay 600 must be the majic shopping #. ehhehe. I found some of the window coverings, but not all. I will put up the formal living room today and then the bedroom windows for Mianna and the office. I still have to find a pole big enough for our 9 1/2 foot window in this family room. But I did find a cute candle holder and some awsome bench stools that Rich really liked. After shopping yesterday I went to pick Rich up from work and I had the Mazda jam packed with stuff. ehehhe. We drove over to the Jeep dealer to test drive the new Jeep Grand and we were NOT impressed at all. Then we got in the Chrysler 300 and MAN that thing is nice. We are leaving all our option open for what to buy. Mianna really wants an SUV and Im still up in the air but VERY much in LOVE with the Acura TL. This weekend I want to go test drive BMW,AUDI and Infinity. Rich promissed we will have our car by this weekend. I hope he keeps that promiss. I better call Home Depot and make and appointment to have the garange door opener put in. O guys, let me get to work so I can have time to take pics of the new window coverings and see if you all like it. LOL.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Window Coverings

I'm on a mission today. I have a few chores to run since I have the day off from having the flu. I need to use it as best I can to get my windows covered. I will hit up all the stores today. Lows, Home Depot, Target, Pier One and JCPenny. I feel much better, but Mianna is on a long road to recovery, since she has been fasting for over 3 days or more now. Yesterday she barely ate, I hope she gets some food in her today. My stomach is hungry and I'm able to hold down food with no problem, so I'm pretty normal now, but I do have this cough and nose thing that will not stop. I'm on mission to find the perfect window covering for all 9 of my windows in the house. YUP, NINE. I have one huge one in the family room that consist of 3 large windows all in one, so I just count it as one. Then the nook has 2 windows, plus a glass door, that I need to cover also. The formal living room is 2 windows together, so I count that as 1. My bedroom bay window is 1 window on each side and then 2 in the middle that I count as 1. Mianna has one window in her room and the guest/office room also had 1 window. I will have to try to make the hardware pretty consistent for the nook and family room. For the formal living room I'll do it up a little different and then real simple for the bedrooms. I'm planning on using velvet drapes in the family room and maybe some cafe style curtains in the nook OR, I might just use the same curtain as the family room but chop them in half and make my own cafe style... It just all depends on what I find. I will buy white curtains for the bedrooms. I want it real clean and simple not much fuss at all. If our windows weren't so big we would put up shutters. :o( but the is not an option with our windows. The family room window is taller than me and I'm 5'2".....LOL. Anyways, I better eat some thing now and get in the shower, so I have some time to get to the stores and look around. Not sure if Mianna is up to me dragging her with me, but I doubt she wants to stay home alone for a few hours, so I'll be dragging her. Last Sat, while I was sick, she drug me to Limited Too, so it's payback. She was able to stock up on 600 bucks worth of clothes and new pair of shoes and hair stuff. She is set for spring and just needs a few more pieces for summer. We made out with $300 worth of 2 bucks, so she can go back and buy another wardrobe for summer that will be worth 600 and only cost us 300 with the 1/2 off discount. YEAH baby. LOL. Shopping is the life. HEHEHEH. Only when we have money. LOL. Yo, it's payday today for Rich, let ago shopping and then I get paid tomorrow. LOL> more shopping. LOL> hehehe. I love shopping in FL. They have all my store, but NO IKEA. :o(

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Stomach Flu

This morning Mianna and I had Dr. Appointments at 8:30 and 8:45. I was feeling pretty good when I got up at 5 to drop Rich off at work, but all I wanted to do was get back home and crawl in bed. I knew that if I had did that I would have been late to our appointments. I just fought my feeling to fall asleep and got ready to go. We were both diagnosed with the stomach flu and just told to drink lots of fluids and for Mianna to slowly start back on food, but first she has to see if she can hold down her liquids. Yesterday was really ruff on her since she couldn't even keep water down. Today she is doing much better with no major excretions, just a few bubbly noises from her tummy as well as mine. I stopped at Planet Smoothie to crab a few drinks, I know the sugar isn't any good for her, but there isn't that much in it and its actually natural sugar from the fruit. So far she is taking to the fruit and she is craving all kinds of food, but is scared to eat. I told her she could have breads and crackers and maybe some chicken soup tonight if she feels up to it. I was doing find when we go to the hospital, but all of a sudden I started to get dizzy and man I was just so darn dizzy I thought I was going to have to call Rich at work to come and take us home. But I got my ears flushed out and that made me feel better. still a little woozy, but I did have some blood work and urine done and they said they would call me with the results. I was a little pissed off when we first got to the hospital because they told me that I had no records and then later on the nurse that cleaned my ears asked my birth date and I she said they had me down as 8/3m, but my b-day is 8/2.... Stupid Navy hosp. Some times I just want to go some place where they can get their shit straight. Just pisses me off you know. Anyways, I'm off this computer to rest, I'm still a little fatigued and dizzy. Talk to you all later. PS. excuse my grammer and mistakes. I'm dizzy as I type this... so i'm some what blind as well..LOL

Monday, February 14, 2005

Mom Kim Max

Here is a picture of my mom, Kim and aunty Max last year around x-mas.

