Thursday, December 30, 2004


WE DID IT! We closed on our house today and we are official owner of a brand spankin new home!!!!!!!!! whooooooooo hoooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! Our first Mortgage is due on Feb 1st. Tonight when I get off work in about 2 hours we will probably run down to the house and check it out and see if our keys all work. We got the keys and I must say it feels so good. I have been so giddy and excited all day that I showed everyone at work my keys. The builders gave us a pizza coupon and a 2 litter of Pepsi. Rich said he will pick me up and we an go celebrate with a bottle of champange and stawberries. I don't know if the power is still turned on at the house, but we have to get it all transferred over into our name. We will spend the day tomorrow, just painting Mianna's room and maybe shopping around for a fridge and doing a little bit of legwork to get the power and water turned on in our name. We still have the apartment until Feb. But that gives us plenty of time to move. Oya, we will be moving the stuff out of our storage unit that we have been paying 63 bucks a mont for the past 4 months. Now we can actually use our grill and lawn mower. We only had a pay a small amount at closing but NO closing coast were due for us. They builders payed it all it was well over 12,000. Thank goodness they payed it all. Our realator Pat Leroy is just the best. He told us that we made a good investment and should make well over 150,000 when we go to sale our house in 5 years. I'm so excited guys!!!!!!!!


PhotoMom said...

Yay! Congrats! Send me your new home info. We're packing up and moving out January 19th. Mike's on a crunch mission to find us a place in Monterey when he goes back on Monday.

LORRAINE said...

That's just fantastic news.
We are so excited for you all.
Your 1st home, now that's a sure way to start off the new year!!!!!