Monday, November 29, 2004

One Week

Wow, it had been about one week since my last blogg. I have so much to talk about and yet I have no idea where to start. I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. I had to work that day and made some big bucks doing it, so I could spend it the next day shopping. YUP I was up at 3 in the morning and met up with my friends from work at Denny’s to eat breakfast drink some coffee and then hit the stores. Our first stop was the NEX and I got Mianna x-mas gift out of the way, but I was bad and picked a few items for muah! ehhehehehe. I had so much fun. It is so cold her in Jax's that I actually had to put on a jacket and wear my boots and hoody to keep warm. Friday was the longest shopping day of my life. I shopped from 6am till
Just about 10pm that night. I even went to see a movie with my girlfriend Merranda. Saturday we got the X-mas tree and put it up and today I just finished up some of the last minute touches and added a few decorations to the house. I'll post a picture when I have time. Right now I'm just so sleepy, I'll finish this blogg later on.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Desperate to watch Desperate...........

I'm not use to working on Sundays till 9:30pm. On my old schedule I use to get off at 7:00 and that was just fine with me, but now with the new schedule I start my week off on Sundays and it's from 1:30 -9:30. I miss desperate housewives and so does Rich. He watches the first 10 minutes or so and then he heads to the base to pick me up from work and the we jet back home to watch the last 5 minutes of the show. I think we need TiVo...heheheheh . I really like that new show, but it suck I have to miss it now. Rich was trying his hardest to hook up the VCR, but I'm not even sure if that thing works anymore. He cut his arm on the glass while he was doing that and so that sucks butt. But he is okay. I cooked some fried rice when I got home and I ate good and then cleaned up the kitchen. Now I'm getting a little sleepy and I need to wash my face and hit the sack. I just wanted to touch base and let you all know that Lorraine has joined the world of blogg. Adios people.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Our National Treasures

Okay, Mianna fell in love with the phone and so I gave it to her. I told her it was an early X-mas gift and a late B-day.... No for reals I was going to give it to her for X-mas. The one I really want is like a PDA phone and a lot bigger. I will be shopping the day after X-mas and I hope I find a good deal on one some place.

We just got back from watching National Treasure with Nicolas Cage and it was a good movie so much hunting, just like in Indiana Jones. We ate out again, are you surprised yet?????? I know, we try and try and we still can't get over having all these so good and close by restaurants at hand when we please. I did cook the other day, I made some good blackened steak and last night I made sausage and rice. That is the most I have cooked in about 3 months. ehehhe. O man. I'm working a new schedule now and so I have Fridays and Saturdays off, today I was off, but my new schedule starts tomorrow. This past week I was off Wend, Thur and then today. It was nice to have one day of the weekend off to spend time with Mianna and Rich. I will treasure this new schedule and doubt I will want to change for a while. I do have to work on Thanksgiving, but since we have no family here, there are no real big plans for the day. I will enjoy the over time and use it for X-mas shopping the next day. I got gifts for my self, as usual and they include two very pricy items. I really hate to say it, but I got 2 more Coach purses :O) ehehhehe. But I got them at really good prices and one is similar to that link, but in a brass khaki berry color and the other looks like this in a khaki color. I know I know; I'm having that I feel 30 and need a new bag to go with my shoes........ Stage. LOL. I will try so hard to buy gifts for other this year, but it's so hard. I will be up at 4:45am the day after Thanksgiving and at the stores by 5:30 to fight the crowds for the sales. Tomorrow I'll buy the sunday paper to make my wish list of national treasures.

New Cell phone

I broke my cell phone the other day and a replacement is on it's way in the mail. But I also purchased a new phone. and got it in the mail today. It's so cool and has a camera and colored screen. I have had the same cell phone for about 3 years and it was about time I got a new one. We have 904 phone numbers now and yes I still have my 619 #. I got the Sprint PCS VisionSM Picture Phone (Samsung® A600). click the title to check out the phone. What I love is i can play pacman on it

Friday, November 19, 2004

Bad Ass

We have a Bad Ass coffee shop here in Jax's I guess I'll have to try it some day. I just looked it up and it's on Southside Blvd, pretty easy to get too. Maybe I'll stop by when I'm out doing my X-mas shopping. I partial to Starbucks, but I'll try Bad Ass and see how good it is. The Honolulu Hula: Tiramisu and Coconut sounds like it might be goood. mmmmmmm I'm hungry for coffee now!!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2004

House Shopping

As most of you know we have been shopping for a home. I'm still in love with the yellow house and just last week, I finally took Rich out to see it. He fell in love with it just like we did. Right now we are trying to get apoved for our loan and I hope we get enough to buy a home like that yellow house. We will be shopping some more, but right now the lots are starting to fill up and and we found one we like, it's and extra 3000. Here are a few pics of more houses we looked at. This one house we went into, was so awsome it had a home theater.......nice. Click the title above to see my dream home.... (aka)the yellow house, better known as The Panama. Our favorite thing about it is the 19.5 ft. ceiling in the family room.


Ingrid and Mike had Bryce
more pics on Ingrids site
Hey, More pics of the baby

Monday, November 15, 2004

X-Mas gift

Okay I figured out what I want for Christmas.ehhhhhhhhh.

ipod Photo. I would like the connector from the camera too. then that way i can connect my pictures to the that and upload real easy to my cool. this will be my present to me. LOL

Friday, November 12, 2004

Driving in Japan

I was 10 years old when I first visited Japan with my grandma,aunty Peewee
uncle Albert and cousing Davina. We also went to Tokyo DisneyLand for
the grand opening on April 15, 1983.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

I do look like my mom

My Mom


Last night we ate out again. This time we went to Carrabba's and had some good Italian food. For our starter we had the
ANTIPASTI PLATTER A delicious combination of house favorites: Calamari, Bruschette of the Day and Mozzarella Marinara
Rich had POLLO ROSA MARIA Fire-roasted chicken breast stuffed with fontina cheese and prosciutto, topped with mushrooms and a basil lemon butter sauce. Mianna had PASTA WEESIE Shrimp sautéed in a garlic, lemon butter, white wine sauce with sautéed mushrooms and scallions, served over fettuccine alfredo. I had LOBSTER RAVIOLI stuffed with tender Maine lobster in a white wine cream sauce with diced tomatoes. Every thing was deliciouse and to top it all off we had the TIRAMISÚ Lady fingers dipped in liqueur laced espresso, layered with sweetened mascarpone, Myers’s Rum and chocolate shavings

Me and my Grandma

Holy Communion

I just touched up this picture of my mom. This was taken the day she recieved her first Holy Communion. I left a few imperfections because I feel it just adds to the patina of the picture. Take a look at the original. I'm still learning when
it comes to touch ups, and it sure takes lots of time.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

What Happened?

I know it's been to long since I've done this. You asked what happen???? Life, that's what, ehehhe. I got so dang busy. We left to southern Cali for my grandfather’s funeral and then got home to find my self so busy with work and catching up on a week of mail and errands. I'm so dang busy, plus I have to help Mianna plan a party this weekend for her B-day. She decided to invite a few friends to the house for a sleep over and I hope that all pans out for her or else we will have to have a plan B. I still have to go to a meeting in the morning and do my B-day shopping, so I'll be so super busy, and not to mention the dry cleaning, house cleaning and to many things to mention. HELP, calgoon take me away..... I need a message; I better call my misuse tomorrow. Okay, I can do this; take 3 breaths with me, ready? 1... 2.... 3...