Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Baby sitting

Today I'm on my first baby-sitting duty with Troux =) I just can't get over how adorable he is. Troux has the cutest little curl at the back of his hair. I find myself able to understand 1-year-old jurbish again. LOL . Right now we are playing with his toy motorcycle and it just crashed. It's almost like I have the cute little baby boy I've always wanted. Troux is on the couch watching Sesame Street, O man remember them days?? I think Troux might fall asleep on the couch; he just started to play with his little curls in his hair. This is one super cute baby boy. Let me see if I can catch a picture of him before he moves from his position. Usually he just sits still and posses for the camera. What a ham.

Troux just fell asleep on the couch, how cute.

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