Monday, September 20, 2004

Cold Out

I got up this morning at 6:45 and took Duke out on walk; I noticed that he didn't go taki and that it was kind of nippy out. Just 10 minutes ago, he came to me and got my attention by pushing my arm away from the mouse and putting his paws up in my lap, as if he is trying to shake hands with me. Usually this is a sign that he wants some thing bad. I know he has water and food, so when I got up from my chair he starting jumping in the air, and that usually means he needs to go bathroom. So I walked over to his leash that we hang on the doorknob, and he sniffed it. That’s another sure tell sign that he needs to go. It's really nice out, but it's actually cold. I felt like I needed to run back in the house and grab a sweater. The temperature in the am is usually that same as it is in the PM, but I guess the last day of summer is in a few days and it's starting to show here in FL already. People around here say it does get cold, so I'll probably have to break out my fall wardrobe and boots. :o) Rich took my car today and will have it all week, because he had to wear his dress whites to class all week long and didn't want to get stains on it, since his car seats are so old and grimy. I'm happy the weather is cooling down, so I won't sweat to death in his natural air-conditioned car. ehehehhehe. When my car was broke for a few weeks, I was driving his car everyday and I would be drenched from head to toe because the temperature would be like 100 in the car with the windows down. Today I might just need a light sweater to keep warm.

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