Saturday, November 03, 2007

I want a Leopard

O man, I didn't want to watch the tour on Leopard, because I knew I watched it, I would want it. Okay, so now I know what to ask for for X-mas. Can I please have a Leopard for Christamas dad? LOL. I like the spaces feature. I alway have a million windows open, trying to do to many things at once, Pay bill, check email. blogg, shoots... you name it. Spaces looks like a good feature. I like the feature on my current OSX, but this new Leopard is just awsome. I use Ical like everyday and its how I stay organized. But the new features on Leopard are more advance. O man, data detector. I just let my .mac account run out but would definatly update with new leopard. hmmmm. too many idea in my head now. New Ichat freature too, hmmmm. wow. the nex had all the new mac stuff, just seen them in there on the 31st. I had to tell my self to walk away from the shelf. LOL

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