Thursday, September 06, 2007

Car crashed into again!

I swear the TL is a magnet for getting crashed into. I was the first car in line, with 3 other cars involved. YUP, yet again, it's been 2 years and 6 months and this will be my second bumper. I was stopped and just ready to take my foot off the break, i did notice hte guy behind me was stopped as well and then bump! I was like, what, how did he hit me, he was stopped. but the guy behind him was also stopped, and the dodge ram that was pulling a trailer couldnt' stop in time and hit the Acura Integra, that inturn hit the masda behind me and then he hit me. 4 car collison on the HWY 17, the same highway I was traveling on when we had the first accident. Anyways, no one was hurt and the cops showed up fast. We all moved out of the street and into the parking lot of the hotel across the street. It took the cop about an hour to take down all the into and give us our print out. the Acura integra had the most damage to the bumper of his car and you could even see the emblem of the ram imprinted in this trunk. The front end was pretty messed up too. the Masda behind me had like not even a scratch on his bumper, but his front end was pretty bent at the license plate and the damage to my TL is only on the right hand side of the bumper. I was so shook up, and shacking, but not hurt. It was just a shock and took me by surprise. O man, my poor car. But all the guys were so nice and we just talked about all kinds of stuff while we waited for the cop to put the info into his computer. You sure can learn alot about a few people in an hour. We went from complete strangers to knowing just a little bit about each others hobbies and jobs and family in that short time. The good thing is that we were all okay and we all have insurance. The guy driving the dodge was sited for following too closely and given a ticket. I'll contact my insurance tomorrow to report it and see what all we have to do. I know for fact it will cost around 700 for a new bumper, since thats what is cost last time. The guy in the dodge ram was just so happy that we were all taking it easy on him and he felt so bad. His truck had quite a bit damage to the front. Rich just happen to call when right after it happen, so the first thing I said, was I'm okay, we are all okay, but ...... I was in an accident and the car is hurt again. He took it okay and said he would call me back in a few hours.

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