Sunday, August 29, 2004

Pimp My Ride

I left to work around 1:45 and when I got to the front gate, I noticed that my car was smoking on the right hand side of the hood, and my temperature gage was all the way to the H. I called Rich on the cell phone and told him I was about 2 minutes from the job and that the car was hot and smoking from the hood. He said he would meet me at 7pm when I got off work and we would try to drive the car over to the shop on base. When ever I have car problems I always call Ron to get his advice. He explained to me what 3 things could possibly be wrong and told us what to do. We had to fill up several containers of water and that took 2 trips to the bathroom, so that we could fill the radiator because it was empty when Rich checked it. Well, after we filled it I got in and started the car as Rich looked at the engine to see if the fans were moving or if there was a leek, Indeed there was a leek on the top side of my radiator. That is what caused the smoke (steam) and the car to over heat. So we decided to drive it over to the shop on base and leave it there till morning. In the morning I had to take Rich to work so that I could use his car to take the girls to school and go to work. Rich called around to see how much the part would be and the cheapest he could find was $197.00. At that price and then labor on top of that it would cost too much to fix. I get my first paycheck this Thursday and it looks like I'll be using it to fix my car. I would rather fix my car then have to buy another used one that would have more problems or even a bigger price tag. I'm just not ready to have car payments yet, and definitely not buying a car till after we buy our home. I was planning on buying in about 1 year from now. The Altima sign on the trunk of my car fell off and now I think I can officially ask MTV To pimp my ride. ehhehehehhe.

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