Thursday, November 22, 2007

30 week on Thanksgiving Day

I was up around 6am and that's late for me. I put the ham in the oven and I have another one on the stove top, making a traditional bake ham and my favorite kalua pork. I'll stat the macaroni and cheese when the hams are done. I also have to make my potato salad and that's it. I might cook a little rice, just to have on the side. We are heading over to a friends house and she is frying a turkey, making been casserole. I think mash potatoes and a few pies. I also made Robert Redford dessert last night and I almost forgot I need to make my stuffing. I might have to get dressed in a little bit and run to Walmart, I forgot to buy mushrooms. I might even make a cheese cake. It seems like we have more desserts than food, I love it. I was just thinking about how much I miss the family back home in SD and they are probably having lots of goodies to eat today. It's 57 degrees out, and gloomy. Yesterday was in the 80's and so sunny.

I'm still can't believe I'm 30 weeks today and only have about 10 more weeks to go full term. I can feel how much my baby boy has grown and I can tell he is very long. Mianna was 19 1/2 inches, he just might top her at 20. My belly is really big now, i'll have to take some new pictures today and post them tonight. Rich is boarding his plane now and will be stopping in Atlanta. He doesn't get her until around 2:30. We are so excited to see him, it's been one month since I last saw him. Well, I better get back to the kitchen, I want to get this all done by noon, so I'll have time to just relax a little until I got the the airport. Have A Happy Thanksgiving guys. LUV ya all.

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