Saturday, May 28, 2005

IMAX at World Golf Village

We had a really busy day and it all started out with a visit to the IMAX theater at World Golf Village.
We watched: Space Station and Fighter Pilot

Space Station is the first cinematic journey to the International Space Station (ISS) - where audiences can experience for themselves life in zero gravity aboard the new station. Transported by the magic of the IMAX® technology, the audience blasts off into space with the astronauts and cosmonauts from Florida's Kennedy Space Center and Russia's Baikonur Cosmodrome to rendezvous with their new home in orbit 220 miles above Earth.

Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag
At Red Flag, the international training exercise for air forces of allied countries, many of the worldÂ?s best pilots meet for the most challenging flying of their careers. Red Flag is the final training for pilots and their aircrews before being sent into actual combat.

Both shows were awesome. The Fighter Pilot was real easy for Rich to relate to since he has worked on the planes for years. It was neat to see his reaction and seriousness to the show. I gathered a new respect for my husbands job. Without him the pilots couldn't do there job. After we left WGV we headed to dinner at our favorite spot, can you guess?????? Yeah, Outback Crab Shack. We ate good and then headed home.

We decided to change outfits a little and head out to downtown to watch Macy Gray and James Brown perform for free. We had such a fun time. It was was just me and Rich since Mianna decided to stay home with Duke. We were a little late getting there and so we only heard part of Macy Gray singing Richie's favorite song she sings.. I try to walk away and I stuble,,,
When James Brown come out the crowd got crazy. I just loved it when he sang I'm a soul man and I Feel Good. I recored a little bit of each song on my camera.

Friday, May 27, 2005

The Raccoon is back

Hey guys, I was just sitting here on my computer when I noticed the raccoon from the corner of my eye. She is back and was looking for food. We put some chips out for her. My camera is dead, so I could only catch a few pics.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

6th grade commencement

6th grade graduation
Today Mianna and her 6th grade class graduated and are now 7th graders. There are 67 6th grades counties and her class ranked 6th in reading and 7th in math. I was so amazed by that statistic. I had such a nice time at the commencement and almost had tears in my eyes at so many moments. The slide show at the end was a surprise for the parents, with a display of baby pictures of each student with todays pictures. I'm so excited for her to be moving on to Jr High and yet sad at the same time. My baby girl is growing up too fast.

Monday, May 23, 2005

John Travolta

Tax Free Supplies

Starting June 1st we can buy hurricane supplies tax free. =) We will have to stock up on a buch of things. Thanks to Jeb Bush

The Most Expensive Zip Codes 2005

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Young Girl Found Buried Alive

O.. this is so crazy.

O my, O my

I just finished watching Gray's Anatomy and before that Desperate housewives. All I can say is OMG.....Both shows were so good, I just don't want the season to end.

Star Wars

Rich and I went on a hot date yesterday. Mianna had spent the night at her girlfriends house, since she was having a birthday sleep over. I got to go on a hot date with my hubby. The morning stated out nice with breakfast at a local diner around the corner here in Green Cove. I had a waffle with strawberries and Rich had 3 eggs over easy with toast. After that we headed home to collect all the garbage so that Rich and Duke could take that to the dump while I washed the TL. Once we finish taking care of business we got showered and dress and headed out to buy tickets to see Star Wars. We bough our tickets for the 6:15pm show and since it was only 3pm we had time to go eat dinner and then do some shopping. We decided to eat at Carrabba's since we just love the calamari there. I had grilled salmon with veggies and Rich had steak with mushrooms and some type of gravy sauce with garlic mash potatoes. It was so good as usually and we left with full bellies. We drove over to World Market, since Rich really likes that store and just browsed around. We have 45 bucks to spend there, but for some reason couldn't find what we wanted. We will go back another time and find some thing for the house. I still have a gift certificate to pier 1 as well, and still have to use that one day. I haven't really been in a shopping mood for the house stuff, but I am in the mood to paint. I need to spend some time choosing colors and start painting room by room.
Anyhow we finally watched Star Wars and it was so good. It got me to thinking back when I watched the first one and was only a little kid at the time. I remember having the plastic swords and play fighting with Davina in the darkest spot in the house, that was the bathroom in the old house on Guam. You have all got to go out and see Star Wars. The dialect was so bland, but it's your typical George Lucas screens.

