Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Real life Desperate Housewives

My friend here at work just finished telling me about her evening last night and this is what went down. She said that there was a bunch of police and fire trucks on her street and they were pretty close to her brother-in-laws house, so she headed down the way to check it out, since she lives on the same street. It was her brother-in-law sitting on the curb and he had hand cuffs on. She was trying to ask her brother-in-law if the kids and his wife was okay, but the cop was so dang mean and told her to step away. She got a little fed up with the cop and decided to go back down the street to her house. Well later on the next day she got a collect call from her brother-in-law and he was calling from jail. He was calling to ask to get bailed out. Her and her husband come up with 720.00 buck on a credit card and a two hour wait to process his release. She says she was not real sure what had happen last night but that her brother-in-laws wife is a crazy lady. She is always drunk and addicted to pain killers. So she said that they got into a big fight and she called the cops on him. He pleaded not guilty but was still arrested and this same situation happened last year, but it was a reverse roll with the sister-in-law being arrested this same time last year. I told my co-worker that she has her own real life desperate housewife on her block. toooooooooooo funny.

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