Saturday, September 08, 2007

My turn for anticipation

Yesterday was a good day, since we found out Ingrid is having a girl. Today I find myself dying with anticipation. With my first born we waited the entire 40 weeks and found out it was a girl right at birth. We just had no desire to find out and wanted to be surprised. I had no problem waiting back then and never one second guessed our decision. My hubby really wants to know this time and so I'm going along with him on wanting to find out. I do want to get the room all decorated and pretty or handsome for our new baby boy or girl. I want anther girl, but a boy will make my hubby happier than happy. He is thinking boy thoughs so hard. Just as long as it's a healthy strong baby, it really doesn't mater to me all that much. I finished painting the spare room. It's fun now beacaue we call it the spare room, but soon it will be occupied by the new family member. My daughter has a an all blue room and the spare room is a dark and light purple color. If we find out it's a boy, she says she will move into the purple room and give up her blue room for the baby. She really wants a pink room, but I just don't know about painting a room pink. The purple room is so relaxing and cool. I'm going to decorate it now and it will be a little on the girlly side. ehehe. Mianna will probably take over anyways and then I might just keep her room blue or paint over parts of it with green or yellow. I'm off to the paint store today, just in the mood to paint, paint paint. So Tuesday is the big day for us and it just can't come any sooner. Thank goodness my apt. is at 8am, so it will be early that morning. I go to work tomorrow and Monday and then on Tuesday I go in for about 30 minutes, to drink my water and do a little work and then I'm off the hospital. I have to check in 15 minutes early so I'll be there at 7:45 and Lord I hope I can hold down that 32oz of water I have to drink prior to my arrival. The sad part is I will be all alone, no hubby, no friend. I don't know, I might as a friend, but she might be able to go with me.


Ingrid said...

Ahhhhh! I can't wait! I am so freaking excited. I wish I was there so I could go with you. I'm thinking BOY. Just getting boy vibes. ;) I don't care how early it is over here... you better call my ass!

Ingrid said...

Today is the day!!!!!