Sunday, January 29, 2006

Mianna is the sparkle in my eye

Mianna's sparkle

2nd trip to ER

I have had no relieve from the affect of the dizzyness that I have been experiencing for 1 week now. I was in the ER for the second time in 3 days and today I finally got some meds to help with the vertigo. My head cold is what is causing the vertigo and its because of the entire inner ear, mechanisms and so the Commander I saw today gave me some meds to help clear up my ear and make the dizzyness go away. I have only taken one pill so far and fell a little better. I'll take it 3 times a day and have a chit to stay home for the next two days and get back on my feet. I hope this works for me. I'm so sick of rocking in this boat. The DR says I'm only about 2 degrees off, when he did that follow my finger test with my eyes. If he had performed the test when I was feeling the effect full force at work, I wold have not been able to follow his finger at all. That gives you some perspective on how bad my vertigo is. I needed help to the bathroom and walking.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Playing on my space

Hey, check it out, I made one!!! Seen this on Ingrids site and I had to get one. ehehhe. Easy as pie to make and fun.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Trip to the ER

I have been sick since Sunday and just when I thought I was feeling better I decided to return to work on Wed. Today I went in for about 2 hours and was feeling really dizzy. I called the hospital from work to see if I could get an appointment and they said they were full and had no appointments. They put me online with a nurse that told me I should go into to the ER. I was in the ER for about 20 minutes and they called me back and put me in a bed and hooked me up to a heart machine and vital machine. I had no temp and heart was all good, except the Dr told me heard and extra sound when he listen to my heart and that was the first time anyone has ever told me that. Anyways, we looked pass the heart sound since he said it might just be my breathing sound along with the heart and they proceeded to check me out and ask all the normal questions. They found my ears were all plugged up with was, nothing new for me since I have a history of ear wax and so they flushed my ears and they also found I was dehydrated and so they hooked me up to and IV and gave me 2 bags of solution to hydrate me. Now I'm home feeling almost the same , but just bloated with this fat belly looking like I'm PG, which I'm not. I think my body is holding all the dang water I've been drinking alone with the 2 bags they gave me with the IV. I was in the ER for 3 1/2 hours and it was so strange to be there listening in on all the patients around me as I lay there resting. The lady next to me was in because she thought her breast implant might have a leak or something, and then they put another lady down on the end that was having a panic attack with this loud OUCH OUCH with a Filipino accent and she was just so out of it. They pumped her with morphine and finally calmed her down with more meds and then had a DR. and phyco consult and all sort of DR going in and out to see her. She was fine, just freaking out. I felt a little silly being in the ER, since I was not dying, but I have been so dizzy for the past 2 days, Rich had to take me to the ER and also took me home on Sunday when I called him to tell him I was sick at work and needed to go home. You all know I hate going to doctors and I hate being sick. I usually never get sick, but this one is kicking me in the butt. I'm off to bed now and thank goodness I'm off tomorrow, but I should be working on Sat morning. I might have to get out of it, if I'm still feeling bad tomorrow. I'll probably call to see my family practice DR this next week if I can, just get another check up. I'm still a little dizzy. No ear infection, but my head is all stuffy and they did give me some meds for that. I sure hope this mess goes away because I hate it.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Home sick

This is my first cold of 2006. I made it the entire year of 2005 and I don't recall getting sick at all last year. I went to work on Sunday and by the end of the day I was just feeling horrible and Rich had to come pick me up and drive me home. I have been sitting home since Sunday, just relaxing and drinking lots of water while taking Theraflu and Sudafed. I just ate a bowl of ramin noodles with egg and it was pretty good, helps the clear up my sinus when I drink the hot juices. I have managed to file our taxes while I've been home. I must say that FL taxes makes such a big difference over CA. I will stay a resident as long as I can. I love Cali and all, but they have some F up taxes in that state. We do not pay state taxes here in FL and we can claim all taxes we pay on major purchases, clothing, food, the works. I'm a super receipt savor and some people find it hard to believe but I do save every single receipt. I was upset that a few of my receipt were blank because of the type of paper they use to print the receipts, so I was not about to read a few of my WinDixie receipts and have learned a lesson for next year. I'll have to make a copy of my receipts that come from that store from now on. I got one yesterday when I went to go by my medicine,so I'll have to make a copy of it. I'll get my envelopes ready for this year and mark them Jan-Dec 06. I hope I feel better so I can try and go back to work tomorrow, but If not Ill just take one more day off, thank goodness I have sick leave hours on the books I can use.

Sunday, January 22, 2006


Yeah baby, Seattle is playing a good game and WILL go to the Super Bowl. Yeah!!!!

Saturday, January 21, 2006


Yesterday we had home made pizza for dinner and I was proud to serve it on my serving tray. I used my Pampered Chef pizza stone to bake the pizza.

