Thursday, September 30, 2004

Lunch Dates

On Monday Rich took me to lunch at Johnny Carino's and the food there was so awesome. I was really in the mood for noodles and so I ordered the Chicken Fettuccine in alfredo sauce. They make the alfredo sauce fresh when you order and you could really tell it was fresh. The bread we had with olive oil to dip was hot and fresh. Rich ordered a new dish on the menu and the meat was so tender with very strong flavors. For dessert we had tiramisu. I would have ordered a glass of wine but I had to jet to work right after we finished up. I'm really enjoying my lunch dates out with Rich. Last week he took me to a cute Japanese restaurant on Kingsley called Mana Kai and we had sushi, tempura and Katsu-don. Our lunch dates mean so much to me and it's great one on one time. I swear this man has me spoiled and I just love him to death.

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