Sunday, September 26, 2004

Hurricane and Snakes

Well guys, I went into work at 11am and just got off at 4pm. They decided to close down central and send us all home early. They will still pay us for the entire day, but they wanted us to get home before the weather got bad. On my way home I seen so many flooded areas, and cops were in the streets blocking people from passing through the flooded streets. Also on the way home I seen a power line flickering and popping a really big bright pink color. I think it was being affected by the wind and trees around it and started popping really bright. That power line was right on the street into my APT. and so the traffic light was out. I turned the corner and the same trees that were down during Frances, where down again and I had to avoid one of them as I made my right turn. I counted 8 more trees along the way. I picked up Rich and we headed to Super Wal-Mart to get some chicken so he can cook teriyaki chicken and we battled the wind and the rain on the way into Wal-Mart. But that was not the excitement of the day. When we got back from Wal-Mart I ran into the house and I mean I was running fast to the front door, I stepped on a SNAKE. YUP, there was a snake at my front step and when I realized what I had just did, I SCREAMED so loud and I did this once as I stepped on him and then when I jumped back and realized it was a snake, I screamed again, bloody murder. I screamed so loud, that Hayleigh came out to see what was going on and we screamed, " snake, close the door". That snake would have went in the house if she didn't close the door. Well I had real good reason to scream because the snakes out here are poisonous and I have no idea which ones are or aren’t poisonous. I have on capri pants so could have had a nice bit on my ankle and thank god I was wearing close toe mule shoes. but with my ankle exposed and the backs of my heels, that could have been a nasty bite. Rich picked up a few sticks and scared the snake away into the little flower bedding right by our front door. I bet the snake is still out there, I wish I was able to take a picture of the snake. So that was the excitement of my day. ehhehehe. Now everyone is eating Ritchie’s wonderful. teriyaki chicken and Ill have to take a picture of that. We are very lucky to still have power, but millions of people are without power here in FL.

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