Florida woman goes into hospital to have baby, leaves as a double amputee

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Hot and Cold

I got off work around 6pm yesterday and the temperature gauge in my car read 72. It was so nice and warm and I even open the window and sunroof. Today I get off work at the same time and the gauge reads 54 and now it's 42 out and dropping. We have such wacky weather here in FL. The new says we are under a freeze warning for tonight. I'm so ready for the heat to kick in and have sunny weather everyday. By March we should see some beautiful Florida weather. Okay, we are going to walk the dog now, in this cold ass weather , blogg with you later.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

I live for shoes

clean walk-in
I cleaned out our walkin closet and found some shoes I forgot I owned.
stuff in  my old purse
I also cleaned out and old purse and the stuff I had inside was pretty interesting.


Rich and Mianna bowling
Kiara Bowling
After work today we went bowling with Ron,Brandis and the kids. I'm so horrible at bowling that I got charity shots from all bowlers, for my handycap. I'm so sleepy now, it's hard to type. I'll jus post the pictures and let them do the talking.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

It's my Friday

O man o man, nothing feels as good as your Friday, no matter what day of the week it might start. I'm over worked and under paid. ehhehhe. This comes from ME, who use to make a killing and now only make a little over minimum wage. I was doing a search on a job site that posted the min, med and max amount I should be getting compared to the rest of the people in my area working at the job I do now, with the minimum pay falling at twice what I make now and the medium at 31,000 a year and 37 for the height. I SO need to move to a bigger company and make some more MULA. The housing market here is insane and cheap, I just want to get in on a bigger and better house with all the extra money I could be making and also save for the next 5 years for my KID to go to college. Rich is such a good saver and has more then 8 times the amout I have saved and I'm so proud of him. He plays a little in stocks and I just love it when he tells me he made 200 over the past 2 day and he just keeps it up we will have a good chunk to help our girl go to college and have some good saving. She says she will only go for a masters, but right now she is itching to do some modeling and I'm lagging on helping her get in to an agent. She could be making more than me. ehehhe. Anyways, back to the plan at hand..... Rich was talking to a friend at work that suggested I check out the place he had an interview at , they are paying $22per hour for my same type of job. The company is much bigger and so it reflects in the pay, but I'm sure the stress is about the same or more. Some times peoples are so RETARDED on the phone. I've see it , or should I say, heard it all. I'm on it . I'm on it. Found some more homes, tucked away in flemming Island that are right up in the half a mill mark, but killer looking homes and we really don't need that much space, but I'm sure they have smaller models that cost less. I will not sale this home, but will rent it out and try to go that direction. I have to go, Project Runway is on and it's a must see for me. Sorry I havn't had much time to Blogg and was so busy during the Holidays but it'a new year and I'm ready for the new stories I'll blogg about and get to look back on one day.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Bisou Biosou

JC was having and awsome sale on my favorite line of Bisou Bisou so I went a little nuts this past weekend and got some great deals I also got this cute top but in pink/ red Online prices do not reflect the instore pice I actually paid less. whooo hoooo.

Night Job

MY love
My hubby started his night job today and I'm missing him so BAD, come home. I'm so attached to him at the hip that it's not nice for hime to be away from me at night when I'm so use to having him home. The only good thing to come from this new job is he is making his way up the ladder to try and make Chief, so if this helps I'm all for it but that doesn't mean I have to like it. cOME home HoNeY HONEY> I miss YOU GOCHU. lol

Sunday, January 08, 2006

15 min.

I'm sitting her in anticipation or the new episode of Desperate Housewives to start in about 14 min.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Sea World Orlando,Aligator Farm and New Years

Alligator Love
We finally made it out to Sea World Orlando on Friday. This place is nice and we watched the Shamu show and a few other shows as well. Rich and I rode the Kraken and that was fun. We had a few free drinks at the Anheiswer Bush beer tasting and I tryed this new beer called B-to-the-E. . If you don't like beer, you might like this, is taste less like beer and has no bitter tast at all. At the end of the night we watched the fireworks and then headed home. We had planned to go to the Zoon on Sat, but had so much to do that morining we had to changed plans and went out to St. Augustine to the Aligator Farm. I had the most gross thing happen to me while at the farm. I was about to enter one of the bulding, but never made it in, when all of a sudden I felt a huge spash hit me all over from above. I just stood there with my hands out to the side as I said outloud, "Please someone tell me that it's raining or that is water that just hit me all over. NO it was not raining and not water. A GIANT Stork like bird had SHITTED all over me. I was covered so bad, on my forhead, hair, houlders , chest area and even on my camer, camera case and strap. I had to go to the bathroom to clean up and then my grandma bought me an Aligator shirt to wear for the rest of the day. I will never forget the last day of 2005. After the Aligator farm we went to Richie's coworkers house for a lttle bit to hang out and then about 10:30pm we headed downtown to watch the fireworks on the blue bridge. I spoke to my mom and Mianna on the phone just before midnight and wished them a early Happy New Year, since they are in the West and we were celebrating first here on the First Coast. Oya, I forgot to BLog Happy New Years to you all.