Thursday, September 23, 2004

Mom and Daughter day

Yesterday was my day off and I was pretty much gone from the house all day. Mianna had no school, so we had fun mother and daughter day. First we headed to supper Wal-Mart and did some makeup and card shopping. I've have been real big on doing my own finger nails lateley, so I picked up some new polish and nail polish remever. Also while in Walmart I got a pedicure because that is one place I will not go. I have tried so many time to do my own toes, and I can never get it done right. I have been paying to have a pedicure for as long as I can remember and I doubt that I will ever get around to doing it my self. I would get my nails done too, but instead of that extra expense, I used the money to buy nail product and just do it my self and it comes out OK looking. If we are heading out on a real vacation or some special event, then Ill have both my toes and nails done. Mianna forgot I was going to have her do her toes and she had already cut her toenails too short and was wearing convers so she passed on getting a pedicure. I think she is going to become a regular pedicure girl, just like her mama. I still wish I could have someone come to the house to do our nails, with all our own tools and products. I've never met a nail person that travels to your home to give pedicures and manicures. After Wal-Mart we headed noth to Orange Park Mall in search from a place to get Mianna's haircut. She wanted to do some thing all drastic and cute, but since we are new to the area and really havn't found a good hair person yet, she oppted for a simple trim with a few layers. Mianna has really gotten use to her short hair style and I doubt she ever grows it back out. Well, out here it's really humid and I'm trying to get use to styling my hair and using different humidy blocker products. So yesterday I must have spent over 100 bucks alone on hair stuff. I just got all sorts of things to try. I got some humidity blocker hairspray and some of my favorite porducts like Biosilk and some new things to try by Martix and Aveda.We also dropped in the USPS that is right there in the mall and mailed out a gift box to Aoife and Davina for their Birthdays. After the mall we went to Burlington Coat Factory and I shopped around for some new tenny shoes, I found 3 pairs of shoes, but now I think I'll be taking them back today. I was just not satisfied with what I got. You all know me, and I like to buy quality shoes, yesterday I was stuck at the junk rack of clearance and ended up buying some cheap shoes that might just fall apart with one use. Anyhow, mianna was looking around at the purses but she didn't find one she liked. there were a few look alike coach bags, that attracted her eye, I think she will have better luck looking at the NEX, they have really cute bags there. After Burlington Coat Factory we headed off to Super Target and man I love this place, it's so huge and we did as usually, by grabbing some starbucks first off and then we hit the makup isle again. I got a cool nail kit that included trimmers and correction brush and a few buffers. Then off to the exerscise clothes, since that was what we came for. I found some really cute things to enspire me to keep working out at the gym and I will use one of outfits tonight when I take step class at 5 and then Yoga and pilates here at our basketball courts at 7-8. I havn't weighed my self in months, but I can tell that I have tightend up and i'm my abs are starting to show again, so Hayleigh and Rich say..... I'm not complaining, I just need to keep it up. Mianna has falling in love with Betty Boop and found some cute sleeping shorts and a big bag of starburst. It never takes too much to satisfy this girl. She is not a spender like her mama but she does have expensive tast, hmmmmm I wonder who she gets that from????? LOL.

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