Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Final walk through

Well guys we made it out to the house today to do our final walk through and we were shocked to see that lot of stuff was not yet done. The thing that scared me the most was that I walked into the family room to find two guys on there knees sawing holes into the drywall right at the kitchen bar. When we did our initial walk through we had found that our kitchen had no power to any of the outlets. The guys there were cutting holes into the drywall to get to the wires behind it to find out what was causing the power failure. They found out that a nail or a piece of wood was jammed into the wire and had split it. They fixed it, but the guy had told me that a little piece of nail or wood, could have sparked a fire that could have burned down the house. O MY GOD>you can just imagine the look on my face. I was thinking,O man ..... Mean to tell me the house could have burned down before we even got to move into it. I'm still skeptical on our close tomorrow since the house looked half finished, but I sure hope they pull off a miracle tomorrow and have every thing done. There is nothing major, just small minor touchups and caulking that needs to be done. But now we have power to our kitchen and they will have to patch up the drywall and sand and repaint it. I sure hope they get it all done in time. The outside of the house needs a good power wash and also the inside needs to be cleaned up before we move in. I will not be happy if this is not all done by tomorrow. I wonder how they expect us to want to close on a house that is not complete and not clean. Shoooots. But you know I'm just too excited to have the keys in my hands. We have already changed our renters insurance over to home owners insurance and I must say that had a nice ring to it. Rich was was one resposible for making all the phone calles and doing all the leg work yesterday. I'm so proud of him, he said he had to call the fire deferment and the post office and the post office didn't even know the last 4 digits to our zip code because our neighborhood is so brand new. But he had to call the main office in Tampa I think it was and they had the complete zip for him. Well guys, cross your fingers for us and I hope this all goes well tomorrow.

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LORRAINE said...

Hey guys GOOD LUCK!!
Hope everything is fixed & works ok now.
If not, get them to put it in writing that they still need to fix something that wasn't done.
Happy New Year Santos Family!!!!