Friday, May 20, 2005


Today the electrician came out to look at the kitchen outlets and also check out the garage light that was not working. He fixed the outlet in the kitchen and then installed my new floodlight for me in the front of the garage. I love the look of the new light and the safety feature will come in real handy when it dark at night. The sensor stretches out 270 degrees and 70 feet out. If cars drive by it will turn on. I love it, so when I get home at midnight, the light will come on for me automatically. Also it will scare away intruders. I will head to home depot to pick up 2 floodlight bulbs and buy a few more motion sensors for the backyard. We have been sleeping with our backlight on everyday. Installing the new lights will help us not have to keep the light on and also keep out any intruders, by scaring them off. We will know if someone of something is moving in our backyard.

Around the house
Rich cut the grass yesterday and it looks so good. We have our yard sprayed every month to keep it healthy and green. The house is so clean today; there isn't much for me to do. I have been relaxing all day, just watching TV and surfing the web. I found a new site to shop on. Body Central check it out, I like item 1101 :0) We might go watch a movie tonight... Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith.... maybe. I'll just wait till Rich gets off work and we will meet up with him and decide.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Me and Mianna

Me and my baby

Mianna age 1

Mianna Xmas 1993

Flat Stanley and the Crab

This morning after I got back from Dukes walk, I found a crab in my garage. Duke was the one who sniffed it out. I decided to help Caleb out with his school project on Flat Stanley and we captured the crab. I have no idea how this thing got in my garage but at least it's not an alligator. LOL. click the title to see a slide show. click Flat Stanley to see the site

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Update on a blog

I have already updated what I wrote in my blog about the Robin. I did make a correction to that blog, that is a few blogs up from it. I'm not taking it out of my blog. I will leave it in, thank you very much. Despite my mistakes from time to Time, I like to leave my blogs in it's true form and just add to it or make corrections as I go. I'm glad you all got a good laugh at me and hey, that must have been nice, laughing is a good thing. I do have some funny reads from time to time, just ask Ingrid. LOL. This blog is dedicated to my silly familia in AZ that tried to call my ass at 1am in the morning. HELLO... EAST coast time. LOL... I was dead sleep when my cell rang and rich got up to turn it off 2 times. LOL. Retreades!!!! All of my family lives on the west and they just think they can pick up a phone at anytime and call me. Shooots. LOL. Just joking guys. Haha. I love you all. Leave my dam Robin , Cardinal. It's all the same to me. I'm just glad you all are online again and able to view my blogg. LUV YA

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

ToniAnn,Margaret and Bill

Margaret just email me some more new pics.

Ceiling Fan

Yesterday I called to find Rich telling me that he could have died..... What??? He said the ceiling fan fell out and is just haning from the ceiling. It coudl have fell out on him. O my goodness. Anyways .. I havn't been ablt to get a hold of the builders so they can come in and fix it. They installed it and looks like they installed it all wrong. I'm so pissed. But i'm glad Rich is not hurt.

New Words Added To Oxford Dictionary

Words in the News:
al Qaeda, antiterrorism, frankenfood, Gitmo, intelligent design, Falun Gong, bunkerbuster, faith-based, hate crime, John F. Kerry and greenwash.

Modern Times:
9/11, Amber alert, reality TV, taikonaut, smart mob, supersize, Texas Hold 'em, air rage, safe room, conflict diamond, fake bake, death metal, sizeism, smokeasy, trustafarian, mash up, permatemp, and barista. Computers and Technology: adbot, blogosphere, bluetooth, wiki, phishing, malware, infoholic, addy, hacktivist, dataveillance, snert, megapixel, code monkey, lurker, and RFID.

Funny "ha ha" (and Funny "strange"):
buckle bunny, cankle, clueful, cone of silence, FUD, ginormous, labradoodle, snivel gear, shojo, unobtainium, noogie, Joe Schmo, ka-ching, Raelian, and prairie-dogging.

Mother Fights for Custody, Wife Fights to Remove Feeding Tube

Branch Falls & Kills Local Mother

Hurricane season

We have started Hurricane season here and they predict it will be the worst year ever. Last year we were hit by 4 hurricanes in a row and I'm so scared for this year. We have so many trees in our backyard and last year one actually fell on the house. We were not living here when it fell but O man it was a big tree and we have many more of that same size in our backyard. I hope it's not too bad this year, but I have a feeling it will be bad. Rich said, that's what we have insurance for. The thing is insurace only starts coverage after our 6000 deductible. Weather has been so wacky all over the world, I think we are having some major global warming. The names for this.... Starting with the first name. Arlene (that is my god-daughters name and her B-day happens to be today.

