Friday, July 20, 2007

Rich on his first trip

On Wed. Richie's ship pulled out to sea, it's just a short det for them to go load equipment in New Jersey and then they take a few days to go to Main, for the Lobster festival and then I guess back to VA. I'm waiting for his call since he said they should pull in some time this afternoon. Mianna is asleep on the couch; you would think she is the PG, with all the sleeping she does. I swear, when Rich was home for a few days, he was just the same way. Everyone around me gets sleepy and all the symptoms, Not me, I'm just find. I fell pretty well. I do have cramps from time to time and last night was pretty bad. I get it low in my pelvic area and it hurts enough to bring my eyes to water. No morning sickness, only slight nausea in the evening, but it goes away as soon as I eat some thing. I have had a slight problem brushing my teeth in the morning but I think it's more mental and I just have to focus when I brush my teeth. Ehhehe. I don't know, what ever. I need to call the hospital to make my next apt. And that will be about 3-5 weeks from now. I'm supposed to make a dentist apt too. Anyways, all is well here and we are just chilling at home. I gave my two weeks notice at my second job and so that will all be over by the end of the month. Next month is my B-day and I look forward to my Mom and cousin coming out to visit from Cali.

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