Friday, December 24, 2004

Paint colors

We went out to luch at one of our favorite spots for sushi at KoKo's. After eating we ran over to Home Depot and looked at paint colors and it took Mianna about 5 minutes to decide on a color for her room. She picked a Bayou color and this is what her room will look similar too.
For the living room we are still undecided, but I would like a sunset orange color. I found several ideas that we all like. We will also paint the celing the same color tone but just a few shades lighter to keep that airy and tall feeling. our ceilings are vaulted and go to more that 10 feet at some points.

that is our actual living room and I tryed to paint it in photoshop

Our nook
here is a sample from the Behr website.

Back in my Sep. Blogg I posted a few pictures of the sunset here and that is the color orange I want to paint my living area in.

Color Tips From The Pros
1. Deliberately set out to create a mood with color.

Active colors include yellow, orange and red. These hues work well in social and entertaining rooms. They make a positive, inspiring statement with their energetic and upbeat attitude. Reds and oranges excite and invigorate. Lemon and golden yellows spark creativity and are excellent choices for home offices and kitchens.

I like this color too, it's not as bright as my first choice but it's still in the orange family, just a light hue

this next color is called Pumkin Butter

Okay I'm in love with this one and the name is cool too. Hawaiian Passion

This one might blen a little too much with our floor, but the color is called Iced Tea

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