Sunday, September 19, 2004

Orange Park Kennel

After I got off work today, I met up with Hayleigh at the movies and watched Vanity Fair. O man... I love that movie and can't wait to watch it again. I really learned a lot about how class and money played such a big role back in the day also, it was very heartbreaking with all the love relationships that were going on in the story. Reese Whither Spoon played a really good role.

After the movie we met up with Rich at the Orange Park Kennel and watched the grayhounds race and tried to understand the entire process that was going on. We placed a few bet of several different dogs, but only Rich was Big winner, winning a WHOLE BUCK sixty ...........LOL ehhehe. This was a very different scene for us. It was our first experience at a racing track and it was so exciting and fun. It was 25-cent night and so I ordered nachos and it was soooooooo goooooood. Hayleight ordered a hotdog and had fun dipping it in the awesome cheese dip we had for the nachos. I must say that most of my strategy for picky a dog, was based on the look of the dog and the name. Here are a few names of some dogs, For My Mama, Hollywood, BP (Big Papa) Needs Money Honey, Rock Star, Sudden Love, and Dark Shadow. I learned some dog lingo also, such as: win, place, show, quintera, and perfecto. Anyhow, there was just so much to learn and see, but we got by on just having fun and placing a few bets on random.

After we left the racetrack, we walked down to the oyster bar to get some French fries and just checkout the scene there, but there wasn't much going on so we headed back across the street and all drove home in our own cars. The reason for that was because hayleigh left from the house to meet me at the movies, as soon as I got off work and then after the movie Rich drove out and we all met at the racetrack. The racetrack was kid friendly but to me it just didn't seem right having kids around alcohol and gambling. This place was filled with all types of people and different families.

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