Monday, November 28, 2005

Christmas trees 2005

Mianna Christmas Tree 2005
Mianna put up her own tree in her bedroom and it's all pink and blue.
Our formal livingroom tree 2005
I put up this tree in our formal living room and in a few days I'll put up a real tree in the family room. That will be a total of 3 trees in the house. I'm just so excited to have our first xmas in our home. I'm still trying to put up the rest of my decorations throughout the house.

Sunday, November 27, 2005


We went out to eat with some friends at a place called Mango and the food was sooooo good, Mango is all Puerto Rican food resturant and it was awsome. Today was so nice and warm and it's still warm out with temps in the 70's and it's 11:34pm. Crazy weather made me clean my car today. Watched Desperate Housewives and its getting good. Now I need to take my butt butt to bed. Tomorrow is Black Monday After Thanksgiving Sale, I might have to do some " windows" shopping.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Necklace hunt

Today Rich and I hit the mall all day in search of a necklace to go with my gown. We discovered the mesh style necklaces that come in white gold and two toned beaded. I had some pieces on that were worth over 3000, but the best one of all was only 1000 some with 70 off and we passed it up for now. Rich couldn't see why it was worth so much, but it was so pretty. I'm not sure if we will get it or if I'll just wear my pearls. I'll try to find a link to what is similar to it. Some looked like this but without the pearlsclick here I also had on one like this. We had so much fun and it was funny how we attracted so much attention when ever I had one on, the entire store would ooo and ahhh and say how pretty I looked, I was a princess for a day LOL, hehehehe.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


I got my haircut and colored today. I had to go to the hair college to try and save some money since my normal cut and color usually cost over 200 some. I got it done so dirt cheap and it looks cute. I'm happy with it and Rich likes it. Mianna didn't notice it and thinks it's the same as it was. Some time she is just I don't know, retarted. My hair is nothing at all like the way it use to be. Anyways, I have my dress and hair ready for the x-mas party and now all I need is to figure out what accessories to wear. I'll need a necklace, purse and shoes to top it all off and I'll be ready. I'm excited for x-mas since grandma and my mom will be coming out to FL. I need to start my X-mas shopping. I'm so bad I still need to mail out Bryce B-day gift (sorry it's so late) I've had it for weeks but was bad about getting it in the box to mail it out. I kinda ripped Elmo's butt butt when I took him out the box and so I have to fix it. ehhehe. Ingrid, I'll try to get it out this week. Okay I'm off this thing, need to go relax.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Happy BIRTHDAY Mianna

Happy 13th BDay Mianna
We took Mianna out to KoKo's for a habachi style dinner and it was nice. Everyone there was celebrating a birthday so we heard the song like 5 times. ehehhe. We had ice cream cake and actually woke her up at 5am to sing to her when she was half sleep and crumpy.(a.k.a crusty and grumpy) That was dad's idea, he didn't want to wait all day to do it. LOL She loves all the gifts she got and would like to send a big thanks to Nina Ingrid for the makup and the sweater, she LOVES it and it fits.

here are the wishes she got via email

Thanks to Auntie Margaret.
ECard from Margaret

Big thanks to Lorraine and the family


I Love you I love you I love you..... these words are FROM MY HEART. MOM and DAD

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Anatomy Roller Coaster

Grey's Anatomy was such an emotional roller coaster. I really liked tonights show. The theme song is so sultry and smooth I might have to buy it.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

One week later

Yesterday we decided to head back to Orlando to do some shopping and to watch the fireworks at Epcot. We live so close and so it was an easy drive to The Mall at Millenia, this place is HUGE. I'm talking HUGE and I was in heaven. I planned to focus on finding a X-Mas dress and had no luck. But we did have fun window shopping in all the fancy stores and we even treated ourselves to some Godiva chocolate. mmmmmmmmm. After shopping we ate at P.F Changs and then headed over to Epcot. We were just there last week and so it was nice to return and stay for the fireworks show this time. We decided to go as solo riders on test track since we love that ride and that was just as fun the second time around. I would love to go back to the mall today, but I'll just save it for next time. I think I'll clean house all day and then take Mianna out to St. Johns Town Center. Mianna's Birthday is on Tuesday and we still have no set plans. Yesterday was like and early celebration for her and she wants to go shopping at Limited Too for her winter clothes. I've created a madness with this Limited Too shopping. I'll take her today if we clean the house up really fast.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Back to the gym

