Friday, June 22, 2007

What I'm feeling right now

Pregnancy week nine. What's going on with your body? Those hormones are in full force, not to mention some dull cramping. Read on for more information about your ninth week of pregnancy.

Your Body

Pregnancy does odd things to your skin. It's all those hormones! Some women break out as though each little pore were Mount Vesuvius. "Kablooey! Thar she blows!" For other, more fortunate women, bumpy complexions smooth to the softness of a rose. (Don't gloat... pregnancy has its share of inconveniences for everyone.) As your pregnancy progresses, your complexion may even out, though some women need to wait until after the baby is born before having nice skin again.

Later in pregnancy, some women develop a "mask" of dark pigment around their eyes, on their noses, and cheeks. This is called the chloasma and will slowly fade once you are a mom. If you develop this "mask of pregnancy":

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