Monday, December 03, 2007

Mianna's real care baby

Mianna and her Real Care baby
Real Care baby
Real Care baby keys
Real Care baby
I came home from work to find Mianna on the couch and a baby sitting in a car seat on he floor next to her. Mianna is in Child Development at school and this is a project for her class. She had to keep the real care baby for today and will return it tomorrow. The baby is computerized and she has a code sheet and different things need to be done to take car of the baby. It will cry when it needs food, diaper or attention. she had a ring of keys she has to stick in it's back to record the progress when she does the proper steps to take care of the baby. Mianna had to Carry this car seat home on the bus and will carry it to school tomorrow and take it back to class first thing in the morning. The baby will keep her up tonight because it cries like every 2 hours or so. She will probably be a little fatigue tomorrow. The baby is only 5 pounds but feels heavy to me and in the car seat it's really heavy. This is so funny to see a mechanical baby in our house. To think in about 8 weeks we will have a real life baby in the house. I can tell Duke is acting a little upset about the baby and Mianna said he freaked out whe he heard her cry.

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