Friday, December 28, 2007

Home alone

Yesterday was a bittersweet moment for me. I got up early and as Mianna was getting ready to go with her girlfriend to Valdosta, GA to have fun for 2 days at the Wild Adventures. She left around 12 noon and will not be home till about noon on Saturday. She had to say her goodbye to day since he was also leaving around 6pm. I spent the afternoon just lying in bed talking with him and wondering about all the things to come in the next few weeks. He was talking to my belly and telling baby boy he can't come early and he has to wait till the next time daddy is in town. We had fun figuring out what body part was sticking out my belly and thinking about how big his feel and legs might be. I started to get sad thinking about driving to the airport to drop him off. We went to the base around 3:30 and thought we would gas the car and take Rich to the barber for a haircut, but he changed his mind and we only gassed the car. We headed up to the airport and got there about 1 hour early. The lady at check-in was so nice and she asked me if I wanted to escort Rich to the gate. I said "Yes I would love to!" and she gave me a pass to take him all the way to the gate. The flight was delayed until after 7pm and so we had time to sit and just talk. After he left I headed to St. Johns Town Center to return a shirt that didn't fit Mianna and picked up a few more shirts that she would possibly like. I walked around a few stores and then went to Target. O yah before all that I ate dinner at 5 guys. mmmmm that was good. I finally got home around 10:40 and by this time Rich had already made it back to Norfolk and was eating dinner at Mickey D's. I had to take the trash out since Mianna was not home to do her regular chore. Now it's just the dog and me. I'm not even sure what to do with my self. It’s my day off, but I have been out of work the past 2 days, sick with a bad cold. Rich come home to Jax with a cold and on the day before Xmas he gave it to me. I was able to sleep with my mouth closed last night only because I kept spraying my nose with salt water spray from my Dr and I took some cough medicine that is okay for me to take and had Vicks on my chest and neck. I'm still sick, but feel much better than the past 2 days. I had a few cramps last night and thank god it went away. I'm so nervous that baby boy will come early and Rich will not be home. He pulls out for a short work up on the 14th and will not be back until the 27th. I want to buy him an airline ticket to come home on the 28th and hope that baby comes on the 29th or after. It's so hard to play this guessing game and I'm really starting to get nervous.

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