Saturday, November 03, 2007

Jump rattle and roll

I'm telling you this baby boy is one active dude. I sware he gets up on his feet and runs around in my belly. I'm now 27 weeks and it's hard to believe I only have about 13 more weeks to go. I can feel baby boy move from under my boob to way low in my pelvis area. He makes me squirm because his movements are not gentle at all. It's as if he gets fussy and can't make up his mind on what side to lay on. he litteraly runs from one area to the next, so thats what it feels like. I almost wish I had a ultrasound machine at home so I could watch him wiggle and jiggle. He must wiggle, jiggle, shift, streach, punch and kick all at the same time. O lord, 13 more weeks of this. Maybe when he gets bigger he will have less room for all the movement but I bet I'm gonna be in pain from his hard punches and kicks. My baby girl never moved around like this in my belly. This is going to be one active and fussy little guy.

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Adea said...

I know just how you are feeling. Logan would kick me so hard I would double over in pain and I would scare people. You know that means he is going to be one active little boy. Logan never sits still. He is on the move all day and I never get to sit down.