Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Could I be blondE? OOPS I can't spell too

Okay so today I got up late at around 9am and jumped in the shower. I was thinking about how exciting it will be to go see the house all finished and ready for us to move in... I have enough info to fill anther titled blogg, but for right now let me keep to my Blond moment I had today. I got out the shower and oiled down as ususal and then I put on my undies and then back in the bathroom for my makeup and hair. I got my sweater on on and sat down on the bed and proceeded to put on my shoes and then Rich came home from work. I walked in the bathroom only to realize that my reflection in the mirror was so shocking. I had my sweater on and my shoes on , but I had forgot to put on my pants. Rich just looked at me and said " I like that look". I started busting up at my self with a little bit of winning I'm my laughter. This has got to be my best blonde moment, I'm not sure what I was thinking this morning but I sure got a good laugh out of it and that woke me up. I put on boots that took about 3 minutes to lace up and so I had plenty of time to think about pants...... but my mind was else where. LOL. I'm too funny!!!!!!!


LORRAINE said...

Yes you could be blondE (with an E) HAHA...
Too funny Virgi!
I'm sure the neighbors would have had a laugh at that one. You walking out in no pants! lol
Your mind is else where! =)

virgi said...

Thanks Lorraine, I did leave out the E.... I was at work typing that blogg. it was a little slow at the time.