Saturday, September 25, 2004

Weather Update

Well guys, I just got home from work at 7:30 and the weather outside is a little windy with sprinkles. The wind seems to be blowing in the same direction as the last hurricane and so the trees will all be bending in that same southeast direction. They say the weather is supposed to get worst by tonight and even worst tomorrow. We have the tub and sink full in one bathroom and I filled water bottles and put it in the freezer. We also put our refrigerator on the highest settings, just incase we loose power over night and that way every thing is nice and cold. Plus the frozen water bottles will also keep the freezer stuff cold and we have made tons of ice. Hurricane Jeanne is a catagory 3 and very close at 270 miles south southeast of Jaxs. They say we can expect conditions very similar to what we had with France, so that pretty much means trees down and power outages. We are very lucky that this storm will downgrade by the time she hits land fall. Check out some pictures from within the
eye of Jeanne

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