Friday, August 03, 2007

My trip to the Big Apple

Time Square

I flew out to NY last Friday to see my baby boy. It was such a wonderful weekend. Well the first day I had a little trouble with my cell phone and so the only communication was with a pay phone and text messaging was the only thing working on my phone. I made it to Staten Island safely and it was fun riding on the Staten Island Ferry. On Saturday Morning I got up around 3am and was just so excited for Rich to get to the lodge. He finally got there after noon. I was so good to see him, since we hadn't seen each other since July3rd. We decided to head into Manhattan and go to ground zero and eat some pizza. O my god the pizza in NY is to die for. The best kind from the little side shops not the fancy restaurant or pizza hut types. We were in what they call Tribeca. It’s the lower half portion of Manhattan that is shaped like an upside down triangle. After ground zero we walled to Wall Street and then from there we headed north on Broadway and headed to Soho for some shopping. Yeah everyone knows Soho is the shopping Mecca of the Manhattan, ehehhe. It was so much fun. We then crossed over to China Town and then to Little Italy to eat dinner. We ate seafood pasta and tilapia. mmmmm. For dessert we ate tiramisu and had coffee, I had decaf. After Little Italy we jumped on the subway and headed a little northwest to Time Square were we found the W or favorite Hotel? Rich was sad that I didn't get a room there, but the room coast just as much as my plane ticket for one night stay. I was trying to be thrifty and not spend a lot of money. ehhee. I promised him that we would stay there the next trip to NY. The W bathroom was a good stop for me and it was so nice and clean. We walked around Time Square until we got tired and then headed down to the train station to catch the 1 to go south to the Staten Island Ferry. The ferry is a free ride to Staten Island and the got a cab to the lodge. The Navy Lodge is nice and all but the beds Suck ass, they are so hard; I was in pain both nights. The next morning it was time to check out and head to Manhattan for lunch. We decided to go to Rockefeller Center and we found Taki Sushi not to far from there and ate some sushi for lunch. After lunch we had dessert in the Rockefeller Center and then jumped on the subway to head over to Brooklyn so I could catch my bus to LaGuardia. I really like the subway system it reminded me of the subways in Japan. It was raining all day and Rich said it was because NY knew I was leaving him. hehehehe. The rain sure helped to cover up my tears I was really crying on the inside because I didn't want to leave him. He said it felt weird because it's usually him that leaves but this time I was leaving. I love that man, I tell you he makes life so worth living and I just wouldn't know what I would be doing without him. I was really missing my baby girl at home, she stayed with the neighbors while I was in NY, and they are so awesome. Her friend’s mom is like a second mom to her and the girls are really close. I flew from LGA to Charlotte NC in this small ass plane that had 2 seats on one side of the plane and then one seat on the opposite side. I was so scared but believe it or not it was the smoothes ride I have ever took in a plane. We were about 3 hours late leaving because of the rain and most of that time we were in the plane sitting on the runway just watching over 50 or so planes take off. We finally got to NC and then the connecting flight was also delayed 2 1/2 hours and so I was just so pissed by this time and so sick of airport chairs. I watched an employee at the airport get arrested for taking money from the register. How stupid, he did it with an eye in sky watching him right next to his station. Dumb butt. How embarrassing is it to get arrested at work. We left NC around midnight and flew into Jacks after 1am. I finally got home at 2am and into bed by 2:30. I was not getting up for work in 3 hours, so I had to go in late at 9am instead of 7am. I told my boss what had happen, they love me much, and so I should be okay. I love NY and could so see us living there. We will only be a 6-hour drive away from Norfolk so we plan to visit often.

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