Conrad C. Lautenbacher Junior told reporters the Atlantic will have 12 to 15 tropical storms, seven to nine of them becoming hurricanes, and three to five of those hurricanes being major, with sustained winds of at least one-hundred-and-eleven miles per hour.
These are the names for this year.

2005 hurricane Names


Friday, May 13, 2005


I had posted a picture of that red bird that was in my back yard, I thought it might have been a red robin, but come to find out... Ingrid says it looks more like a cardinal. I don't know much about birds, but I guess that's what it is. I did find a picture and link on the web, that looks like the one I had seen.


Margret sent in some pics of ToniAnn. She is 2 now. Margaret also wrote in email.

"ToniAnn is growing up so fast. For her 2year check up. She is
2ft 11inches and is 28lbs. She is a tall chamaole. She just started gymcats. A
gymnmastics class. She loves it. We keep busy with Moms club and a

Thursday, May 12, 2005


I was talking to Rich about having our lanai screened in and put some really nice outdoor furniture on it. I found a really nice table and chairs, for a really great price. I just love restoration Hardware. They even have this cool outdoor shower for people that have pools. Our yard is totally big enough for a pool, but I'm not a big fan of pools, I would rather have a Jacuzzi and out door kitchen eating area. I like to eat out doors and pools have too much chlorine in them. Mianna loves pools. Maybe for the next home. I would rather swim in the ocean water, like in HAWAII. O man, I want to go back to Hawaii. Okay, I have to get back to my reality and head out to the stores. I have to buy a B-day gift and get a package mailed out to Japan. I might just go to the mall. I have 3 1/2 hours to do all this, might run out of time or just wait till tomorrow and do it on my day off. Check out the link above to see that awsome site I was talking about.

I found a light that will look good in my kitchen about the bar. I would like to add above 2 or 3 Pendant Too bad it's on back order till June, must be a popular item.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Jacksonville Beach Cam

Southbank Came

This cam is interactive.
You can see the background of my pics on the interactive cam

Rich on the phone with Ingrid
By the fountain

Duke's lil sis

lil Duke
We found Duke a little sister at Wal Mart. The sign flips over to say Go Away.

Robin in my hood

I can look out the window as I sit here on my Mac and I spotted a Robin. The funny thing is I seen was yesterday by my old apartments and didn't have a camera. it's too bad I was only able to take a picture from inside the house by way of the window. when I went outside he had flew away. I also spotted a stray cat walking around my backyard. Maybe the cat was trying rob me? I have no idea. Too many dang animals in my jungle. I do love all the chirping and singing that the birds make in our jungle.
stray cat

Email clutter is gone

Screen Capture
I just learned how to use screen capture of my mac, and thought it would be cool to document a snippet of my email account. This is the cleanest it has ever been. I normally have tons of Emil in it and loads of junk. I actually cleaned it out today and since I'm a goof I have to blogg about it. Or I'm I bragging about it. LOL...... Now for the othe 9 accounts I have. hehehe


Racoon hanging on to the trash canRaccoon running off with a bone
Duke questioning.... what is that ?Duke looking out at the racoon
Racoon standing tallRaccoon making noise
I called home from work to have Mianna tell me that she seen a Raccoon in our backyard and that he had got into our trash and took some food. Mianna was able to catch a few pictures of her. It's a mama Raccoon and she said it ran back to the tree that we have down in our backyard woods. I want to keep her. ehhehe. I asked Rich what we should call her and he said, Raccoon. She is just so cute. Mianna said her fur was all wet and you can tell from the pictures. Mianna was brave enough to go outside and get a closer look, but when the raccoon started to move towards her she went back in the house. Duke was real curious and tried to bark, but he just peaked out the window at her. Mianna said Duke wanted out bad, to check out the raccoon.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Whatch this..

click the title to watch the CNBC news clip. It's about the OSX tiger and I love how they show a TL ehhehehe.


This is AWESOME!
Tilt your head to the left to see the picture.
You will be amazed at what you see.
Look at the entire length of the picture......