Today after work I had my first workout with free weights and also a bar with weights. I'm so glad to be back at the gym now and I'll try to work out at least 3 times a week after work. I started last week and hope to get back into shape and be able to fit some of the old clothes better. I'm up about 3 sizes from my normal size and about 10 to 12 pounds from my normal weight. I'll try to get down before Xmas and fit into a cute dress for the Xmas party. The instructor that tough the power flex class has a super tight body. She is what I need, some inspiration. I'm off to take a bath and relax my muscles in the tub.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Dreaming and back to work

I was enjoying my vacation a little too much and was sad I had to return to work today. I had a pretty easy and slow day. I laughed allot with my coworkers as always on Sunday. I watched Constantine (trippy movie) and now I'm home just anxious for Desperate Housewives to come on. Rich liked Constantine, I can't really say I liked it but it was a trip and now I need to watch some fun happy things so I will not have nightmares tonight. Speaking of nightmares, yesterday I had a pretty weird dream. I was in what seemed like my grandparents house a mixture of the one on Guam and the one in San Diego. Davina was in my dream holding Rayleen as a baby, but we exchanged no words. And I never saw her face. My mom was in bed and I got into bed to lay next to here when I noticed she had really pretty orange colored sheets and I bent over the side of the bed to look down and see she had a matching dust ruffle, when I noticed some pillows on the floor. I sat up and got out of bed to pick up the pillows. She was laying on 2 other and I picked up two and then noticed there were two more. I picked the last two pillows up and then noticed it was strange she had a set of 6 pillows on her bed and they fit side by side in two's so the bed was huge. I also noted all the drool marks on the pillow and told my mom her bed sheets were so pretty but she seriously needs to wash the pillows. She laughed at me and it was so real sounding. I really thought I was awake and not in a dream, since it was all as clear as day and nothing was blurry, with all colors. I walked to the bathroom since I need to go Pee Pee so bad. I couldn't find the tissue but then noticed the white tissue on the tank of the toilet and sat down with the tissue in my hand. I didn't close the bathroom door and all of a sudden I couldn't relax and got real scared I could feel it in my chest. I looked to the open bathroom door and there was my grandfather standing outside the doorway. I froze up in shock and said to my self you are dead. I thought I was seeing his ghost since I didn't know I was dreaming yet. He asked me to come look at something he was holding on a tray. He was holding this tray full of stuff in the air with one had, just like a waitress and I noticed and recognized as much as I could on the tray. The things I noticed the most was a large blue container of salt, you know the kind you pour out. Well, grandpa use to keep a bunch of stuff close to him on his table by the chair he sat in to watch TV and the stuff on the try is what he use to have by his chair. I could probably even find a picture among my stuff with the same blue salt container he use to keep complete with the rubber bands around the container that he use to collect from things like the newspaper or where ever he obtained them and would use them to close up his bags of chips or pretzels and stuff of that nature. But anyways I thought this was all so strange that he had his tray and had something new he wanted to show me on the tray, but I got close enough to see the tray and looked down at what he was pointing at but never saw what he was showing me because I backed off quickly and he looked me in the eyes and rolled his eyes in a way of disbelieve or anger that I wasn’t paying attention to what he was trying to show me and then I walked backwards in the bathroom and he vanished. I sat on the toilet trying to relax again to P, when I realized I had just seen a ghost and started screaming help me and the top of my lungs, I could see my family members coming to my help in the distance and they never got close to the bathroom and that was when Rich heard my screaming and ran to the bedroom from the family room and woke me up. I was in shock for a little bit and then got up to Pee after I asked Rich to turn on all lights and then started to cry as I told him my dream. I slept well last night all alone with no dreams and just curious as to what my dream was trying to say to me. Man.