Saturday, December 01, 2007

cleaning house

formal living room
Mianna vacuumed the house and I used the carpet cleaner to clean the formal room and the hall. It looks so much better. It's really hard to keep white carpet clean.Our dog is the big mess maker. Now Mianna is cleaning out the closet in her old room so I can have it all ready for when the baby moves in the room and I will have space for his stuff. Next I need to get the things for xmas out the attic and wash my car. Then I need to winterize my grass and we will be all good. We might even have time to go the the store and pick up Dukes Meds at the pet hospital. I just love it when the house is clean even if I hate cleaning it. I was going to get a made to do basic stuff like floors and bathrooms, but Nan, I'm already spoiled with a yard worker. My yard looks good since they just cut it yesterday. A good thing about this time of year, it cost half of what it cost in the summer time. We have St. Augustine grass and it is really thick and hard to cut. It will take me at least an hour to winterize it with the speed feeder. Okay, I'm off to do more work. I'll take pictures to post later on.

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