Sunset on Mothers Day
Here is a picture of the sun setting on Mothers Day. It made me sad to think of the sun setting in the west, where all my Mom's and good friends are. I miss you all and I hope everyone got my mothers day wishes. I got to speak to a few of you and left messages with the rest.

Mothers Day

Mianna and Rich
Yesterday was real special for me. After I got off work I headed home to find my hubby and daughter had bough me a dozen roses and we dressed and ready to go to dinner. I had to get dressed and I was having one of those, I hate every thing in my closet need to go shopping moments. I finally put on some thing real casual and we headed off to St. Johns Town Center. We had made reservation over 3 weeks ago and were ready to eat some PF Changs. For our appetizer we ordered our FAVORITE, the

lettuce wraps

Quickly cooked spiced chicken served with cool lettuce cups.

Then for dinner we had

Thin noodles grilled then stir-fried with a choice of beef, chicken, pork and shrimp.

Shrimp prepared in a red chili pepper garlic sauce

Served Cantonese-style, tossed with fresh steamed broccoli.

PF Chang Horse

Every thing was so good. The service was excellent and the food came out just in time. O my god and for dessert we had MY personal favorite

Six layers of rich chocolate cake frosted with semi-sweet chocolate chips and served with raspberry sauce.

Rich had asked for extra fruit. mmmmm. With all of this good food I had the best 2 glass of 2003 Clos Du Boise Chardonnay. I just fell in love with that Char, and will have to run out and buy a few bottles. It tasted just perfect with no alcohol over kill. They had it chilled to perfection and it went well with dinner and the best with dessert. mmmmmmm. The wine is so cheap, love it!!!!
Clos Du Bois Chardonnay

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Chicken Kelaquin

I grated some fresh coconut and Rich BBQ chicken and we had chicken kelaquin for dinner. I also made some coconut candy for dessert. Dinner was just awesome. I was sitting in the backyard on the notebook with my mother-in-law on MSN IM and we were also on webcam. I too her on a tour of the outside of our house. She also watched as we BBQed and then roasted marshmallows when we were done with the chicken.
Jenny is over spending the night and so we had to order pizza for her because she doesn't like chicken. Now that I'm stuffed like a pig I need to take my big butt butt to bed. I have to get up in the AM and go to work. But tomorrow we have reservations at PF Changs and I'm so looking forward to my Mothers Day dinner.

3 different styles

Monarch Butterfly

Medieval Times Collection

Click the title, I made a slide show of our trip to Medieval Times. The trip went real well and we had so much fun.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Dinner and Dye?

The Chicken luau I made turned out great and for a surprise Mianna made Rich Pinapple upside down cake. We had a well ballance Hawaiian meal.

I dyed my hair a light brown, but it's actually darker then the name implies. I was sick of my light ends and too lazy to have it done at the shop. I like it now. Ill be sure to take lots of pics tomorrow and upload a few. I better go to bed now. I have to get up at around 4am.


Happy Cinco De Mayo.
today will only come once. 555
Happy Anniversary to Nana and Papa. 26 years.


Can I trade my car in for this

Medieval Times

Tomorrow I will be a chaperon for Mianna's 6th grade fieldtrip to Medieval Times. This will be our first visit ever. We have always wanted to go to the in LA, but never did.


Every time it rains our lanai is covered with worms. Rich said he could use them as bait for fishing. LOL

Duke's Raincoat

It has been raining for about 3 days now and so I had to buy Duke a raincoat. We just got back from a long walk and I had on my raincoat as well.

Taro Leaves

My neighbor Marylyn stopped by the other day to tell me she finally sold her house. The new house will be ready in 6 weeks and I can't wait to see it. Mary gave be a bag of fresh taro leaves from her backyard. She had mentioned it's good in coconut milk, and so I was searhing the web for some recpies. I found a Hawaiian recipe for Chicken Luau and since it's a gloomy and rainy day, I'll make it. A few of my favorite Hawaiian recipes are Kalua Pig and Huli Huli chicken. Mmmmm

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Photoshop fun

Baby girl

Happy Birthday

Happy 30th Birthday Lorraine

Monday, May 02, 2005


My daughter Mianna and her Great Grandma (my moms mom)

My mom! I'm all proud of looking like my mom