Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Almost 34 weeks

In one day I'll be 34 weeks. Man time is flying. I'm feeling good so far and only have a little water retention in my feet and very little in my hands. I have to use the bathroom more than before, but baby boy is really low and on my bladder. I made my next OB appointment for Jan 7th and I will have an ultrasound to confirm that baby boy is in position and ready for delivery. I hope that they are able to tell how big he is and if I'm right on time with the due dates they have predicted for us. It seems like 6 weeks is not very long and going to fly by fast. I haven't started to fill out my maternity leave papers, but I will do that in Jan and have it all ready to go. I Hope to make it until I"m 38 weeks and then stop working to prepare for the baby. I have a few things I still need to get and the crib is one big thing we have yet to buy. Rich is home for 10 days and It's so nice to have him home, I wish he wouldn't leave. I really miss being a complete family. I'm starting to get nervous and have been waking up at such odd hours in the night and not really sleepy all that much. This morning I got up around 2:30. I usually seem to get up around 4am but this morning I got up real early. I might try to go to bed early, but usually it just makes me get up way too early. 4-5 hours is all I've really been getting and little 10-15 minute naps when I get home from work. I feel as though I have more energy than usual, so I guess it's a good thing. My in-laws will be here next month and my mom still hasn't told me when she is coming out. I have to pack my hospital bag in a few weeks and have it all ready, wow, this is almost too scary to seem real.

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