Saturday, July 07, 2007

4th of July

This year we didn't drive out to down town to watch the fireworks, but instead we went to the pier in Green Cove and got to see over 20 different fireworks shows from a distance. There were a few that were close to us and also some houses in the area were letting off some big fireworks. We stocked up on fireworks the day before and also had some from last year, so we lit a bunch in the driveway and had so much fun. There was this one call M88 salute and when we lit it, there was a small sparkle and it seemed to do nothing, but as we turned our backs to walk back in the house it let off the loudest pop noise, that sounded like a gun shot, we screamed so loud and ran toward the house. We were busting up so hard and just could stop. We had about 5 of the m88's but didn't want to light anymore. We had a purple rain fountain and lots of alien looking firework, jitterbug or jumping bugs and all sorts of fireworks. It's pretty cool out here, because it's not against the law like in some parts of the world, so we had so much fun playing with fireworks.

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