Thursday, September 16, 2004

Another Hurricane.

Well guys, I'm sure you have been watching the news and keeping up to date on what's going on here in FL. We have been very fortunate that hurricane Ivan did not affect Jaxs at all. Our neighbors to the south and to the East were not so lucky with this hurricane. You will not believe it, but another one is on the way. Ugggg this one looks as if it will come to jaxs. It's only fare that the south the west and now the east. Oya, the middle was already hit too, so it's probably our turn to get hit by this next hurricane Jeanne. My list is really starting to narrow now.

Alex ???????? I have no idea .

Bonnie (was only a tropical storm) 8-12-2004

Charley (will hit us by 8-13-2004)

Danielle(west-southwest of the Cape Verde Islands)8-15-2004

Earl (is out there near Cuba, following the same path as Charley 8-15-2004)

France ( did lot of damage to the south of us in Palm Beach ). We felt the wind and rain, and loss a few tree's and roof shingles.

Gaston ( didn't last) tropical storm

Hermine ( also didn't last) tropical storm

Ivan (9-16-2004) Hit pensacola FL.

Jeanne ( is out there now 9-15-2004, and is on her way.)

Karl (Karl is now out there. Karl is a tropical storm in the eastern Atlantic)






Richard (who do I know with that name??? LOL)



Virginie (looks like they misspelled my name ha? LOL)


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