sick sick sick

Well guys, I was off on thur, Fri and sat. I thought I was feeling better on Sunday and so I went to work. That was a big mistake. I was so cold and had the chills all day. I got home last night and woke up this morning to find my T-shirt completely soaked. I had been sweating all night long and my hair was even wet. I had to get up and put on clean shirt. Mianna was in bed with us, and come to find out Rich said she was throwing up all night and has a fever. She has done this about 8 times today in less than 24 hours and has the runs. She refuses to eat and only sips water and says she is full. At about 11, she was in the living room assisting Duke because was throwing up. He touched his nose and its wet, but his body feels really warm. I think he has a fever and he is also sick. He had run out side 2 more times to get it out and he ate a little grass. It's just so crazy that we are all sick. I called Rich at work and gave him the update. I haven’t ate all day and I'm almost scared to eat because I'm the only one who hasn't thrown up yet, but I sure don't want to start. I'm actually not real hungry, but I will try to eat some chicken soup. I'm going to call the tricare nurse and see what they suggest I do for Mianna and my self. I called in sick for work today, but they told me that if I were off more than just today, I’d need a doctor’s note. That I just don't understand. Because I came in sick yesterday and today is only one day.. Usually you have to be gone 3 days before you need a doctor’s note. Whatever. Anyways. People are just dropping like flies at my job and I’m really starting to get sick of having to pull all the slack for people that are not there to fill in for the missing people. we have lost yet another working just yesterday I found out that Liesel is gone. That is my friend from Australia. I sure will miss working with her, but I will still keep in touch since I do have her cell number. Rich still has to clean up the apartment since we turn the keys in on Wed. I'll be so glad when we are done with that place for good. I have to pay some bills online and then make some soup to eat. I'll keep you all posted on our condition. I just home Richies body can hold out and not get sick till after we are well.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Home Sick

Yesterday morning I woke up with a heavy head, stuffy nose and 102 temp. The night before I got home from work and had a 99 temp and was feeling sick, but by morning I was full blown sick. Today is my normal day off and I wish I wasn't sick. I plan to sit here on the couch and just do nothing. I do need to get some food for the house and I should be cleaning my apartment, but I have no energy what so ever. I deserve a day to just vedge. Yesterday I made Rich take the car and go to work and forced Mianna to stay home with me. We sat up in bed and worked on her math problems. I think she has LCM and GCM or was it GCD down pack. LOL. Thank god I still remember how to do that stuff. I took Rich to work at 5 this morning and just got back from dropping Mianna off at school. I know she was so happy to have me home yesterday and to spend some time with me. I changed my work schedule for M-Thur. I will start working 3:30-11:30. The pickup for Rich will be a little hard on his schedule , but hey I still get up at 4 or 5 everyday with him to take him to work. The past week was so ruff with him having an audit at work and I had to take him in at 3 and 4am. I think that was when my body broke down and said.... NO MORE! I really want to buy the new car as soon as possible. We got our tax money and so we are trying to decide what we want to buy and I'm really in love with the Nissan Murano and the Pathfinder. We also liked the Toyota Sequa and Tundra. Rich really wants a truck and Im more for the SUV type or sports car LOL.... I'm feeling middle aged with the need for speed and luxury. I really don't want to have a big car payment since we just bough the new house, but a 400-500 car payment would be OK for us. We are so confused as to what we want. This morning Rich said he wanted a GMC ... I was like whatever.... That is not a reliable car brand. Sorry but I like to stick with the Japanese and assembled in Japan. I'm even a little skeptable about the Pathfinder because its not assembled in Japan, but I'm sure most of the parts are Japan made.

Saturday, February 05, 2005


Front Page of the FL Times Union.

"We've been greeted, we've been beaded, life is good," said Brad Molotsky, an Eagles fan from Cherry Hill, N.J.

The city still has three crucial days in the spotlight -- including Monday's expected mad rush on the airport -- but National Football League Commissioner Paul Tagliabue said in a Friday news conference that he thought Jacksonville would host another Super Bowl.

"My feeling is it will be back here at some point," Tagliabue said.

If it does come back, local officials may want to borrow from San Diego's playbook and really push the event to local residents. San Diego has three Super Bowls under its belt and saw a similar trend of locals bailing out during its first two games in 1988 and 1998 -- especially the first one.

Super Bowl Time

Yesterday we had such a fun and exciting day. We started the day with a little shopping at Stein Mart and then a few cups of coffee from starbucks, as we waited for Okinawa Japanese restaurants to open up at 5pm. We ate shrimp tempura for an appetizer and then had spicy tuna and regular tuna sushi. After all that good food we headed down town to catch the Super Bowl bash. We found some choice parking that was free and then headed to the landing. We stopped off at the landing to people watch and listen to the free music and watch a bikini contest. At about 9 we headed over to get some more good eats with our hotdogs and shrimp platter. Then off to the blue bridge to find a good spot to watch the fireworks that started at 10:15. I was trying to take a picture of it when my battery on my camera died and my back up battery was also dead. Anyways we had so much fun just hanging out with the crowd and snapping few shots. We did get to see this guy release himself from a chained up straight jacket and around the corner was the ESPN booth with Michael Ervin announcing live with the drop back of the landing. Click the title to see a few pics. We plan to head out to the NFL experience today.

Friday, February 04, 2005

Houses in Hawaii

Man I can't believe how much the cost of houses have gone up ub Hawaii. My friend Merranda is moving to Hawaii this year, LUCKY dog.

Thursday, February 03, 2005


I only took a few pictures for now, but I'll take more when the house is clean again. LOL. It's a mess right now.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Lost and Found

Well guys I found my camera the other day and now I just need to clean house and then I'll post a few pics. Let me get to work now.