Friday, July 20, 2007

Car problems

Fake wood
I wanted to blogg about this the other day but since I'm like never home, I just have to do it all in one day. On Monday after my Dr. appointment, Mianna and I decided to go to the commissary to get food. We got about 175 bucks of food, got it all loaded in the car and then went to start the car and it wouldn't start. I had to call for roadside assistance and it took 45 min. In the meantime we had to take all the cold stuff like ice cream, milk and meat, back into the store for them to hold it for us. Pop a Lock finally came and jump-started my car. We drove home just fine. I got up the next morning on Tuesday and went to work. I left work around noon since I had a dentist apt for Mianna and I had to go gas the car first. After I got gas in it didn't want to start, but then I tried again and I got it started. I went home to pick up Mianna and lets just say I had to leave my car on at the dentist office. While they gave Mianna her cleaning I ran around the corner to a car shop and had the battery tested, sure enough it was really low. They didn't have my size battery but I was able to find it at Wal-Mart. I had to leave Mianna in the running car, so that no one would steal it while I ran in to buy a battery. We made it home safe, let the car cool down and then Mianna helped me and we changed the battery out. After all of that I had to get dressed and ready for my second job and made it up there on time. I had no radio the entire drive and the next few days, till I figured out how to input the code for my anti thief radio. Now I have make sure my emissions sets it self back to normal after a few days of driving. It's crazy how car are so computerized now. I was happy that I didn't have to reset the hands fee system for my cell phone. I did have to reset the clock and that was all. The car is driving like a champ now and it's hard to believe I have so many miles on it and it's only 2 years old. I have to keep an eye on my alternator I’m sure it will go next. I do love my car, but not sure if it will be enough room with a teenager, and a baby car seat in the back. I might trade it in for a bigger vehicle.

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