Friday, December 24, 2004


I was trying to find some type of seating arrangement for my formal living area, and I'm in love with this daybed. I would like to use it as a seat more so than a bed, but at the same time I would be able to use it as a bed if we had some extra guest over and it would be just perfect. I also like the day beds from Pottery Barn, but this one from The Bombay Company is much nicer and cheaper. I will also make the formal living area house a wine cabinet. Today we will go shopping for paint and tile. I came up with the ides to add a mosaic back splash to our kitchen. The painting will be our priority since we want to have it done before we start moving furniture into the house. I want a real soft suede looking paint finish in the living areas and then some thing unique to the kitchen and bedrooms. The living areas and hallway will all get the same color to make it look uniformed. Mianna has decided on a blue for her room. I'm torn between a sunset orange that is really light in color or a soft green for the entire living space. I'll probably have my self with paint samples up to ears tomorrow. This takes me back to the time I was having my couches custom made and I had tons of fabric lying around the house for weeks. Oya, we do plan on a reupholstering our couches, Thank goodness I bought quality couches that have stood up to the test of time. The Navy has done some damage to my poor couches and I'm still holding my breath on getting the money for the repairs.

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LORRAINE said...

I like the daybed from The Bombay company too!
It's more detailed than the Pottery barn one.
Well it is Christmas Eve at the moment. Better go, I'm fixing some dessert for tomorrow that needs refridgerating over night!
Have a merry Christmas guys. We miss you. Make sure you take pics X-mas morning! =)