Saturday, September 25, 2004

Hurricane Jean

3 day tracking map

5 day tracking map

Alex ???????? I have no idea .

Bonnie (was only a tropical storm) 8-12-2004

Charley (will hit us by 8-13-2004)

Danielle(west-southwest of the Cape Verde Islands)8-15-2004

Earl (is out there near Cuba, following the same path as Charley 8-15-2004)

France ( did lot of damage to the south of us in Palm Beach ). We felt the wind and rain, and loss a few tree's and roof shingles.

Gaston ( didn't last) tropical storm

Hermine ( also didn't last) tropical storm

Ivan (9-16-2004) Hit pensacola FL.

Jeanne ( is out there now 9-15-2004, and is on her way.) (UPDATE- expected to hit Jax's by late sunday, early monday

Karl (Karl is now out there. Karl is a tropical storm in the eastern Atlantic) (UPDATE-Hurricane 9/25/2004)

Lisa (is a Tropical Depression 9-24-2004)





Richard (who do I know with that name??? LOL)



Virginie (looks like they misspelled my name ha? LOL)

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